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43 Years old Born in Wilson, North Carolina. Work in Law Enforcement / Patrol, married I am a Political Conservative without a party to represent my vote. I dislike liars, especially the type who are politicians and preachers. I oppose abortion of any type at any stage. The baby is innocent and deserves life regardless of the mothers circumstances. I also dislike racists. Especially the kind that always scream racism at others when life doesn't go there way! Get a life, it's only skin color and God made idiots in all colors. I also dislike Democrats, they wouldn't know the truth if it bit them on the ass. I dislike Republicans, they are truly the most spineless creatures on God's green earth. I dislike arrogant environmentalist who think we can destroy what God created. If your homosexual, I don't dislike you, but please keep it in your own bedroom behind closed doors for the sake of the untwisted.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Forced Fed Chicken

Since when do we allow agenda ridden media pundits to declare what corporation, company or small business owners should endorse or support Gay Rights issues or specifically Same Sex Marriage or Civil Unions? 

Who the hell do they think they are?

Really I would like to ask what difference it makes if any business or corporation endorses gay rights or any other Special Interest group that excludes the opposing view points of others? Will their endorsement bring larger profits to the business? I seriously doubt it. 

Forced acceptance 

Forced acceptance is false acceptance! It is obvious to me that the Gay Community obviously are unhappy that despite the national media, Hollywood and the political left in this country that has openly championed their cause, mainstream America still feels that the Gay Community is merely a group of like minded people that happen to be sexually perverted. Their preference of sex is abnormal in the minds of most as well as the most common religions practiced by the larger percentage of Americans. 

Over the last couple of decades this naturally forbidden perversion has been force fed upon Americans by these special interest groups even to the point that it is taught and discussed in public schools as a preference, not a perversion. The Liberal left which dominates the Democratic Party has carefully crafted this issue into the mindset that gays are a minority. Well of course they are a minority, but they have been made into a politically protected class of people and have subjected anyone who disagrees with the gay lifestyle to be labeled a bigot. One to be shunned politically. Therefore in the minds of the liberal left the perversion is not the unclean act of same sex, sex, but the act of un-acceptance of the Gay lifestyle by the Heterosexual populace whether it be by conscience, or religious conviction. 

Government and Media Invasion into Commerce

What right does the press have to black ball a business based upon the principles of the business or the religious beliefs of the owner and operators of the business?  Do gay people or Special Interest Groups have more rights than the Individual or individual Owners of Business? If they do, then would that not be biased and discriminatory in itself? Of course it would! 
Political issues and Special Interest has no business targeting companies based on their beliefs. It is as wrong as it can be. Unfair, biased and discriminatory! The very object of what they are trying to say is happening to them. 

Political Correct Business

This issue will become a slippery slope if allowed to continue when business must conform to political correctness as their focus instead of simply business at hand. The Gay Community will never win support for their behavior by trying to force and destroy their way to their goal. 

 Holding Firm

As Chick-Fil-A has recently pledged, they will hold firm in their beliefs regardless of a faction of sexual perverts demand they be endorsed by the company. Good for them! Thus is how all in business be. Mind their own business and let Special Interest mind their own business. 

Friday, March 25, 2011

Hey Illegal Mexican’s, Go Home and Revolt!

Follow the example of Egypt, Syria and Libya and fight for a better country at home. I know it is easier to make a run for the border and soak up a living off the backs of the American taxpayer, but grow a pair for a change and converge on your own government and demand what you seek from America from the rich who keep your homeland in poverty. That’s right! I said balls up and fight to live free and prosper in your own country. I see your Mexican Flag on Decals, Bumper Stickers, and rear window art all over your American automobiles. It seems you are so proud of Mexico. Well, I ask what Johnny Depp asked in the movie, “Are you a Mexican or a Mexican’t? Sure, I know we have better medical care in the good ole United States of America. Hell it’s the best money can buy, but of course it’s so much easier to come here illegally and swamp our emergency rooms for medical care you never intend to pay for right? Well, after all, we are the stupid American’s who elect politicians to promote your plight and do nothing but tax the American citizen to pay for your free medical bills and welfare payments. We get what we deserve right? But I ask this question also; why are all these countries in the Middle East protesting their government and forcing changes in their homeland but your people choose to run? You come here to our country and demand the rights of Americans without first earning them let alone fulfilling the process of becoming legal citizens. Are you skeered? Why do you run while other citizen’s make a stand? You send home to Mexico money you earn under the table from greedy and corrupt business contractors but not weapons to arm a revolution. Why? Do you prefer to achieve prosperity on the run while trying to maintain your national dignity? Is Mexico not worth fighting for? Your pundits seem overly ready to point out the unfairness of our country yet you remain suspiciously quiet about your own! It seems the drug cartel’s have no problem fighting the Mexican government, why do the citizen’s not stand up and fight those who truly oppress you? We have our own problems, you have yours. Go home and fight for what is yours.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Try This Mr. President and Congress; Mind Your Own Damn Business For a Change!

The United States of America government is involved in matters everywhere but where we need them to be. You can argue you points with me on this if you like, but we are involved in three pointless wars in three separate countries. We are sending our children to die in lands of people who do not give three damns about America and we always get in return for our sacrifices exactly NOTHING! Why? Is it about oil like the Democrats were screaming when George Bush was at the helm? I sure as hell wish it was! Maybe our economy would be in much better shape if we took the oil resources from Iraq for payment for the salvation we gave them from Saddam. But no, we get NOTHING and we are still sacrificing our children there. Afghanistan? These people are Barbarians and will always want Barbarians controlling their worthless country. Again, we get nothing and yet we are still sending our children there to die. Libya? What in God’s name are we doing there? No ground troops! Right, so you say! Let those fools battle it out and win their own freedom. We have absolutely no business there. What difference will it make if madman Mommar Gaddafi (or however the hell his name is spelled this week) is in power or not? Who will replace him when he dies or crawls back under the rock he was born under? No one worth a damn Because these Libyan’s would only elect another madman to take his place even if they were given a free and fair opportunity to vote. And now we have a president who is above going to our representatives to discuss the sanity of sending our children there in harm’s way? We spend roughly $711 Billion dollars a year in blackmail to foreign countries that don’t give a damn about us and never will, while at the same time this current crack smoking Administration and Congress is spending us in debt faster than they can print more worthless money. Yet the Merry-Go-Round keeps going faster than ever before. Why, because our country is being run by the fools of the Liberal Left and we are letting them. Oh, don’t be feeling so self righteous if you are Republican. I am terribly sorry if you haven’t yet figured out that the Republican Party is only slightly to the center of the whacked out Party of Fools. We continue to expand our reach with our military, spreading it butter thin trying to solve problems that cannot be solved in lands that do not want peace. We have problems of our own besides the folly that governs Washington. We have no border on either side of this country with a mass exodus of millions entering and diluting our economy and increasing violent crime and drug trafficking that we need to be dealing with instead of globe trotting to these third and fourth world countries playing police to people who know nothing but terrorism and war. Bring our troops home, secure our borders with a major lockdown and lock out and deport every single illegal immigrant back to their own lands. And for God’s sake stop sending these Neanderthal’s our money. Pay our own bills first you damn fools! Charity begins at home. How will we ever be in a position to help others if we don’t first help and protect our own legal citizens? Try this Mr. President and Congress; Mind your own damn business for a change!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

100 Million Immigrants into America in the Past 30 Years

How many Immigrants into our country is too many? I would guess we have past that point many years ago. We simply cannot afford anymore mass immigration into our country, yet our borders remain porous, unguarded and pathetically unprotected. There are numerous reasons why we should act immediately to guard and protect our borders from cost that soar as high as $346 Billion dollars annually according to the National Research Council, to the increase in violence and associated cost to our penal systems. The Cost to the American Taxpayer according to the NCR which states that the average immigrant household receives $13,326 in federal Welfare and pays $10,664 in Federal taxes means the American taxpayer is paying $2,682 dollars for each immigrant household. Not to mention the cost of taxation for providing for medical expenses, hospitalization and the education of the immigrants children. 300,000 pregnant women cross our borders each year to birth their “Anchor Babies” at the expense of the American Taxpayer. This as our laws now stand secures the illegal alien to remain in our country. Why? They crossed our border illegally and now we must regard them as a legal citizen? Non-sense! Our schools have become inundated with the children of illegal aliens which drain the resources and quality time teachers have to spend with our own children due to the need to teach ESL (English as a Second Language). Also, we provide free breakfast and lunches to the tune of 7,000 dollars per year through 13 grades. Incredible! Do the taxpayer’s children receive this benefit? No, the taxpayers pay for his children’s food along with the illegal aliens children. If all of this isn’t bad enough already, try this out for size. Illegal Immigrants send home to their native countries $80 billion Untaxed Dollars in cash transfers each year.  Why do American Taxpayers allow their politicians to continue ignoring this amazingly huge crime to occur year after year against and at the cost of the Taxpayer? Enough is enough!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

How Asinine Can American Politicians Become?

Just when you think you have seen our lawmakers commit the most hypocritical or dumbest policy suggestion another at its heels tops it. American lawmakers have lost all ability to use common sense once they cross the Washington Beltway. The constitution has been replaced by the rules of political correctness and the rule of law has been replaced with chaos and stupidity. The law abiding taxpayer in America has gotten the shaft while the law breakers and the entitlement crowd gain more and more importance through the purchasing of their votes by left wing democratic political leaders. Our nation has been turned over to a gang of thugs who make up the rules as they go as long as it benefits those who won’t work, do not belong or plot to destroy our country. We have allowed those who never contribute to be paid a living by those who seek office for their votes alone at the cost of ever increasing taxation to the taxpayer who is never represented in Washington. Our political leaders on both sides of the isle spend our hard earned money at record setting pace growing our national debt to the point that our very own children will never have the opportunities of the former American dream. These political whores we call leaders have sold out our national security by ensuring porous borders that allow any enemy combatant into our lands and refuse to end the terrorist assault against our people and servicemen worldwide out of fear of being labeled insensitive. Now when holding hearings on the radicalization of Muslim extremism in America these liberal liars who hate America accuse Representative King of NY of being another McCarthy and singling out Muslims as a whole. These fools would have us to believe that Muslims are a peaceful people regardless of the fact that they sit silent whenever there is a terrorist attack against our land or our military personnel. Our country is full of Muslim Mosques all around our nation which raises money and trains terrorist right under our noses yet the loony liberal left come running to their defense and shout racism at anyone who challenges these enemies of ours. One question of mine is how and why we have so many Arab people living in our land with the freedom to pass back and forth to their native Arab lands? What are they doing here other than to destroy our way of life? They are not content to live in our land as Americans, no; they wish to replace our constitution with Shariah Law, the most hideous and racist of all law known on earth. The Democrats do nothing but aid these people to the detriment of our own society and culture. It is time that Americans fight back against these politicians by calling them out and voting them out. Stand up Americans while you still can!

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Why does the United States Government Endorse Radical Islam?

Historically, the United States has opposed Tyranny and hate motivated governments or dictatorships that impose their hatred in maniacal holocaust fashion or oppress their peoples under strict religious controls and poverty.  Yet, since our own people were cowardly and brutally attacked on 9-11-01 by extremists of a radical, political cult which call themselves Muslims, we have witnessed a strong unity of our political leaders turn from anger and adopt a defensive posture on any issue related to radical Islam or terrorists acts against our people. In fact, our current president will not even characterize terrorist acts of violence as terrorism. Has the leadership of our country who practices their own political religion of political correctness painted their selves into a politically correct corner and feel they have no way out but to accept radical Islam with open arms? Why does one of the most vile, most intolerant and most murderous group of people who operate under the flag of a “peaceful religion" get a pass from those who uphold the cry of tolerance and peace the loudest? How is it possible that our leadership and the Supreme Court of the United States can outlaw the posting of the Ten Commandments in courtrooms and public places, outlaw prayer and the reading of the bible in schools yet allow Muslims to gather and pray in public areas of our nation’s capital? How is it that our leaders choose to ignore terrorist attacks and outright cowardly murder of our on military personnel and refuse to call it terrorism but instead choose such opportunity to praise Islam as a “peaceful religion” while having the audacity to caution the feelings of American’s against hatred? I would be willing to state that without a doubt that Muslims are the most brutal racists that have ever existed on earth. Yet, the national media and our own government praise them as a peaceful religion and insist it is only a fraction of their group who perpetrate violence against Infidels, what all Muslims call anyone who is not a Muslim. Aside from the fact that this stance of our government leaders and their national media mouthpiece is absolutely the highest act of hypocrisy, we continue to see and hear this diatribe on a daily basis as if our own government not only endorses radical Islam, but prefers them over any other religious organization. Why? Has our own government chosen Islam as our national religion? Their allowance to exploit our national security makes one think so.   Is our president Muslim? Aside from his choice of a Muslim name and his overreaching sympathies for the Muslim’s cause? His actions seems to be proof that maybe he very well is a Muslim.

Saturday, March 05, 2011

The Destruction of America, One Lie at a Time.

We American’s are a trusting lot of people. We have been blessed beyond measure, by God no doubt, to have such a government shaped from rebellion against tyranny and fail-safe constitutional documents that have guided and restrained our government to ensure it is governed by the people for the people. Certainly mistakes were made and tragedies such as Civil War occurred when the people were divided on our path, but nevertheless we grew to a point in time where all were free men and women with opportunity to pursue the American dream. We as a people trusted our government leaders for the most part. We stood by their decisions even when a minority of disagreement could always be found and in the process we have been lulled asleep by believing that our elected officials must make policy and govern within the built in limits of our constitution. We as Americans trusted our national media as well, believing that they researched and reported the news for the people with integrity. Our first amendment right to free speech and freedom of the press as well as the right to ensure the government cannot select which God you must worship is what has separated this country from those others around the world. The fact that others around the world were willing to give all they owned to be here indicates the many blessings we seem to take for granted. But today we have lived in such times of good fortune all our lives that we have fooled ourselves that this country will always be what it has been for so long. We have disregarded our responsibility to ensure the integrity of our elected officials by either failing to vote for the proper candidate or failing to vote at all. By doing this we have allowed special interest groups, unions and political agenda machines to band together and corrupt our political process by placing their own hand picked pawns in office to do their own biding while disregarding the will of the people. Campaign financing has become nothing more than a legal policy for elected officials to be bought and paid for by those groups mentioned above. Now our own way of American life is almost completely unrecognizable due to the influx of Anti-American influence that is heaped on us daily through the bought and paid for national media propaganda machine. Our borders are unprotected and open to not only illegal aliens but also our worst enemies, yet our demands and concerns are met with the talking heads of the cult of political correctness about how insensitive or racist those of us that are concerned about national security are. On top of that, these elected officials not only refuse to enforce our constitutional laws, they apply them to foreign nationals and enemy combatants with the protections clearly only given to American citizens. These same elected officials both Republican and Democrat have outsourced American jobs and business while allowing China, and other known countries who have historically opposed our nation import their cheap and sometimes dangerous goods to our country instead of supporting American made products, jobs and citizens. We sit on oil reserves that have enough oil in them to last hundreds of years, yet our elected officials will not lift drilling moratoriums that would allow us to produce our own energy and instead enrich our very enemy countries that have been terrorizing our citizens for decades. Our own Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton is promoting a known Islamic extremist television network, Al Jazeera who has supported terrorist such as Osama Bin Laden as a credible “Real News” network to operate on American cable companies. She is supporting the ability to have our own enemies to come directly into our living rooms in the English language with their vile hatred propaganda. This is beyond incredible, but yet our own national media propaganda machines sit silent. It is time that Americans not only awake from there stupor to see and understand the blatant takeover of this country by those who wish to separate us from our constitutional rights, but also to take a stand and actively oppose them all. The recent outcry from the Tea Party Movement has obviously not been heard. It is not time for a change we can believe in, but it is time instead for a change we can see and hear.