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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Brokeback Senate

Brokeback Senate

I heard Geraldo say on his show the other night that “Now is not the time” for Bush to bring up the ban on Gay Marriages, stating that the war in Iraq and high gas prices were two examples of why this is not the right time to bring up such a divisive issue. Geraldo stated, “I just don’t buy it” meaning this is nothing more than an attempt of Bush trying to shore up his support base before the elections.

I must ask Geraldo, just when is the time to bring up this issue? To me it is insane to start with; I can not believe this qualified to be a debate. I know, I know, go ahead and call me silly little names such as homophobe, right wing nut, Bible thumper, separatist, prejudice or any other tag you wish to place on me because I disagree with the sanctity of marriage be all inclusive instead of the traditional vows to God between a man and a woman.

You believe I should not have a right to voice my opposition to Gay Marriages. Well guess what? I do! That is my God given right as an American born citizen, and by God I stand on that right.

I am so sick of every television I turn on, every newspaper I pick up to read, every movie I go see, and every talk show I listen to telling me how gay people have rights and I should be ashamed of myself for not supporting their rights. It is a constant bombardment of homosexual propaganda being both spoon fed and shoved down my throat. Your attempts to brainwash me have no effect but to strengthen my resolve to voice my own opinion of my belief on the subject.

Get out of my face! I have my own belief system as you do yours.

Want to know what it is? I thought you did or else you wouldn’t still be reading this, so here it goes!

I believe the Bible to be the Holy Spirit inspired word of God. To me that means it is God’s instruction book to mankind on how to act and believe properly. Also included is how to not act. No, I am not going to preach to you. I am simply stating that the Bible is the Constitution (for lack of an easier word to understand) that I regard as the foundation of my belief system. Why? Because it has never been proven wrong in thousands of years and it is still continuing to prove correct all the time with the new findings of evidence. Find me another book completely accurate such as the Bible and we can debate it. But for now I will move on with my point.

God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. The only way to procreate is with a Man and a Woman. Two men can not breed; two women can not breed together. Simple, there is no reason for a man and a man or a woman and a woman to marry. The reason I believe gay’s desire to be allowed to legally marry is to create a sense of acceptance from all others.

Most important to me is this, where will this end should gay marriage be allowed under law? What next? A man and a Goat should be allowed to marry? A woman should be allowed to marry a Donkey?

You say but they love each other, they can not help their sexual orientation, they were born that way! Okay, then who is to stop a man who is sexually orientated towards small children from marrying one? He or She can give the same reasons for marriage if a legal precedent is set in law for gay marriage.

You see my point is this. It dissolves the sanctity of marriage. If this is allowed marriage will mean nothing anymore, it will become a ritual equal to a circus sideshow. And if it is made into law there will be nothing to stop it from becoming anything less than a circus sideshow.

Personally, gay people or people who are gay do not bother me. I could not care less what anyone else does behind closed doors with their friends of choice as long as it is legal and consenting, and it does not involve children. Really, I do not care. I do not look at them mean, roll my eyes at them or make any comment to them about my belief unless they want to know. Nor do I judge them to hell or look down on them. I know many gay people and I treat them as anyone else. If you want to be gay, be gay, but do not try to shove your sexual orientation down my throat or try to change my mind and heart to fit your own sexual desires. I do not do you that way, so show some respect and afford me the same courtesy.

I can not believe that in this day and time that the Brokeback Senate could not stand up and vote for the ban on gay marriage out of fear of being labeled insensitive or homophobe. Those who could not vote for the ban who are not gay themselves are weak spineless souls that will trade off every American Tradition out of fear of losing their public office. What a complete disgrace to all the founders of the United States Constitution, all the great forefathers of this great nation. Surely they roll over in their graves in pure disgust!

For those that are left with some backbone I stand and applaud you!

Let the people of this great nation decide for ourselves whether we want to ban gay marriage or not. I sure do not want this Senate to believe for one minute I allow them to think for me!

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Sunday, April 16, 2006

The Trojan horse of the American Invasion

Immigration and Political correctness
The Trojan horse of the American Invasion

I have passively watched the newscasts of protests from our Hispanic community with little interest, dismissing it as just another group voicing complaints against the government of the United States. Another group of people labeling themselves as a victim of the evil empire of the greatest civilized country to ever exist, America!

Again I turn on the television news only to be spoon fed the plight of the illegal alien. I have listened to many, many sound bites from the Hispanics declaring how important to the American economy they are. How they are merely here to provide for their families in a peaceful law abiding manor. I see the news reels flickering on the screen showing the solidarity of the protesters marching, picketing, and shouting their rights to remain in the United States to pursue the American dream without threat of deportation.

Later I see more footage of the same marches and protests popping up around our country. But the difference now is that we get to see the politicians jockey for positions on the issue. After all, it is another opportunity for more air time for them. Our President George W. Bush continues to push for immunity and registration of the illegally transplanted.

Finally, the media grants me the opportunity to hear the other side of the issue. As always they search the world over until they find a willing Bubba that will gladly give his best to express the concerns of the legally born American citizen. Someone that has limited communication skills and best fits the stereotype of your average bigot. After all we must be fair since the Hispanics are a little harder to understand.

So by the end of the coverage, I am faced with making a judgment on which side of the issue I stand. So hear it goes, at the risk of being called an insensitive bigot I will attempt to bare my feelings.

I have had very little unpleasant experiences with any person of Hispanic origin. They seem to be very respectful, polite, and very hard working individuals. I must admit if I were born south of the border of America I would eventually run, jump, swim, or do whatever it took to get to this wonderful land of opportunity and freedom if it were denied to me through legal process. For that matter I would do the same from any piece of dry land which is outside the borders of the United States. So I do not look down on or condemn them for their desires to be here. In some ways I even admire the courage it must take to leave home and journey into a foreign land where they are unwanted, and start from scratch to build a new life of hope.

Here is my personal problem with the Hispanic protesters. They escape their home countries of government corruption and poverty to come to the land of plenty. They are bold and opinionated about the fairness of the policies and laws of the American people and their government. They stand in solidarity calling for boycotts and the temporary closing of Hispanic owned business in an attempt to temporarily harm the economy to prove they are a viable asset to America.

Here is my question, why do you not do this in your own Country? Why do your people not try to fight and protest the corruption and poverty in your own land in order to live free and prosper? Why do you not take over your own country and make it the home it should be? I believe I know the answer to this, first of all because you would find your head in a hand basket. Before the paint dries on your picket posters you would be cut down in the street by automatic gunfire. Your homeland is not as kind, gentle, and compassionate as we Americans are they? You are not allowed to use the media to voice protest of the inhumane treatment and poverty of your own country are you?
Of course your not! You would be sought out and murdered in cold blood for taking a stand against them.

So why come here illegally to pursue salvation from oppression only to protest the laws of this land? Stay home and protest the laws that force you to leave your homeland for America if you want to protest and challenge a government. One more question, should the United States grant the illegal immigrants immunity?, how would they feel about having to pay not only the sales tax they currently have to pay, but every other form of taxation Americans are burdened with? Would that dampen the American dream any? There is an old saying that we have here, it would behoove the illegal alien to abide by it. “Do not bite the hand that feeds you!” Another point they make is that they are unjustly targeted for police harassment by the means of racial profiling. You want to remain in this country anonymously until such times when you are in need of assistance. Taking this stand against law enforcement is only an attempt to cloak yourself within the safe arms of political correctness. You attempt to shift the focus of being here illegally by pointing fingers at the law enforcement community as a whole as being the bullies of poor minorities. The fact is that if you are here illegally, you are criminally trespassing and therefore a law breaker. You further claim that this does not make you a criminal, yet you do not contribute your fair share as a citizen by exchanging taxation for lower wages provided by the willing underground employer. I could go on by making countless other examples of how the illegal alien burdens the middle class tax payer, and robs the working citizen of his own wages, but this would be pointless. We all know how it is done.

Again, I do not blame the Hispanic community for their desire to become American citizens. Who wouldn’t considering what they want to leave behind? So who is to blame? Our government?

I would definitely blame the American government for their lack of foresight. We as a nation have turned our head away from the problems that an unprotected border creates. It is no longer just a problem it is a national security crisis that is already too far out of control. We as a nation have adopted the ideology that it is not correct to mention the faults or crimes of those who do not belong in the majority classification of race, religion, or creed. This has festered and grown to the point that there is no longer the privilege to free speech or expression unless you belong to a minority group. You are brought under swift condemnation and tagged as prejudice or insensitive for speaking your own opinion unless of course you do not belong to the majority.

It has come to the point to where we as Americans are unable to enforce the laws of the land due to the fears of being labeled bigots. The politicians are the ones who fear this the most, and the end result is the inability to make a stand on the laws of the land and have them enforced. They choose rather to go with the popular opinion of the day to ensure their popularity and ability to be elected again, ultimately becoming whores for the popular vote. Meanwhile the laws of the land become weakened due to the lack of willingness to enforce the law and penalize the law breaker.

What does this have to do with immigration or national security you may ask? Everything! Our government has allowed immigration to continue to the point that our economy is burdened to the stressing point of collapse. The invasion of America has already taken place. The illegal aliens who consist of innocent minded foreigners, along with illegal criminals, terrorists, and other political enemies of this country are already here. They already live among us. They have been allowed entry into this country in the form of a very real Trojan horse, political correctness. The hatch has already dropped; the illegal aliens have spread to the far corners of this country and have taken root, establishing themselves among us. Have they adapted to our way of life as Americans? Or have they brought their own way of life and concepts regarding the future of this country?

No, I do not believe every illegal alien is a threat to our country, to believe this would be prejudice, but how many are already here that are?

We all know full well that our country could close down the borders forcing any entry to this country be legitimate. We have become the peace keepers of the world, defending freedom around the globe while we have left the back door of our home wide open for anyone with a halfhearted desire to enter it walk right on in among us. Yes I blame the government for this problem. But there is also someone else that holds the greatest responsibility.

The American people!

That’s right. You and I have allowed this to happen by sitting around being concerned with only our own little slice of the American pie. We absentmindedly go to the polls and vote straight party tickets for our favorite party, believing our team will get the job done. Let everyone else march and picket for their rights as ours are steadily taken from us. We sit around drinking coffee and complaining about how the country is going down the tube, but we as individuals do nothing to stop it. We only rely on our legislators to handle the problem instead of holding them accountable for the votes on the issues that affect our future. What if we did what the Hispanic community is doing now? What if we stood in solidarity voicing our own demands that we be protected and defended as we should be? What if we ignored the accusations of the politically correct, and held our own rallies nationwide to force those elected to represent us, represent us? Why don’t we as separate, but united, states create and demand our own immigration laws and demand they be enforced? It all starts and ends with the average American citizen. How much longer until we demand our own rights be defended first? No, I do not blame the Hispanic community, I blame the American citizen for taking the power of the American vote for granted.

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