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Friday, February 26, 2010

Bipartisan Health Care Summit:We Waited Over A Year For This?

Finally, after one year of the worst partisan sales pitch ever given by the Democratic Party in the history of American politics this group decides to invite the Republican’s to the “table” to search out ways to bring them aboard on the health care bill to make it a “bipartisan” effort to pass this junk bill that nobody “American Voter’s” knows what all is in it. The big question is why? Does the president not have executive powers and the “nuclear option” to shove this bill down the throats of the American people, the only ones who will be paying for it? Did the president not say in his closing arguments that they would do this if Republicans will not sign on and contribute to his current plan without starting over? Again why? It isn’t as if the Democrats do not have the full majority control over every aspect of the government of Washington. All they need is full Democratic support and they could pass this bill. But they cannot even achieve that much due to the Democratic losses in Virginia, New Jersey and now Massachusetts that haunt those Democrats that seek re-election. It is painfully obvious that they are unable to garner the support of the American people because they simply cannot earn their trust. Why? Because they fail to understand that the American people are far more intelligent than this Administration believes them to be. Quite frankly, they believe we are stupid. Well, the reality is that the American people understand finances far more than the President and his Administration. Most American’s were not born to rich grandparents, given a free ride on a college education and spend their early adult lives being fed utopian ideology in prestigious Ivey League schools. No, the majority of American’s live on a shoe string budget trying to make ends meet with what was left over of their meager paychecks after the government over taxed them. These American’s were working to raise young families, going to community college at nights after work or serving their country in the military in order to provide themselves with the means to chance the American dream. It sure wasn’t handed to them on a silver platter by either rich parents or the government. The American people who dared to dream went out in the world and secured employment and were forced to provide for themselves. They had real budgets. The kind where you took what earnings remained on your paycheck and did what you could with it in order to provide food, water, and shelter for your family. They understood that when the money was gone, it was gone! They also understood that if you allowed yourself to go into debt and could no longer afford the luxuries of life that there were real people who would come and take away your possessions and home. These American people also see that those who they have chosen to send to Washington to represent them end up doing everything but represent them. The American people are very bright indeed because for decade after decade they see those politicians become rich and powerful and have spent this country into unbelievable debt that can never be paid. They also understand that it is those representatives that seek to solve this problem by digging deeper and deeper into the American Taxpayer’s pocket in order to pay for it all while 45 % of the nation never pays any tax at all. The American Taxpayer pays it all while the very rich continue to get richer, the “entitled” non taxpayer gets more and the lower and middle class taxpayer is asked yet again to sacrifice more of their earnings under an unfair tax code that even the government doesn’t understand. All the while those smug politicians continue to act concerned about the uninsured yet refuse to come together with a plan to eliminate the true reasons why health care is not affordable to the working family much less the jobless. Frivolous lawsuits, massive class action torts against the private business sector has driven the cost of providing health insurance so high that the average family and small businesses are no longer able afford it. Yet this Administration does nothing to cap and limit these in many cases bogus lawsuits that tie up the system and drive up costs even more to the taxpayer and consumer. No, because many of these politicians got rich themselves by being trial lawyers. This Administration also refuses to do anything with the Unions but reward them for driving manufacturing and many other jobs and businesses overseas to the very countries we borrow from in false and inadequate attempts to bring down the deficit they themselves cause. These are just a few of the big money and big deficit problem casers that make this health care bill nothing but an unprecedented money pit the taxpayer will have to shoulder on top of an impossible deficit that exists now. The American people refuse this piece of legislation because they know not only that it will be them paying for it, but their children, their children’s children and possibly further on down. No, this Administration doesn’t get it because they have never experienced the burden of taxation and hard work themselves without someone else’s helping hand. For the love of god, this Administration should be working on cutting taxes and eliminating the waste of uncontrollable frivolous spending so the working people can pull themselves up by the bootstraps in order to bring us out of this economic crisis that all previous politicians, Democratic, Republican and Independents have put us in.   

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  1. I am sure Comrade Obama will fix everything as we transform from Socialism to Communism