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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Senator Scott Brown Gets First Trick for Pimp Harry Reid

As I predicted merely days ago, nobody knew who the real Scott Brown was and how he would stand on the issues. He was quickly branded as a conservative Superstar because of his rise over a typical Democrat cookie cutter Liberal fool that doesn’t have the political sense to fill a thimble, yet this happened in the Liberal stronghold of Massachusetts causing the conservatives to over rejoice the meaning of the Republican victory there. If this vote for cloture on the Job’s Bill is a sneak preview of Senator Scott Brown’s voting in the senate, conservatives no longer have any reason for celebration. I believe his vote was more than a sneak preview and his true character or lack thereof was immediately put out for public display. Senator Scott Brown only proved he was a willing and able political Whore for Pimp Harry Reid and signaled that the people of Massachusetts meant nothing to him, nor his empty words of being fiscally responsible with Taxpayer’s hard earned money.  Apparently Scott Brown ignored the fact that the previous Stimulus Bill did absolutely nothing for our jobless rate or to stimulate the horrible condition of the economy of this country. What does Superman Scott Brown do? He votes for cloture on another Stimulus bill of 13 billion dollars we cannot afford to spend under a new polished name called the Job’s Bill that will benefit nothing but the unions. Congratulations Senator Scott Brown! You are a liar and a cheat to your constituents that offered you the opportunity to be exactly what you campaigned on to be, but instead your first vote only proved you will be everything you campaigned against. All the conservatives in Massachusetts, you were hoodwinked yet again. All the other conservatives out there, again your ears were tickled by great speeches and your hopes have crashed to the ground by this pretender. Maybe we conservatives will learn from this that Republican’s offer nothing new and that their crooked backbones are as weak as ever. Never again should a Republican be sent to Washington to do an honest man’s job when there is a true conservative option available. If we continue to believe there is a difference between Republicans and Democrats we will always have what we found inside of Senator Scott Brown, nothing but the same games played with our money in Washington.

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  1. Anonymous8:13 AM

    Liar and cheat is right. Just another whore for Reid.