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Saturday, February 13, 2010

We Elect Politicians Below Our Own Standards

I worry about the future of our country mainly because of the lackadaisical attitudes of American voters coupled with their inability to stand on their own principals by demanding their own representative’s vote in accordance with those principals. The mainstream media who has been in bed with those politicians or political parties who oppose traditional American values have forsaken their own creed to report facts in order to bolster support for these in opposition or simply spin their stories to defend them while the American public continues to accept a press that has lost all credibility. Too many American’s even fall for the deceit although time and time again their interpretations prove false. Either Americans are easily deceived or they are too lazy to examine the facts and make an educated deduction of which source of current news or political rhetoric they should accept to be true. It is truly amazing how many corrupt and crooked politicians control the policy in this country from local town seats all the way up to the Presidency, and yet we American’s allow it. The politicians have no power that the voters do not allow and dissatisfaction in our government is reaching record peaks. What will the voters do? I would guess that they will do what they have been doing for the last fifty to sixty years in this country. They will believe that the politician seeking office is being truthful about what they promise and fall for every lie that is spat forth from their mouths leaving us in even far worse condition than before. Why? Because we do not hold our politicians to the traditional standards that we hold ourselves to. People seem to believe that it is okay for politicians to be crooked as long as they throw us a bone from time to time. Our government expects us to pay our taxes in full and on time from our earnings while under the threat of having the IRS to come take away everything we own yet the government has no constraints on how they spend our hard money. In fact, every tax dollar that is deducted from your payroll has already been spent years ago due to the incredibly insane deficits that they keep increasing because the tax money they have collected is 12 Trillion dollars short of what they have spent. And we allow it! Think on this for a moment. The current congress has voted to raise the debt ceiling by 1.9 Trillion dollars because they are afraid the country will not be able to pay its bills. No, the country cannot pay its bills because it is spending our hard earned tax dollars at an enormous rate higher than they collect! In other words they voted to spend 1.9 Trillion dollars more that the country does not have on top of what our deficit is now! That is 14.3 Trillion dollars in debt! Imagine if your family earned $50,000 per year and you were in debt to the tune of $250,000 then you decide that you still need more things so you decide that you are going to raise your debt ceiling to 1 and a half Million dollars. How long would it be before everything you owned was sold off in a public auction? Not long at all. But we allow our representatives to do this? Well who are the stupid ones? We are! I don’t have to even mention the tons of social issues that have placed this country in tremendous debt or weakened the moral fabric of this country. All of this and more because we do not hold our politicians to the same standard we have to, and choose to live by. What a crying shame!


  1. question for you.........glenn beck.....o'reily, etc, these guys are wonderful, why dont they run for office since they have all the answers

  2. Because they are paid millions doing what they love and are able to sway people with their voices better than a politician. What makes O'Reily, Beck and Limbaugh so successful is that they are the alternative to the liberal controlled media. All they have to do is debunk the lies of the politicians and leftest media. The listeners are intelligent enough to process the facts from the B.S. They simply stand on the side of traditional and biblical principals and are correct more times than not! :)

  3. Beck and the rest of the gang on FOX News is not more correct than the liberals on the left [msnbc].

    What is correct is what you see in your own home, up the street and around the corner. Something most on Capitol have not seen for more than 3 hours on a political op since they left their hood for DC!

    Until we have 2 term limits in Congress, lies and political back talk on the air to the highest bidder will continue.


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  4. I cannot say I do not agree with your point. It is true that politics are relative to ones actual viewpoint or circumstance, but the proof is in the pudding that their are many millions of people disgusted with politics as usual and those same people share most of the same core values and stances on the issue collectively. Henceforth, the audience Beck, limbaugh, O'reily are able to gather, and combined make up the Tea party movement unlike any before. So I suggest that most of those have the same points of view. Happy Valentines Day to you also and I will follow you as well.