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Monday, November 30, 2009

America's Slobbering Love Affair With Violent Criminals Must End!

The assassination of four Lakewood, Washington police officer’s yesterday in a coffee shop underlines the constant threat citizen’s of the United States continue to be under by falling victim to violent repeat offender’s continually released among them by our criminal courts. As this horrible mass murder of four peace keepers targeted only by the uniform they wore is under current investigation it is impossible to understand the motive of such a low down and cowardly act of murder upon those who serve us all, yet we all understand the message that was sent by this low-life thug. The message is simple. Nobody is safe if the protectors of our society are able to be gunned down while sitting in a coffee shop awaiting their shift of service for the people to begin. A police officer murdered represents the ultimate act of murder committed on all who are dependent on being protected by policemen and policewomen everywhere.

We do not know all the facts surrounding the cold blooded murder of these brave and innocent police officer’s, but we do know that there is no one safe from criminals roaming our streets and towns at large which continually are captured by law enforcement and systematically released by the courts to reenter society where more law abiding citizen’s become victim’s of their prey. The continued slobbering love affair the criminal court system and lobbying groups have for these hardened repeat offenders only increase the violent crimes committed against the innocent while very little is done to correct the problems  of allowing these criminals every opportunity to reoffend. Statistics show that for every violent offender serving time in prison there are three violent offenders under supervised parole among the general public.

This is absolutely absurd and it is an injustice to every law abiding citizen. Our law makers must provide legislation that will guarantee truth in sentencing and require that violent offenders serve the full term of their sentence before being released. Capital punishment must be increased and appeals for those on death row must be shortened in order for it to have a profound effect to deter aggravated assaults and murder. One recent study concluded that 18 lives are saved for every execution carried out. This must be drastically increased in order to provide us with a safer society.

In 2008, there were 16,272 murders in the United States and of those the murders of 41 police officers. In that same year there were only 37 inmates executed in our country. There were also 834,885 aggravated assaults and 89,000 forcible rapes committed against the citizen’s of our country. There were 10,110 assaults against police officers. These figures are actually down a few percentage points yet the numbers are staggering considering how many offenders are repeat violent offenders.

When will you become a statistic in one of these categories? If you do, chances are the offender will have already been released from prison.

I have to ask, with all the sympathy given to the criminal and their civil rights, when will the civil rights of everyday law abiding citizen’s be protected by these judges and parole board members who continually release these monsters upon us and our children?

A side note: There were 594,911 arrests made by police for violent crime in the United States of America in 2008. It seems they are doing the best job possible while being grossly out numbered. What is the point of all these arrests if they are simply returned to us by the courts to re-offend?

It’s pointless!

Our criminal court judges and those responsible for decisions on releasing repeat offenders must be held accountable for those offenders’ future crimes.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

This Time Freedom Depends On YOU!

What is motivating the Obama administration to place our military personnel on  trial for ridiculous and petty so called offenses against Muslim Enemy Combatants? This same administration is hell bent to defend Terrorists of our great country in federal criminal courts reserved for American justice of its citizens, granting our very birthright of constitutional protection to those who  were actively trying to destroy our great and wonderful country during war.
 Why is it that this administration shows more interest in the non-existent rights of this barbaric and ruthless enemy of the innocent, whom are not much more advanced than the prehistoric cavemen which once roamed the earth as totally based and thoughtless of anyone or anything but themselves? That is, considering there ever was a cave man. These terrorist come from every corner of the earth under the 
direction and call of hatred and dedicate their miserable existence of a so called life to the murderous Jihad of destroying innocent life to progress their religion of the most racist and intolerant kind. 
This Democratic and liberal administration projects the image of tolerance and diversity and brings down harsh criticism against any such perceived violation of such with high minded fervor, yet readily defends the worst and most horrific offenders of tolerance and diversity of those of the Muslim faith. 

This administration down plays and ignores terrorist murder of our country's 
young and brave military service personnel to the point that it will create new catch phrases such as "Man Made Disasters" to describe cold blooded murder by
 Terrorism in the attempt to eliminate the cruel harshness and senseless death of
 the end result of such actions. On the other hand, as in the case of the Navy
 SEALS who captured the Terrorist responsible for hanging and displaying the
 bodies of American contract workers and the captured Terrorist suffered a punch 
to the mouth and stomach, our government cannot wait to prosecute these heroic warriors for what they deem a crime against humanity.
How absurd!
I truly wonder if this administration is working against the United States and all
 who want to end terrorism and is really on the side of the Muslim religion to 
advance its ultimate goal.
Could this administration simply and innocently be so confused and confined in 
the box of their ideals of political correctness that they are unable to understand 
who the enemy is in this war? Or is the totality of all these incredibly asinine
 decisions from this administration the evidence of our government infiltrated by Muslims who are now in power? 
It is really hard to ignore that question when the newly elected and largely 
unknown president sports a self chosen Muslim name.
 Regardless of either scenario, to me the most frightening aspect of all is our 
congress doing nothing to prevent any of this absurdity and goes along in lockstep with them as if ignorant of the constitution and what the American people oppose.
 I suggest everyone carefully examine which side of the issues their 
representative votes for and begin working feverishly to eliminate those members who support this administration by supporting and voting for candidates who 
oppose them and support our country and constitution. We cannot afford to sit on the sidelines any longer and be spectators of the political process. 

I guarantee you that those against this country will not be idle and be as busy as 
they have been to get us in this disgraceful situation.
Wake up. Get motivated, pass on the message. 
This time freedom not only depends on the American soldier on the battlefield, 
it equally depends on you!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

What if American’s Voted With Their Spiritual Conscience?

In my last post I tried to explain what history has taught us about leaders of nations who twist their religion or belief system to fit their own political agenda or personal power trip in order to enslave the people under the guise of religious belief. I also outlined the dangers therein of the need of separation of church and state, and how the new America cast off the shackles of state sponsored or mandated religion, and sought to allow the individual to worship God as their conscience or spirit self led them without threat of persecution from their government.

Over the last several decades we have had the notion that politics and religion must be kept separate beat against our brow so much that we missed the point and deliberate meaning of the phrase, when in fact nothing could be further from the truth. The meaning of the phrase only meant that the government could not require its citizen’s to believe and worship in a religion that the government chose for the citizen’s to follow and require them to practice it under threat.

If you have ever visited Washington, D.C., our nation’s capital, you would be hard pressed not to see so many references to the God of Christianity, scriptures from the Bible, and quotations of bold faith from founding fathers in which have been written in historical documents, carved beautifully in stone of Statues and the walls of magnificent buildings of historical purpose. It is absolutely everywhere enshrined in the fabulous and timeless architecture of our past.

The ludicrous notion that our country was not founded on the bedrock of Christian principles just will not hold water. There is no doubt of it even if you ignored the tremendous amount of recorded memoirs and journals of those who established this nation.

The thought has caused me to wonder what would happen if American’s voted according to their personal religious beliefs? Would their votes on the issue’s stand contrary to what their own personal faith would require? Would their votes on the issues be in line with the scriptures of their belief? Would American’s even cast a vote to elect a politician that does not believe the way they do?


I always hear people who are suppose to be Christians try to make the flimsy excuse of separation of church and state when they try to defend being in favor as such issues as abortion, homosexuality, etc. etc. etc. It seems to me that a person’s moral and spiritual guidance would lead him to oppose supporting such legislative proposals when it comes in conflict with their own personal belief system.

It also seems to me that people pick and choose what they will support and quickly brush aside or compromise their very own beliefs in order to progress a candidate or issue.

What would this country be like today if people backed up their belief in God, the teachings of the Bible, the teachings of Christ?

Would our children be able to learn about creation in their class rooms? Would they be able to pray to the one and only real God? If God had not been kicked out of schools would there be as much violence and death in them today?  Would our prisons be as overcrowded? Would our streets be any safer? Would families be any stronger?

Should people continue to keep God out of our decisions while choosing which side of a moral issue we are on and which candidate we should support?

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Changing The Rules

We are all born into this world with our own lot in life. We have been dealt a hand of cards in which we must play out using whichever combination of playing cards that are delivered unto us without a chance to throw out and draw three. What is our hand is exactly what God has dealt us. You are who God wanted you to be!

There are the few who were dealt a royal flush born into all the power, riches, and influence. There are the few dealt a straight hand that is hard to beat, born with the silver spoon in mouth and still others dealt with a full house of privilege, three of a kind, with opportunities better than others, and many more dealt with an average hand that can be played or folded depending upon the desire, ambition and chance of game how one may play.

Lastly there are the few who just drew a bad hand which provided differing suits and unhelpful status which allowed little opportunity to last in the game without the help of a great streak of luck and a few bets won. Some take their chances, and some fold and resign themselves to believe they were cheated in a fixed game even before it started.

Such is life.

Here we are each playing out their own lot in life trying to stay in the game of life an collect on bets won or paying out on bets lost. As long as the game is fair and played by the rules we each have cards to play and rely on both skill and luck to succeed. Life is good when we win and bad when we lose.

But what happens when the rules are changed during game play? What happens when the value of the individual cards are changed and now have new meaning? Those who held good cards when dealt prior to the game now hold useless cards and visa versa. Those whose cards now have value feel the new rules are fair while those whose cards now mean nothing feel cheated and robbed.

As human beings we are born into this world and raised to believe in certain principles established by our faith which is handed down to us from our parents according to our culture which was formed from many different aspects such as geographical location, national origin, race, education, and religious teachings to form our own individual spiritual belief system which may be shared by many or just a few.

In most cases our individual personal behavior and conduct derive from our core religious belief system in which we have a standard of rules we follow to stay in accordance with our beliefs and faith. Our lives are guided by this system though we are sure to err at times, but primarily we stay within those set boundaries.

As collective groups of population gathered into nations of origin and or race these nations developed, enacted and enforced these principles of behavior and conduct according to their belief system into civil and local laws which governed the individual and communities as a whole. Your personal liberties and freedoms would be defined by the interpretation of those laws, as well as the punishments and penalties you would suffer when you broke the laws. The severity of which also defined by interpretation of the atonements the penalty demanded.

Throughout history many people have suffered ungodly injustices, enslavement, oppression and even death by the masses at the hands of their own government leaders, solely from those that rose to power that interpreted the laws and grievances in their own personal belief system differently than the people did as a whole. They deviated from the core values of their religion and twisted them to fit their personal philosophy or interpretation away from the good of the people as a whole for achieving self ambition, riches, power and greed. They continued to claim they were true to their religion but had deeper revelation of understanding of their God and how their God wished for him to rule. Some of these religious rulers believed their own insight to the point that they believed they were a prophet of God or equal to God themselves. Still others convinced themselves that they were Devine and demanded to be revered as such or those who opposed would suffer according to his will. Only by means of death of the ruler, overtaken by conquest or by a successful coup could he be removed from rule by the people he governed.

History has taught to those who sought wisdom and knowledge that tyranny is the end result of a people who turns over control of their government to those who govern without regard to the will of the people who empowered them. Deviating from boundaries and traditional rule set by the people, to ensure the power remains in the hands of the people against their will should always be considered an act of treason against the sovereignty of their nation and that appointed leader removed from power.

We as a people, as a nation began our country to flee tyranny. Even still we were oppressed and governed from afar by a Tyrant promising death if we did not continue to submit and pay much more in tax than possible to prosper. It took incredible courage and sacrifice, and trust in God to defeat the King of England and sever his strangling hold on our freedom. We claimed victory and built a nation founded on the truths of God in his word the Bible and prospered as the pioneer’s had envisioned. Still, our nation continued to be influenced by the rule of England by those whose loyalties were not fully committed to an independent America. Our founding father’s selflessly sacrificed and placed their lives, families and everything they owned to compose a set of rules and laws that would ensure that they nor any future representative of the people would be able to empower the government to rule the people, but instead that the majority of the people would rule and govern the nation. This document, the Constitution was written and amended to include the bill of rights that would guarantee that each of us born American citizen’s would be free from government oppression, state sponsored religion, illegal searches and seizures and be taxed without representation. Among other rights extended to the citizen would be the right to the freedom of speech, government decent, the right to bear arms to defend ourselves from government take over and other threats.

We owe our founding fathers and all who served in defense of our country to stand up and stand firm on our rights to keep them from being infringed upon by whatever means necessary to ensure our nation remains free.

We are at a crucial point in time where all of our traditional American ways of life have been under relentless attack by those in a minority who wish to strip us of our liberty which was paid for in full by spilt American blood and have us ruled under their Godless philosophies that demand our children in schools not to be taught about Jesus Christ and his Father, God. They wish to replace Christianity with the spiritual enlightenment and guidance of their own man centered religion that worships earth itself and all religion’s void of Christianity, termed Political Correctness.

In this age of time the majority of American’s are discounted and excluded from the political process based solely on being of the Caucasian race and or believing the Christian faith. Their only acceptance being if you agree with their philosophy and ideology of moral decadence, marriages of same sex gender, supportive of twisted sexual perversions, criminal conduct, the right for women to murder their unborn child, taking the earnings of the working person to give to those who refuse to work, allowing anyone and everyone to illegally enter our country, take our jobs and use our resources.

Our freedom of speech has already been trampled on to the point that you are punished by the thought and talk police for any words spoken that might offend a member of any politically correct protected class of people such as minority groups, non-Christian religious groups, homosexuals and politicians left of center while anyone has the right to use speech to offend Christians and Caucasian’s.

It is time that those of us who believe in Christianity stand up and fight for it. It is time that those of us who believe in America and our constitution stand up and fight for it. It is time that those of us who believe in freedom of speech stand up and speak it without shame or fear. Liberalism and political correctness did not build this country!

It’s time to take it back!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009



Nothing in God's world happens by mistake. Stumbling upon this website was no mistake. Edwardsthegreat holds to the truth and speaks without fear.
God gives all of us free will. When one makes a decision it can , in most instances, be of a permanent nature. Liken it to sports; Either total or non total commitment are the only classifications. If you are playing tennis you can drop the racket and walk off the court. You might be booed but so what.
Such is not the case with sky diving. This administration has left the plane; God may not allow their chutes to open.
Everyone of us are sinners; I am not throwing “the first stone”. We shall all stand before the lord one day. If I witness a crime, and I have, it is my responsibility to speak up, remaining silent is a form of lying. This administration has lied, stolen, and holds to the belief that it is just fine to kill the unborn. They are doing a great job attempting to destroy America.
We can not sit silent, cowering in a vacuum of fear. Stand up America and speak the truth; Silence is yellow.

D. Edwin Burbee

Monday, November 23, 2009

Senate Political Prostitute graduates to Political Call Girl Status

The price tag continues to rise as your tax dollars are prostituted for political votes on Obama care. So far, Senator Mary Landrieu, D-La. Scores the largest back alley trick from Senate Pimp Harry Reid, D-NV with an amazing $100 Million Dollars. Who is the John? The American Tax Payer! We are the only ones getting screwed! This undeniably crooked deal was secretly placed in the health care bill as an adjustment in section 2006 which allows for “certain states” recovering from a major disaster, or a major disaster area as declared by FEMA since 2004 will receive 100 Million over the next ten years in federal subsidies spent on funding that state’s Medicaid plan. That makes a grand total of only one state, Louisiana that will benefit from it. Forget about the coastal areas of Mississippi and Alabama.

It seems there is no limit to the tax payer’s money that can be spent by these Senators who are outlandishly pushing this bum health care plan not unlike the Chicago mob who would break the legs of business owners who would not pay protection money. This Health Care Bill becomes more and more costly by the minute, but what is the most outrageous aspect is how these Senators are posing as representing their constituents by holding out for more pork before they commit their vote to keep this bill on the path of passage.

These Senators are doing nothing less than prostituting their vote for political gain while the hard working citizen’s of their states are being taxed to provide the dirty pay off money. What are being sold are the rights of their constituents to choose the best health care possible for their families. Where will these political prostitutes be when the best health care this world has ever known has been replaced by a government run fiasco that could care less about your personal health? Let’s remember that these Senators will have their own federal health care coverage and will not have to rely on the scam they are selling us under the name of health care.

Congratulations Senator Mary Landrieu of Louisiana! You will forever be known in history for being a political prostitute. I hope it was worth your integrity.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

What Happened to Our Country?

It seems to me that the majority of American’s are asking themselves “What happened to our country?” We no longer recognize our country as we once did. America use to be considered the most powerful country across the globe, its president the most powerful man in the world regardless of which party he represented. Not any longer.

 Our president is known world wide as a blundering weakling and apologist for the once powerful and proud. This character weakness has not been accepted by any foreign country as anything but sissy weak. Imagine the fear it strikes in the heart of our allies to see the once great nation of America with all its historical might and military strength collapse under the religion of political correctness under the guard of its high priest Obama. Do our allies feel safe with Obama as Commander and Chief when the majority of Americans do not? If our level of confidence in Obama has plummeted along with the peaceful leaders around the world, what must our enemies think? I would suggest that their confidence has never been higher.

 We have witnessed president Obama’s handling of the war in Afghanistan from strong criticism as a candidate, stern direction and decision of what his plans will be, to complete and total indecision almost to the point of ignoring the Afghan war altogether. It is as clear as the ring of a bell the message he is sending to our fighting men and women and our enemy alike that he is concerned above all else what the radical left of his party thinks than what his own hand picked field General believes we need in order to win this war. President Obama is more concerned with winning political battles than the battles against our enemy.

 On the home front he suspends the investigation of the Fort Hood terrorist attack to further other political goals. Was he afraid of what the investigation would reveal such as a real and present danger on American soil of further terrorist attacks? I believe so. Whatever the reason we may ponder it is crystal clear he does not want the American public to know. There are more important issues in his opinion such as this disaster of a health care plan he has staked his political career on. As the blunders of this president and his incompetent administration continue to pour in on a daily basis, we Americans are far less safe than we were before he took office. 

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Nice Try Hollywood

I watched an episode of Law and Order with my wife tonight and was really caught up quick by the suspense of the plot. The acting was superb and the story played out seamlessly. Basically it was about a computer nerd that was extremely meek and insecure with himself and he was caught up into a murder investigation as a possible witness that turned into him being the suspect. 

Later in the show it was revealed that he was a victim of a female Psychologist who used interrogation, control and torture tactics that she learned in the military during her years of service. She manipulated him by means of fear and torture until he snapped and murdered someone.

 I don’t know when this show was filmed or if tonight was the first time it was aired but I quickly noticed the leftist liberal propaganda theme that was the plot of the story line. Basically the story suggested that even those who are weak and mild and would never hurt anyone could be transformed into a cold blooded killer when that person reaches a high level of stress.

The Fort hood Terrorist attack quickly came to my mind and common sense suggested to me that Hollywood was trying to teach me a lesson of humanity here. This episode of Law and Order was intended to indoctrinate the viewer to consider interrogations and torture of enemy combatants against our country by our military personnel is nothing less than evil. They did actually call it evil in the show. Also, they intended to indoctrinate the viewer that even the most wimpy of us all can be made into a cold blooded murderer in short hand by such evil people as those who serve in the military or CIA to keep us safe.

Nice try Hollywood.

It was an interesting show but you failed miserably to indoctrinate me with your liberal points of view by means of crafty acting and the pulling of the old heart strings. You see, I am not as ignorant as you believe me to be and my memory is obviously not as short as the memories of you and your like-minded herd of sheep.

 I remember the video that was floating around on the internet showing these Muslims cutting a young American’s head off in the name of Allah simply because he was American and automatically that makes him an infidel in their cruel and merciless religion.

 Prior to that, I remember watching airliners crash into the world trade center, the Pennsylvania meadow and our Pentagon killing thousands of innocent Americans for no reason at all. A couple of weeks ago I along with everyone else in this nation watched the chaos of yet another massacre by a Muslim terrorist on our largest military base killing very young and brave soldiers.

I do not understand why the Muslim religion is held in such high regard with the political left and its radical extremists unless they truly hate this country. Buy a Quaran and read the hatred written within. They hate all of us, including you who are not loyal to this country. If the Muslim's are a peace seeking religion aside from the radical terrorist then why do they not come forward and denounce the deadly actions of the radical members of their religion?

 It is because they endorse their actions. I do not see the Catholic people strapping 60 sticks of dynamite to their women to send them into a market place to commit a homicide bombing. I do not see the Jehovah’s Witnesses pouring out of they’re white vans on a Saturday morning with AK-47’s shooting innocent people dead. I do not see the Presbyterians hi-jacking airplanes and flying them into buildings. I have never seen a Buddhist Monk infiltrate the military and shoot dead his own brother soldiers. 

This is the reality of what this religion is doing around the whole globe. And you want me to believe it is our fault? Well, to hell with your warped thinking and sympathetic apologies for mass murderers. I am all for those in charge of our national security using any means or tools of torture against these ungodly and morbid barbarians if it will help save but one innocent American life.

No matter how you disguise you’re messed up logic in the form of propaganda, I will never subscribe to it. Hollywood should be so ashamed of your political tactics that actors would hang their heads low and go into hiding. But they don’t. Instead the actors grovel at your feet for the chance of making millions of dollars by spoiling the minds of millions with your poisonous propaganda only to see themselves on the silver screen and walking down the red carpet. 

Shame on every last one of you!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Obama Care Launches Pre Emptive Strike On Rationing

Government Imposed Health Care Independent Studies.

Even a Termite could see through this “Independent Study” of what age women are recommended to have a Mammogram for the prevention or detection of growth or lumps which may be cancerous.

 The USPSTF recommends biennial screening mammography for women between the ages of 50 and 74 years. (Grade B recommendation)"

I can hardly imagine anyone that would believe such hogwash that has been suggested by this Obama-care propaganda. So you ladies are being told that they recommend you wait until you are between the age of 50 and 74? A good majority of you will be dead if you chose to wait for a mammogram until you reach age 74 of any number of diseases! Of course I am not a Doctor nor am I on an Obama Medical Task Force. Just wondering, are these taskforce armed and wear boots? Sounds like it to me. Could it be the task force members will also serve on the death panels? 

It is obvious that these proponents of the public option have no desire or concern with saving the Tah Tah’s. It is easy to see that the rationing of health care and preventative measures have already begun prior to the outrageously ridiculous and mostly secretive bill being passed. It is also plainly clear to understand the motive behind the so called “independent studies”, and that being that the studies will be the basis to deny mammograms to those who fall under the governmental taskforce suggested age based on the studies. 

This is a form of rationing disguised as suggested medical science or expertise in the field. I wonder if the white house passed out lab coats to the “non-biased expert panel members? Well, fair question isn’t it?  Somebody please explain the following study results. They sound very confusing and I wonder if it means their opinions of these studies are worthless?

“The USPSTF concludes that the current evidence is insufficient to assess the additional benefits and harms of clinical breast examination beyond screening mammography in women 40 years or older. (I statement)

If that isn’t enough to grab your attention by the Ta Ta’s maybe this is!

“The USPSTF recommends against clinicians teaching women how to perform breast self-examination. (Grade D recommendation)

That doesn’t sound like what we have learned from thousands of breast cancer survivors under the age of 40 !

Did the A.D.A. not endorse this health care bill? I wonder what the pay off was for that endorsement? This is the first of many so called independent studies that will determine what treatments or preventative measures the American people will be allowed to receive. With the popularity and awareness of breast cancer being at its all time high, I suspect this administration chose to sneak this study in before the bill even passed to ensure future savings against the incredible costs of these medical tests and that if the American people are fooled, other tests and diagnostic necessities could easily be manipulated at their will for yet more enormous savings. 

Bottom line is this. If this Bill Passes, the facts of medical science will be whatever the government decides they want the facts to be. I strongly urge you to contact your members of congress and demand that they vote no on this bill and pressure other congressmen to do the same. 

Apparently Washington believes that we Americans are fools and unable to see what they plan to do with our health care. 

Are we?

America Joins Nations Led By the Insane

Who would have guessed our country would be led by radicals so blinded by hatred of the practice of government constrained by the constitution that today we rank among nations such as Libya, Iran, North Korea and Venezuela with leaders who have displayed leadership so incompetent that sanity becomes questioned?

One of the latest of such perceived insanities is this administration’s failure to come through on a campagne promise of closing the prison in Guantanamo Bay for Enemy Combatants has caused these radical rookies to scramble to find a suitable place to store some of the world’s most dangerous terrorists here within our very own borders of the continental United States.

Was not the war in Iraq and Afghanistan intended to ensure national security by preventing weapons of mass destruction and Islamic Muslim extremist terrorists from reaching our land to wreak the havoc and deadly destruction against our own citizen’s here on our own soil? Has this administration led by Barrack Husain Obama forgotten what happened on September 11th, 2001 so quickly? Our country does not need these super murderous villains’ on our soil. The best place for them was Guantanamo Bay away from us you idiots!
To add insult to injury, the only time these radicals in Washington even take the constitution into consideration is for the benefit of giving these murderous barbarians civil rights, to allow them to be tried in federal criminal courts with the same rights that are extended under the constitution to American civilians for those whose only purpose in life is to kill Americans.

What kind of lunacy is that?

Now we American’s get to look forward to these terrorists coming to our cities to be tried in federal criminal courts, putting the safety of all citizen’s in danger of those Muslims who are already here that are loyal to radical Islam banning together in Jihad attacks against federal buildings, judges, jurists and those chosen to serve on the jury. Is the level of incompetence so high in this administration that they cannot foresee the dangers of such an asinine plan? Or is our president a Muslim himself and so crafty that he understands that the chances of acquittal would increase greatly under the rules of law in a civilian criminal court as opposed to a rightful military tribunal?

Either way this insanity is extremely dangerous to our national security.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Our Constitution has Become meaningless!

How is it that we have 535 members of Congress and 100 Senators and all but a very few are allowing political correctness to govern how they represent the people of this nation?
Why do so few of them, be it Republicans or members of the Double-Standard party have any backbone at all? Are not most of these member’s lawyers, even some former members of the military? Should they not know the Bill of Rights? They all have sworn an oath to uphold and protect the Constitution of the United States of America and yet do not stand for their right to free speech, and much less the free speech of their constituents.

It is truly sad that “We the People” sit by idly while the so called Representatives continuously allow or ignore the Constitution to the point of it being a meaningless document. They swore an oath to God and the people of this country to lead fairly under the direction of the Constitution and have turned their backs on its meaning. Meanwhile they in turn assume all power over us to do with as they will with nothing guiding them but the poisonous ideology of political correctness pushed by the radical far left members of the Double-Standard party.

You would have to live in a cave without any contact to the outside world to know that these politicians governed by political correctness only serve to protect the small fringe groups, select minorities, illegal aliens, foreign combatants, terrorists, criminals, and the freaky and kooky elements of society while totally condemning the American way of life, Christianity, and the mass majority of working class voters who do not fit the aforementioned members of society.

It is way past time that we as Americans demonstrate our anger at their cowardice of unprecedented proportions by systematically holding each and every one of them accountable by our voices and our votes. At the same time we need to voice our anger towards the mainstream media and news outlets that we will no longer accept they’re lies and leftwing agenda spun rhetoric. We should never allow ourselves to listen to any broadcast of propaganda driven by political correctness nor patronize any business or corporation that does so.

How much longer will we sleep and do nothing while they feverishly work hard day and night to strip us of every right we have as citizens in this country who rightly should hold the power?
Will we wait until we are their slaves before we try to break free from the shackles they so desperately want to confine us with?

This means you!

Contact your representatives today and announce your determination to vote them out unless they grow a backbone and get in line with the majority of the American people.

Please watch this video. Every American and every student should see this video.

Friday, November 13, 2009

America Needs Sarah Palin For President

Political correctness has destroyed both the Democrat and Republican parties. It has placed diversity above common sense in almost every aspect of American life. The middle class is no longer effectively represented by its politicians elected to serve them because they are unable to argue the concerns and wishes of their constituents out of fear of character assassination from the politically correct left. This has happened so often not only in political arenas but also in the private sector to the point that our Representatives are to cowardly to speak their mind. We do have the right to free speech in this country for the time being, but we are quickly losing it by the cowardly actions of those who consider themselves to important to risk their political futures for the sake of our freedom of speech and right to government decent. Yes, our politicians on both sides of the isle have sold us out for their time in the spotlight of politics. They are cowards that refuse to make a stand for what so many have died for in order for us to keep the rights of free speech. That freedom is exactly what made this country so great, the freedom that ideals could be debated in the best interest of we the people! Let us remember the fact that your average Joe is very unlikely to hold the office of a representative without possession of large amounts of personal wealth or fame. The corruption of political campaign contributions has eliminated the odds of your average citizen reaching such levels of government leadership. So what we are stuck with to represent us is rich politicians who are limited with their effectiveness by their race, religion, gender, political viewpoints and above all else their personal fortunes. What we need as president in my opinion is a conservative woman. Women are far less intimidated about speaking what they feel is the truth or saying what they feel is right for our country. Yes, they are heavily targeted by the far left politically correct crowd but they do a far better job of ignoring it and pushing through regardless. That is exactly what we need. The conservatives in this country far out number all the rest but are unable to have someone with backbone that will stand up to the plate and hit the hardballs thrown at them from the left. We need a woman who has risen from the grass roots of middle class America and possesses true American values. One who is unafraid or unashamed to claim Christianity and promote family values. I believe at this point in time that Sarah Palin is the only one who fits all these attributes and fits them well. I have no doubts that Sarah Palin has the personal strength and intellect that is required to hold the office of president and without a doubt she is competent to handle the position. Sarah Palin speaks with authority and is unafraid of the personal attacks that are still heaped on her even today. I believe it is time we give her a chance to show her true strength which she was unable to show as a vice presidential candidate. I believe it is past time that we elect someone willing to restore our freedom of speech to its original constitutional strength.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Is Lou Dobbs to Voice His Own Opinions Now?

Lou Dobbs is tired of the Kool-Aid it seems and he no longer wishes to force feed it to his audience of over 800,000 viewers. I sense a sense of responsibility from this lone wolf in the national news media. Is it possible that Lou Dobbs feels he owes his audience the unabated truth? Could it be that Lou Dobbs has a brilliant mind and is tired of his objective viewpoints being stifled by the cable news network’s long running bias? Maybe Lou Dobbs feels he has more to offer his viewers than the constant diatribe of politically correct manufactured tone which CNN has always offered for the liberal side of politics? I am willing to risk embarrassment of being wrong but I feel Lou Dobbs wants to break away free from the shackles of limited speech and ideals. He stated that others have urged him to move on to where he can engage in “constructive problem solving”. We all know that isn’t possible in the bleeding heart world of liberalism. I think he knows that sometimes hearts have to be broken and feelings may be hurt when true change is sought, and real problems are tackled in order to make this a better world. There is no better place in the world than the United States, at least until limitations have been placed on the freedom to think and speak for one’s self. The Pioneer’s once had that idea which led to the freedoms that we all enjoy and as in those days there were always those who sought to remove us from them. Maybe Lou Dobbs merely wants to be a Pioneer in a new frontier where his voice can speak his own thoughts instead of the thoughts of an establishment of agenda’s. Wherever Lou Dobbs ventures on his next expedition, I hope he is true to himself and his viewers.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Political Correctness Now Kills

The religion of Political Correctness which keeps the Freedom of Speech in a Full-Nelson Hold has now cost the lives of 13 proud members of our United States military. The politics of fear has grown to a point that our own military personnel are afraid to report terrorist suspects, even those that have infiltrated their own organizations. In this case, the deadly terrorist attack at Fort Hood committed by the terrorist, Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan

who murdered the 13 soldiers during a time of war against terror had previously made countless remarks against our own military’s involvement in the war on terror against Muslims and nothing was done to investigate this matter properly. The reason why it wasn’t reported up through the channels of the United States Army was because of fear of reprisals for stating facts that should be investigated but were not due to the suspect being of Muslim faith and a minority in the military. Everyone knows that to dare suggest that a Muslim be investigated as a terror suspect, they risk being labeled insensitive or worse, a racist is too much liability and not worth losing your rank, position or your job over altogether. This time it cost the very valuable lives of 13 military troops in our very own back yard. What an incredible shame! To make this tragedy of silence even worse, within hours of the cold blooded murder of our soldiers the FBI announces immediately that this was not an act of terrorism. Really? Why jump to conclusions? Oh, God forbid any of us local yokels see this for what it is and suggest that this Muslim who wore our uniform just terrorized the nation with yet another attack on our soil. Is the FBI so efficient and fabulous that they were able to determine this was in fact not a terrorist attack? Bravo for the FBI. We later learn that the Pentagon stated that they were not notified by U. S. Intelligent Agencies that they had intercepted e-mail between Major Nidal Malik Hasan and extremist Anwar Al-Awlaki an Imam with links to Al-Qaeda. Why were they not notified?

More fear of Political Correctness or less freedom of speech?

I mean come on; we are depending on these agencies and the Pentagon for our Homeland Security? Oh, by the way, Anwar Al-Awlaki praised Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan as a Hero for viciously and cowardly murdering our young warriors at Fort Hood. Oh, but our wonderful and diplomatic President cautions us

“not to jump to conclusions”

about why our soldiers were murdered. Can our White House not read the writing on the wall? We are targeted for attack by radical Muslims and the leaders of this country are pretending not to know who wants us dead. Meanwhile, the Muslim’s continue to scream Jihad! I have heard we now have another medical phenomenon called

“Jihad Denial Syndrome”.

Apparently, our President, Barrack Hussein Obama, all of Congress, and most of our Intelligence gathering agencies suffer from this.

They need immediate treatment for Jihad Denial Syndrome.

Speaking of “Jihad Denial Syndrome” our guardian of Homeland Security, Secretary Janet Napolitano rushed to Abu Dhabi, capital city of the United Emirates to kiss their asses by trying to convince them that there will not be any Anti-Muslim Backlash. Piss on that! Let me tell you silly woman, I am very pissed off like most all red-blooded Americans are. She was quoted as saying

“This was a terrible tragedy for all involved”

 Excuse me Janet Napolitano, are you saying that this was a tragedy for terrorist Nidal Malik Hasan and the rest of the Anti-American Terrorist? What a fool you are! She also stated

 “This was an “individual” who does not, obviously, represent the Muslim Faith”

Is this woman for real? Or is this the effects of a three day binge of smoking crack? Talking about jumping to conclusions! This woman should be fired instantly. Instead they let her travel the world apologizing out of fear that we Americans may not trust Muslims. Remember, this is the clown that warned of returning combat veterans to be a risk of terrorism within the United States. Can we safely say she has proven herself totally incompetent yet? The United Emirates and the rest of the Muslim world must be laughing their robes off at this woman and the rest of America. Could you imagine that they think we all think like her? This religious practice of political correctness is no longer just a threat to our freedom of speech and our jobs if we do not comply, but now a threat to our very lives as seen in Fort Hood. If this can happen on the largest Army base in the country, it can surely happen in your neighborhood!
It is obvious that we can no longer trust this administration to keep us safe on our own soil.
Speak up and speak out America! Our lives depend on it.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

My Experience With The Word of Faith Denomination

Before you criticize me and judge me as a hypocrite or sinner, know this! I am both.

I have had plenty of bad church experiences or "Hurts" since I was six and a half years old. I remember walking to church, 85th street Baptist Church in east lake (Birmingham, Al) with my family because we did not have a car. My parents were around the age of 37 or 38 and lived very modest (down right poor) if the truth be known. My father was dying of a brain tumor, yet he walked with the rest of us to church. Before you conjure up images of a wholesome God fearing man, he was not, At least not until his recent conversion to Christianity. Prior to that he was a Chief Petty Officer in the United States Navy who had just returned home from Vietnam. He was pretty much in the religious category of an atheist. My mother was raised Methodist and pretty much turned to the Baptist faith. I was the middle child of their three boys. I watched and observed my father, who was my childhood hero and pretty much still is turn from a very Hollywood type handsome looking Sailor who wore a great looking uniform to work, to a man who became bald headed, very thin, and very weak. I remember the constant trips to the hospital he took when an ambulance came to our house to take him. I also remember the anger I felt when the neighbors would stand on their porches and watch with pity and fascination. They were watching the man of the house die and I was too young to grasp what the obvious should have told me. Instead, my mother and her gift of words simply and bluntly told me when he was gone. I still think it was the loudest telephone ring I ever heard and when she answered the phone that was in the living room by saying Hello, then yes, then hanging up the phone she said. Your Daddy is dead! I remember the image that came to my mind was an empty turtle shell. A teacher had told me the turtle was dead while I was looking at it. That was what death meant to me, an empty shell. The irony is that I felt empty instantly. I could not breathe for almost a full minute I was so heart broken and sad. I did not cry and I did not understand why I did not cry because I had never hurt so deeply in my soul. I do not remember the first of thousands of cries I had from missing my father. During the months of my father dying with a brain tumor I remember the church people bringing a hospital bed and setting it up in my parent’s room for my dad to lie in. I remember the endless line of church visitors and the gifts or food they would bring. The special feeling I would feel from so many that cared. It wasn't until a short time after my father's death that I was at church and walked into a storage room there and saw my dad's hospital bed leaning against a wall. Empty. I remember just standing there and looking at it. I remember the sadness of my dad's bed. Empty. I remember the sadness being replaced with anger when I realized that after he died all the people stopped coming. No more church members with the exception of the Bookout's. They were an older couple who continued to come visit us occasionally of the next few years and always remembering to bring us a little toy. But the rest just quit coming. Why? I was just too young to understand but I remembered the anger. It wasn't long before we were just the white trash members of the church. Those Edwards kids! They are always playing too hard, and always making noise. It wasn't long after that when we Edwards’s kids got the blame when all the kids were just too noisy having fun. I remember once when my brother and I skipped Sunday school to roam the halls of this enormous church. We got caught by a Deacon who berated us and grabbed my younger brother and me by the arm squeezing it very hard and hurting me. I was scared and I distinctly remember thinking he wouldst dare do that if my dad was alive. How right I was. Incidents like this happened often. Later in our pre-teen years my brother and I had a friend named Reggie. He was our age and black. At that time the church had a gymnasium and recreation center that the church kids could go to during the summer and play until our hearts were content. One day we invited Reggie and went and had a wonderful time. I remember when Reggie had to go home my brother and I stayed to play more. After Reggie left, the director who was one of the world's nicest men came up to me and grabbed my shirt at the collar and physically lifted my face to his by my shirt. He told me, "Don't you ever bring another damn nigger here!" He whispered other sweet nothings to me but I can't remember what they were. It doesn't matter. I was never a good student but that lesson was learned on the first take. Some Christians huh? Well it was culture in those times right? Our and there's! Whatever! It just went along with the rest of the hypocrisies I learned there. I bounced around here and there during my life at one church or another, never finding a place to call home so to speak. My older Brother John who was always interested in the bible and church more than I was decided to leave the Birmingham police force to go into the ministry. This time it was quite different. He was captivated with his new found religious philosophy in the Word of Faith Denomination. What I only knew as Charismatic. He left the state with his family in tow to school in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. He would learn from the great Kenneth Hagen at Rhema Bible College. He would stay there two years and attend school with his wife Coni. He ate it up breakfast, lunch and supper. When he returned two years later to start his own church, I decided I would help him. I started listening to his teachings about this type of faith that I found to be new to me and I decided to give it a try. Why not? I sure wasn't impressed with the great leaders of faith in my own church experience. Besides, I had to help my brother right? By this time I was working night shift as a police officer and had some time during the day or afternoon to help. Pastor John, my brother, started meetings in his home. His first church meeting was in his living room and was attended by the obligatory family and maybe a friend or two. Understand. This means there were about five or six people other than John's family present. Ha! Funny. Little did I know that in a few short years this living room preacher would be flying all over the world preaching and have his on T.V. show rubbing elbows with Richard Scrushy, professional athletes,   
 and other big names. But here we were in his living room in Trussville, Alabama. Having church and listening to this new faith. All you have to do is have faith. The concept attracted me instantly. After all, when you have nothing in life but bills, faith is pretty much all you have left. Pastor John taught me all the streets and avenues of faith. How I could speak into existence all the money I needed to support my family, to become successful in whatever I chose to do, to be healed of any sickness, and go to heaven when I die to boot! I thought, Hell yes, that sounds good to me. So I continued to help my Brother build. His heart was in the party district of Birmingham which is known as South Side. This is where all the college kids, homosexuals, freaks, and ghouls are known to hang out. I went with my brother pounding the streets of South Side passing out flyers, talking to strangers and inviting them to his new church the Edge. We nearly got into fights outside of the bars. People did not realize that these two church dudes were police officers or use to be and that we grew up fighting, and despite trying to build a church we were still dealing with anger problems. Fortunately, the close calls of having street fights were avoided. Cooler heads prevailed. We went high and low in every corner of the Godless South Side of Birmingham seeking church visitors. Before long we rented a Knights of Columbus building to serve as our church. Very slowly but surely people came. We had our share of clowns, kook's and weirdo's visit. I remember having to work bathroom duty. It was my job to make sure that when children visited the bathroom no adults followed them in. That is how wacky some of our visitors were. I had personal friends of mine from work, other friends to visit. John had his family and their friends plus all the new visitors that would come and go. Eventually the Edge started to grow. We had a talented band that replaced not so talented music. We had Christian Alternative / Rock concerts that drew a few interested youth. We had fun! And for once I felt as though I was really serving the lord. I was passionately serving the Lord and my brother by assisting to build a church. Imagine me, a church builder! And yet I was. I also believed and conformed my thinking to the name it and claim it recipe of faith. After all, it was right there in the bible. Pastor John flipped through the bible from scripture to scripture that clearly spoke of these principals. I applied them to my life. I used the prayers, spoke the language and recited positive professions of faith. It was getting me nowhere fast. At the time I was in financial dire straights and struggling on a policeman's salary. Trying to support a family and still believing in moving mountains in my life. The church was growing. The money was trickling in. I know, because I was the one taking and counting the offerings. I remember thinking this could be quite a money making business. Mostly it was money that started the first problems between my brother Pastor John and me. No, he wasn't stealing the money or misusing it. However, we had our disagreements on how it should be used. Pastor John was the boss. The one and only boss and I was just me. Bigger people started getting involved in the Edge church. People, who Pastor John began confiding in and making plans while putting me outside of the circle of big things that were happening, People with big money, or people who gave big money began to take my duties. Now I began to think Wait a damn minute, who was it that was there going into grungy south side clubs, walking miles and miles of streets passing out flyers, giving rides to strangers to church while these Johnny Come Lately's come in taking over responsibilities? I began to perceive that those who gave more money became the key people in the politics of the church. I was right. Give and you shall receive. I gave. I gave what I could. I even bounced a check by mistake that cost me dearly as anyone who has ever been broke has. Did my positive confessions work? Well, it didn't cover the bounced check, I can promise you that. Neither did the church, nor my brother. I remember asking my brother. Why did this happen? My answer was that maybe I left a window open for sin to creep into my life which stole my blessing. Gee thanks! I feel better now. Maybe I could be a crack head and get the blessing from the church to help me with my next fix. I guess the crack heads that came for help had tightly sealed windows in their lives. No room there for the window thief to steal they're blessings. It didn't take long for me to see that this Word of Faith message had a built in excuse for everything that didn't work. Why didn't sister so and so get healed of her cancer? Why did brother so and so die? Did he have sin in his life? Oh my! Well what human being doesn't?  My questions or doubts began to build up quickly once I was pushed out of the inner circles of the divinely blessed Edge church members. I began pointing out hypocrisies or personally perceived wrongs of this church until my brother and I finally fell out and my family and I who worked our butts off at our own expense to play a large part of building this church. I turned in my key and left. I again spiraled down into a bitter anger towards my brother and church altogether. Before long the Edge church was financially ready to move on to a better church building in Trussville, Alabama. My brother seemed to have lost his desire or heart for South Side. I personally thought that the money would be more plentiful in Trussville. I was right! Again. The Edge moved onto Trussville and grew. The months went by and I had been moved to day shift on patrol. I happened to drive into a beautiful cemetery where the tombstones are old and really neat to look at. My pager went off and I saw that the numbers 911 followed my younger brother's phone number. Naturally, the page horrified me. What could it be? I called and learned that my Niece, Jennifer had been rushed to Children's Hospital in Birmingham by ambulance and that she was in "Bad shape", it doesn't look good." I immediately left work and went home to get my wife. My younger brother Terry had explained that they had found that Jennifer had a brain tumor and was in a coma. How could this be? Jennifer was in perfect health. She was fourteen years old for crying out loud! Although I was deeply hurt and still angry with John, I of course went to the Hospital to be with them and to be there with Jennifer. I immediately began making my positive confessions. I prayed for instant healing and recovery for Jennifer. I begged God to heal her and remove the cancer from her head. I fully leaned on my faith and sincerely believed for a miracle. I believed in life for her despite my faith in brain tumor's being weak. I convinced myself that Jennifer would live and the cancer would die. The following 48 hours were a blur of prayer, hope, and desperation. It consumed me. I grieved for my brother, Coni, and Jennifer's two brothers Lee and Brian. What torment must they be enduring? Church member's, family, friends, and co-workers streamed through. Prayers were lifted to God to spare our loved one. I remember going into see Jennifer. She looked like she was asleep. She was warm to the touch. Instantly, selfishly, all the memories came freshly to my mind of instances where I could have treated her better, showed her my love for her better. The tears rolling down my face were hot with self loathing. Regret. I was her Uncle. Some Uncle I was! The monitors with there numbers were explained to me by John and Coni. Coni was a Registered Nurse. I looked at the numbers and readings on the equipment and begged God for them to change. To show signs of recovery. I remember an Evangelist finally came after repeated request, a big shot in the Word of Faith Ministry. He came to pray for Jennifer. I remember the relief I felt. The renewed hope. Then later in the early morning hours when the Doctor came to John and he left the waiting area. I prayed, I confessed. When he returned he spoke to the crowd gathered for the news. He explained that Jennifer was essentially brain dead and only living through life support. He further explained they would be removing her from life support. I cried. I cried hard. I felt the realization dawn on me that these positive confessions did not work. I was angry, hurt, and desperate. Later in the morning the family gathered at Jennifer's bedside for our earthly good byes. I told her I loved her, kissed her warm forehead and told her good bye. As a family we all sang Jesus Loves You there in her I.C.U. room. It was sung with tremendously saddened voices. But it was at the same time the most beautiful I have ever heard it sung. It was true. Jesus loved Jennifer more than even we did. God's will was done. For whatever reason, for whatever good that God's plan for Jennifer was, it was out of our human control. No prayer could change the outcome. No positive confession worked despite the sincere faith in which it was confessed. Jennifer entered heaven. Our faith and our prayers were no match for God who needed her and wanted her with him. We don't understand the intricacies of the details in God's plan. We are too simple of creatures to understand. We can not manipulate them regardless of how desperately we try. Once again, through the bonding of Jennifer's death my brother and I worked out our relationship. Again my family joined the church we help to build. I listened intently and again tried to have faith in the message although there was internal conflict in my soul over it. I would never again believe in the word of faith religion even while I chose to be involved. I watched further growth in the Edge Church. Many, many people joined and I saw that the church had even out grown its new building again. The money poured in. Pastor John continued to preach the message and had once told me that his window was left open with his fighting with me that allowed the devil inside to steal his daughter. I'm sure John would argue he said this, but he did. Maybe it was anger. Maybe it was frustration or even his hopeless attempt to make an excuse so that he could continue to believe that his belief did not fail him. I printed and saved the e-mail in which he told me this for proof as I always have for hate e-mail in which I call it from people who write and say things they may later deny. I understood it from his point of view. We always need a scapegoat for our belief when things happen that contradict how we believe. I essentially felt like John blamed me for his daughter’s death after our second falling out. That is a hard one to forgive. In fact I didn't forgive him for several years. I didn't even speak to him for several years until we had a phone conversation that went down hill very quickly. I told John that he was a False Prophet in that phone conversation between very vulgar words. I also meant it. I believed my brother was caught up in a false religion and I told him so. I told him he was a leader of a cult. I was right! I even prophesied to him. I told him his church would grow huge, that he would become very successful until his people figured him out and quit him. I told him he would lose everything and fall right on his face. You see, I believed this to be true. My brother has a unique talent. He is a natural born leader. I wish I had that talent. Nothing could stop me. He can walk into a crowded room and within minutes have everyone’s attention and have them believe whatever story he had to tell them. I knew he would get big. He did. He traveled the world preaching. He grew churches in Africa, They still exist. His ministry went throughout Europe and Africa. He made huge money and had a huge following. And then it happened. I was right. His people turned on him. They threw him out despite that he visited them when their family was sick in the hospital, preached their families funerals, married their couples, counseled their marriages, counseled they're cheating wives and husbands. He was there for them all and they threw him out like yesterday's news. They were done with him without any concern of his welfare. What I was dead wrong about was that Pastor John had finally saw what he was doing was wrong. He saw that he was duped by the very religious belief he was teaching. God spoke to his heart and showed him that he was taking scripture out of its original contextual meaning and purpose and using it to twist it into a formula that would benefit his own selfish desires. After John's revelation of truth, John did only what a true man could do. He admitted his fault and wrong doing to his congregation. From that point on he preached the scripture as it was written, in the context it was written, for the people it was written for.  The deacons of the church were furious. He was stealing their opportunity to speak into existence the things they desired by using particular bible verses as a foundation for their faith. What Pastor John began to preach did not go over with them well at all. They ousted him and gave him the full swift kick of the left foot of fellowship. You see, it is my belief that people are desperate to believe in something they can obtain if they have the power to obtain it. What a perfect religion. Having eternal life, full control of your life, health, prosperity, success, riches, who wouldn't want to believe that? But the plain and simple truth is that this belief requires you to put faith in faith, not in God. That is the error of this message in my opinion. It is so easy to be deceived by a con man who calls himself a preacher when you have desperate, unhealthy, poor, ordinary people searching for a better existence being told by a man of God that they can have all of this and eternal life if they tithe, confess positive confessions, live sinless and have faith in faith. Before long all you will be having is faith that produces nothing if you are not having faith, total faith in God. The preacher gets rich. The people keep feeding him money hoping for a return. I share this as my own experience. Those who know me know I am far from perfect. I struggle just to be good. I am not trying to put anyone down in their belief but merely trying to warn that there are things in this religion behind the scenes that are not seen. I have been there. Are they all bad? No. No, unless they are placing faith in faith, before placing faith in God. My brother John, Pastor John, has been humbled in a severe way. He has asked forgiveness sincerely and I know this by seeing something I have never seen in him in 42 years. He puts others first for the first time in his life and he truly believes in God. Jesus is his savior and he knows Jesus forgives. It takes courage to man up and confess when you are wrong. It takes even more when you have been broadcast publicly, and traveled the world doing wrong and then apologized and changed. I am proud of my brother. He is doing right and doing the best he can and he has a true heart for people and a true heart for God. We are once again friends as well as brothers.