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Monday, November 30, 2009

America's Slobbering Love Affair With Violent Criminals Must End!

The assassination of four Lakewood, Washington police officer’s yesterday in a coffee shop underlines the constant threat citizen’s of the United States continue to be under by falling victim to violent repeat offender’s continually released among them by our criminal courts. As this horrible mass murder of four peace keepers targeted only by the uniform they wore is under current investigation it is impossible to understand the motive of such a low down and cowardly act of murder upon those who serve us all, yet we all understand the message that was sent by this low-life thug. The message is simple. Nobody is safe if the protectors of our society are able to be gunned down while sitting in a coffee shop awaiting their shift of service for the people to begin. A police officer murdered represents the ultimate act of murder committed on all who are dependent on being protected by policemen and policewomen everywhere.

We do not know all the facts surrounding the cold blooded murder of these brave and innocent police officer’s, but we do know that there is no one safe from criminals roaming our streets and towns at large which continually are captured by law enforcement and systematically released by the courts to reenter society where more law abiding citizen’s become victim’s of their prey. The continued slobbering love affair the criminal court system and lobbying groups have for these hardened repeat offenders only increase the violent crimes committed against the innocent while very little is done to correct the problems  of allowing these criminals every opportunity to reoffend. Statistics show that for every violent offender serving time in prison there are three violent offenders under supervised parole among the general public.

This is absolutely absurd and it is an injustice to every law abiding citizen. Our law makers must provide legislation that will guarantee truth in sentencing and require that violent offenders serve the full term of their sentence before being released. Capital punishment must be increased and appeals for those on death row must be shortened in order for it to have a profound effect to deter aggravated assaults and murder. One recent study concluded that 18 lives are saved for every execution carried out. This must be drastically increased in order to provide us with a safer society.

In 2008, there were 16,272 murders in the United States and of those the murders of 41 police officers. In that same year there were only 37 inmates executed in our country. There were also 834,885 aggravated assaults and 89,000 forcible rapes committed against the citizen’s of our country. There were 10,110 assaults against police officers. These figures are actually down a few percentage points yet the numbers are staggering considering how many offenders are repeat violent offenders.

When will you become a statistic in one of these categories? If you do, chances are the offender will have already been released from prison.

I have to ask, with all the sympathy given to the criminal and their civil rights, when will the civil rights of everyday law abiding citizen’s be protected by these judges and parole board members who continually release these monsters upon us and our children?

A side note: There were 594,911 arrests made by police for violent crime in the United States of America in 2008. It seems they are doing the best job possible while being grossly out numbered. What is the point of all these arrests if they are simply returned to us by the courts to re-offend?

It’s pointless!

Our criminal court judges and those responsible for decisions on releasing repeat offenders must be held accountable for those offenders’ future crimes.


  1. we need more hangings at the town square

  2. did you know mike huckabee is the governor that commuted his sentence?

  3. Huckabee should be held accountable for commuting his sentence. And all the rest. period!