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Friday, December 04, 2009

Presidents, Idols and Celebrities

We are people who love to glorify those among us who reach high levels of success. We celebrate them by putting them on a pedestal which stands high above regular mankind and follow their every move and some of us even worship them as if they are superhuman and even as if they posses enlightened knowledge we should seek. We forget about the one or two attributes of their special talents that propelled them to fame and begin to believe that they are perfect creatures. In some cases we are even guilty of given them Godlike deity and will follow their every word as if it were spoken by God. 

The American media will work feverishly to promote these special ones among us. The more loved and most famous will take the priority in the printed news and be covered on our TV shows and network television news until these figures have become household names and their images saturated in every form into our daily lives to the point that we even seek their opinions outside of their special talents and believe them. What becomes lost is the fact that they are merely human beings made of flesh and blood as we are and are susceptible to the same human downfalls as the worst of us. 

Sadly, these celebrated among us actually begin to believe their own hyped up images the media feeds the public and more times than likely they develop personalities opposite of what their fans appreciate and adore in the first place. If the truth be known, these media created personality traits would repel the majority of us regular people in everyday life from those who possessed them as absurd. For instance, imagine your next door neighbor acting as pompous as Barbara Streisand. I’ll bet you a dollar two-ninety-eight you wouldn’t invite them over for a party. Imagine if your boss acted like Madonna and required you to turn your back to her presence when she arrives to work? I would bet you would clock out and join those of the unemployed even in this ridiculous job market rather than work for an individual with this much self adoration. 

We love a celebrity! 

Then it happens. 

The world comes crashing down on them and the celebrity is exposed as the everyday human being with faults that they are. The members of the media fall all over themselves in a frenzy to be the first ones with the dirt that brings down the stardom of the beloved superstar. They will fall short of nothing to expose every embarrassing detail to ruin the image of this celebrity or star in order to increase their own fame. Sometimes I think these are the worst creatures among us but that is a blog for another day. The networks will gather in flocks of death smelling Vultures camping out for days with microphones in hand for the chance to get a peek of the tarnished Idol as their fame crashes in on them for merely being human and getting caught in their secret sin. 

The irony is the more pompous the celebrity, the harder the fall and obviously the more devastating to their career. But what we fail to realize is that we are all to blame for how we treat others and how we allow ourselves to fool ourselves by thinking some people are better than those of us simply because they sing better, throw a football better, give a speech better or hit a golf ball farther and more accurate. 

Are we not the fools in the end? We elevate those among us based on the silliest of reasons. We elect presidents to lead our country over the same petty reasons and find ourselves further down the road angry or disappointed that they were not able to be the superman in office that they were as the media suggested on the campaign trail while the country continues on its slide downward into trouble. Who is the next superstar celebrity we should seek to save us? 

Maybe we should examine ourselves and our priorities for placing so much trust in what we are told by the media instead of keeping in mind that people are simply people. We are all human beings who possess their own individual faults and sins, not just the glamour the media creates for us to judge others by until they are ready to make a fortune by bringing them back down to our own level.


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