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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

From Strength to Weakness

While our President, Barrack Superstar Obama entertains millions of his fans on such TV programs as David letterman and the like, our long held world reputation of strength and power is crumbling away like an old cookie. President Obama has toured the world making apologies for just about anything conceivable about the United States of America. Never mind that most countries have greatly benefitted from the actions of America, the constant financial support and most of all the bloodshed of our sons that allowed so many to have freedom or at the least the ability to govern their own country. Obama apologies to the countries and their leaders have done nothing but weaken our strength in the eyes of our enemies.
Iran test fired long range missiles Monday, flexing its muscle to show the world that they can crush any countries military threat to them if need be. The missiles are capable of carrying a warhead which could strike Israel, United States military bases throughout the Middle East, and parts of Europe.

U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton says she “doesn’t believe Iran can convince the U.S. and other world powers at the upcoming meetings that its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes, as Tehran has long claimed” Well duh. Do you really think so Hillary? Hillary added, “That puts Tehran on a course for tougher economic penalties beyond the current “leaky sanctions”, she said. Well shiver me timbers! I’m sure that just scares Iran to the bone. This only proves that the United Nations and all the world powers have been nothing but weak with dealing with Iran and their nuclear program. So now with Obama playing Hollywood instead of making serious headway with the many crisis’s the middle east poses to its neighbors and the world beyond, situations only worsen. It is crystal clear to our enemy that Obama as President is a weakling. I mean come on, the Muslims were gathered “segregated mind you” in Washington praying for the soul of America. How wonderful. At least some people are allowed to pray in America. Too bad we Christians are not afforded the same right. Back to the point, The wolves are gathering and Obama not only looks to be confused by all these problems, but also projects a foolhardy smugness that he can convince the madmen of the world to lay down their nuclear weapons programs at his feet through the gift of gab. He left our allies in Europe without protection, sides with the Arabs against Israel, and continues to embolden the enemy with his indecision on such huge matters.

It seems that Obama has more important matters such as promoting a green earth while missiles are being test fired, and flying to Copenhagen with his cabinet to promote Chicago for the Olympics. Exactly what is important to this President? It sure isn’t the troops in Afghanistan waiting for badly needed re-enforcements. But yes, there is still plenty of golf to be played every week. We need a President with strength to lead us during these drastic times. But it looks like all we have is Olive Oil at the helm. Well, at least we have Senator Hillary Clinton keeping an eye on things!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Good, the Bad, the Ugly!

The United Nations
The Good, the Bad, the Ugly!

I was fortunate enough to be off work and try to catch up on the current events. Maybe fortunate is the wrong word choice. I was able to catch a few snippets of speeches made by our world leaders during the United Nations conference. I was intrigued to say the least at how many freaks and ghouls there are that lead nations in this world. I was not shocked but simply amazed that some countries have absolutely insane leaders. Well, lets just say what they are, Dictators!

The good:  I was very impressed by the strength of Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with his very powerful speech filled with passion and truth. He called out the world leaders asking them if they had no shame, no decency in giving Iran’s leader president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad legitimacy with allowing the madman to speak after his previous threats to destroy Israel and the denial of the Holocaust. Netanyahu spoke the truth when he said the United Nations Human Rights Council was misnamed. They are incredibly biased and sit by idle while so many in the world suffer. They are such a disgrace to all mankind.

The bad: Well, this will be a short list due to time constraints.
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is the epitome of evil. The truth cannot be found in him and he speaks of nothing but hatred and the destruction of innocent and peaceful people. To allow this freak of nature to build weapons of mass destruction will usher in yet another world war. This man needs a smart bomb deployed at him without delay along with all facilities of weaponry in Iran. Maybe Israel will be the only country with the balls to do this!
Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez proves every time he opens his mouth that insanity is dangerous to a country when ignored. His invitation to Obama to join his league of evil dictators really scares me that someone who is clearly insane can see our president’s socialist potential better than our own citizens.
Moammar Quaddhafi (I don’t know if even he knows how to spell his name) has to be the winner of the United Nation’s Freak & Ghoul award. I have to wonder about the legitimacy of third world countries when their leader arrives outside of New York City and erects a flipping tent for crying out loud! Is this not the 21st Century? Did his entourage arrive with camels also? Look, I think it’s time to deploy another rocket in his tent. The effects of the last one were very apparent when he gave his speech that even he did not understand. His appearance gave me the same reaction people get when they ride by a terrible car accident. Even though it is terrible to see you can’t stop yourself from looking. He looked as if he walked straight out of M. J.’s Thriller video. Could you imagine the stench he airs off while walking through a room? I’m sure all the local hotels thank Donald Trump for allowing the tent erected on his property for this Ghoul. It makes me really feel for the Libyan people. If he is the King what do the pauper’s wear?

The ugly: Our President, Barrack Hussein Obama. He brags to the world bleeders, yes bleeders, about his wonderful acts as president so far. Nobody is as star struck with Obama as Obama himself. I mean really, he just can’t get enough of himself. He states, “The ensuing era of cooperation in addressing the world’s toughest challenges also requires a new sense of responsibility on the part of all nations”. Is he being responsible letting our brave soldiers fighting in Afghanistan short of troops that are necessary for success and safety while our military leaders plead for desperately needed increases in troops there? Or maybe the boasting from the rookie about closing Guantanamo Bay which effectively returned an enemy combatant to the role of Lieutenant in the southern region of Afghanistan to once again kill our children who are fighting against terrorist. A side note to our troops! Make sure they're dead or you will fight them again! Why take prisoners if they're good friend Obama will simply send them back to the battlefield? Whose side is Obama on anyway? Oh yeah, well he warned us in his book of greatness that he would side with the Muslim’s did he not? Maybe we should believe him. Funny how he re-supplies our battlefields with our captured enemy on one hand and delays the troop build up in Afghanistan after being advised we could lose the war if he doesn’t. Maybe Obama is deciding which side to send our troops to? Please, I’m too sick to blog about how he wants to do away with nuclear weapons and trust the other countries to do the same. I just can’t stomach it right now. How incredibly weak and stupid we must look to our enemy?
The Palestine woman: who stood up and left the room during President Netanyahu’s speech. What a disgrace! No further explanation needed.
The rest of the world leaders: who gave their ears to the Iranian lunatic! Shame on you!

We live in a world led by too many fools!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death Panels?

Jimmy Carter. Formerly the worst president to ever hold office in the White

House has felt the need to voice his opinion of those of us who participate in

Town hall meetings, tea parties, and object to the hijacking of our right to

Choose medical care without the government being involved in our decision.

Whatever happened to our right to privacy of medical records and treatments act?

Well, that idea went by the wayside quickly with this administration.

Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death Panels?

No thank you!

I will stick with the advice of my physician and family members when I am unable to choose for myself! If I don't like or trust the old Saw Bones I can always shop for a second or third opinion. That's why I pay for medical coverage, even as expensive as it is. You expect us to let you remove 300 million insured Americans so that an extremely generous estimation of 45 million can have health care? That is insane in itself. Why not spend that energy on government programs already in place to cover those uninsured instead of destroying one of the best free market health system in the history of the world? Would that not be incredibly less expensive?

Those are only a few reasons why this bill should never even be considered

much less seriously debated. Despite what the radical liberal left wing wants to tell us, we Americans are quite competent enough to recognize a serious mistake in the form of a health care bill as proposed.

So now good ole Jimmy Carter, 2002 Nobel Peace Prize winner has taken it upon himself to divide Americans with his own hate speech all in the name of supporting Obama and his health care take over.

 What a puppet this former president has become!

Jimmy Carter argues that the only reason we Americans who do not support this debacle is because he is an African-American in the white house.

“I think that an overwhelming proportion of the intensely-demonstrated animosity toward President Barrack Obama is based on the fact that he is a black man, he’s African-American,” Mr Carter told NBC television, in a potentially explosive intervention in national politics”

. Excuse me?

For one, Barrack Obama was the son of a Kansas Caucasian woman who happens to be very white. His father is of decent. Again, we Americans are intelligent enough to know that he is not but 50 percent African-American. However, the national news networks are too weak to point out this obvious fact. So why is this ignored? Jimmy Carter's opinion does not hold up against genetics but the radical liberal left fall all over themselves to point at logical thinking Americans and broadly tag them as racist for exercising their freedom of speech in peaceful protest to be heard loud and clear that they do not want this.

But No!

Freedom to redress the government and be heard is no longer one of the bill of rights according to Jimmy Carter and our national media.

“I live in the South, and I have seen the South come a long way. But that racism inclination still exists, and I think it has bubbled up to the surface because of a belief among many white people, not just in the South but across the country, that African-Americans are not qualified to lead this great country”.

Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter's opinion does not even hold water with genetics but the radical liberal left fall all over themselves to point at logical thinking Americans and broadly tag them as racist for exercising their freedom of speech in peaceful protest to be heard loud and clear that they do not want this.

But No!

Freedom to redress the government and be heard is no longer one of the bill of rights, according to Jimmy Carter and the national media.

Enjoy this complete fabrication of the truth by the Obama Times:

The Washington Post columnist Colbert King wrote that there was "something loose in the land, an ugliness and hatred directed toward Barrack Obama, the nation’s first African American president, that takes the breath away".

In The New York Times, the commentator Maureen Dowd said that Mr. Wilson's heckle - and what she said was the unspoken word "You lie, boy!" - showed that Mr. Obama was “at the center of a period of racial turbulence sparked by his ascension”.

Only because they don't agree with this extremely risky piece of fast paced thrown together legislation. I have to ask. If it is so crucial, what is the hurry? This will affect every American and Obama wants it passed immediately.

Back to race relations and Jimmy Carter:

Who elected Barrack Obama?

It appears to me the very same percentage of whites that Peanut claims as racist people. It just does not add up.

Here is another question I have.

We know Obama himself has made negative racial comments towards white Americans from his very own autobiography.

Why was this not a race issue at the time of election of the President?

What makes him so special to get a free pass? It wasn't convenient for Obama then and now it is very convenient for his supporters to throw in the race cards when all else seems to fail.

It is very clear that the number of American people who approve of Obama's job performance thus far is dropping. The more Americans see that he has out spent all other president's before him in only better than half a year’s time without any indication of controlling it, the more nervous they naturally become. Americans that work and pay taxes know that they cannot spend money they don't have without big trouble looming in the near future.

Obviously Obama does not understand this principle, nor does he care.

Jimmy Carter your accusations do not line up with our bill of rights!

The race card has been played so often that it will soon backfire as opinion polls suggest.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Where did we the People go wrong?

Where did we the People go wrong?

At what point in time did “We the people” hand over the torch of liberty to the control of the government? The Preamble to the constitution clearly reads,

“We the people” of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

The Constitution of the United States clearly outlines in the Preamble that the citizens of this country holds the power of its government. We the people choose to elect “those” who will represent “us” according to the constitution.

Amendment I of the Constitution commonly known as “Bill of Rights” guarantees that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” Yet far too often our politicians today chastise citizens or groups of people who act on their right to free speech to peacefully gather to voice their opposition to the government on its proposed policy or agenda. Just recently, Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives no less, describing a peaceful protest of President Obama’s Health Care plan stated

“These disruptions are occurring because opponents are afraid not just of differing views — but of the facts themselves. Drowning out opposing views is simply un-American”.

Excuse me, but who does she think she is to call those who disagree with her un-American? She is the Speaker of the House, We the people have the right to be heard by our government officials without being accused by them of being un-American or agitators.

Of course the national media, who should be responsible for gathering true and accurate facts on behalf of “We the People” in order for us to keep tabs on what our government is doing, has become nothing less than the governments own press to further their cause. It is truly sad that our free exercise of the press also a right guaranteed in the First Amendment has been corrupted by the spoils of government monies to the point that it makes news instead of reporting it to the people.

Again, this compels me to ask, where did we the people go wrong?

Sunday, September 13, 2009

All Members of Our Armed Forces

All Members of Our Armed Forces

Some come from big cities

Some come from small towns.

Some come from rich families.

Some come from poor families.

Some come inspired by family tradition.

Some come to be the first.

Some come for opportunity.

Some come to get away from it all.

Some come to see the world.

Some come because of the world.

Some come to lead.

Some come to follow.

Some come to be different.

Some come to belong.

Some come to change

Some come to improve

Some leave family behind

Some come to have family

Some come to repay

Some come to stand in your place

Some come to teach

Some come to learn

Some will gain

Some will give all

Some will be appreciated

Some will be despised

All keep us free

All are brave to serve

All should be appreciated

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Silly Americans. We forget so much!

Silly Americans!

You built the greatest nation known to mankind. Perfect? No! But by far the best. You were not given the opportunity. No, your ancestors burdened by the Yoke of high taxes without representation, government controlled religion, and impossible regulations on earning a decent living drove them out of desperation to seek freedom elsewhere. They set sail to the world of the unknown and obscure uncivilized land to pursue the opportunity to live free, to worship free, to make their own way, and to die free. The colonies of America were built from sweat, blood, tears, disease, and massacre to continue to be held under bondage of taxes to England. Their trade for survival taxed and pirated on the open seas forced them yet again to make a stand. Be free from oppression or die. Even then the politicians of New England pressed to compromise freedom and be held captive to the mercy of the King of England, yet others yearned to be free and were willing to die by casting off the yoke of bondage to England. The war of 1812 proved that Americans would battle against impossible odds to win their freedom and to pursue their own dream of competing within the world's marketplace. Our forefathers not only stood up against the tyranny of England, but were willing to sacrifice all to live free without being enslaved by a governing body that only sought its own gain and power over the very people who produced the wealth.

Again, the forces of oppression and aggression within our own country raised its ugly head and brought brother against brother to arms leaving the dead of thousands upon thousands before reconstruction and eventual healing would again launch the American spirit to succeed.

Our nation, the most benevolent in the history of mankind has sent it’s young and strong as a gift to many other nations in the world wars to fight back and defeat tyranny and enslavement by evil dictators so they to could live to be free and pursue a life of happiness.

Communism, the ideology of evil to enslave a people to serve its captors was vigorously fought by our brave sons to ensure that freedom was not just for the American people, but for all of God's children in as many nations as possible.

Now we find ourselves struggling from the worst economy since the great depression. Each working family producing only to forfeit more than half their earnings in an incredibly out of balance tax structure geared for the spoils of the elite and to care for those who refuse to contribute themselves. Our politicians that we choose to represent us in congress forgets the struggle of their constituents the moment the moment they arrive in Washington and quickly become one of the elite. Taxation without representation becomes their
assignment and daily effort.

The working taxpayer is indoctrinated by the political system and is taught and led by the moral compass of political correctness. Our spirits that yearn to succeed and live by our own moral judgments are discouraged by accusations of greed, racism, and extreme religious views which offend those who do not agree.

Our once freedom of speech has been replaced with fear and reprisals in the form of black balling an individual or character assassination and public ridicule with the loss of the individuals job. Americans are unable to keep the country safe and protect its borders do to the fear of offending its very own enemy.

Our country has suffered unprecedented economic crisis due to the open border with Mexico which allows their poor to leave they're oppression to come to our country to work without tax restrictions and all other expensive regulations so they can send they're tax free earnings to they’re home country while we provide them with costly health care and other public services which leave our own poor lacking without available resources. Our border with Mexico is the gateway to

America for all other nations to send their terrorist to plot and destroy what they desire while our politicians turn their head as the taxpayer struggles with their burdens and fears.

We silly Americans allow our politicians and elected officials to boldly strip away our constitutional rights, take over private industry and banking institutions that cripple the common man in his potential to make his own way. We allow our government to hide behind an unscientific principle or theory of environmental scare tactics so they can use it to burden large companies in order to regulate, tax, and fine them.

We silly Americans allow our government to even suggest that they should interfere with our world leading available medical care so that they can remove our freedom of choice from our health care in order to rob us of more tax money while they in turn give us less quality care and have control over our major medical options when need be.

We Americans sit back comfortably as our elected officials strip us of our constitutional rights and give them to our enemy combatants that killed our children during war and allow them to be turned loose on American streets with full constitutional rights and passage.

We silly Americans allow our government to regulate our right to bear arms so that one day soon they will seperate them from us so that we cannot ensure that our government will not enslave us.

We silly Americans sit back on our lazy behinds and become carelessly idle as our government continues to allow large scale voting fraud and practices to continue to strip us of our power to choose our own leader, furthermore the government continues to try to make voting legal for illegal aliens and felonious criminals.

We silly Americans sit back and let our politicians accuse us of being un-American when we do not agree with their elitist goals for our future.

We silly Americans do nothing during our toughest economic challenges while our president effects the largest payoff for his presidency in the history of politics with our hard earned tax dollars to union thugs and numerous social agenda's that do nothing to profit the economic situation. And they title this act of theft and payoff a “Stimulus Package” to rub it in the nose of the American Taxpayer.

We do nothing!

How much longer will we be silly Americans and just give up all that was paid for through centuries of spilled American blood?

Friday, September 04, 2009

A Health Care Scenario Under Obama

Is any one reading Obama's Healthcare plan the Dems are falling all over themselves to push into law? I especially love the "End of life planing, counseling, and method options" that's right, you old and useless to society. You've lived your life and now your just a burden. But our great government will help you decide how and when to end your pathetic life. No, it isn't suicide or genicide, it is healthcare. Don't want to die and relieve us all of your financial burden. Okay! To the back of the line maam. Off you go. We will get to you when we can. Excuse me maam, we realize your in pain and in need of an operation, but we have 214 illegal aliens to treat before you, further to the rear of the line maam. Excuse me maam? The fact that you have paid taxes all your working life has been subtracted from the fact that you were a cigarette smoker for a number of years and therefore responsible for untold numbers of victims to secondhand smoke health issues. You maam, are a part of the problem, not the solution to our grave healthcare problem. Please reconsider our End of Life planing option. Besides, it is free and someone can see you immediately or go take your place at the end of the line. Thank you! Maam, I am sorry you are in pain and cannot get a refill of your medications without seeing the doctor first. It isn't our problem that your a baby boomer and have lived your life in luxury only to waste resources before today when you need them. Besides, there are so many younger patients who could use the medications rations and still benefit society. Well maam, it may not be right but it's the law! I'm becoming very impatient with you and your self righteous tone. Shall I report you to the White House for speaking ill about the peoples health care? That's right! No go on to the back of the line, go home, or go to the door to the left and receive your end of life counseling. Really maan, if I were you I would. NEXT please!

Yes, a lot of my own creative imagination here but read the plan yourself. Maybe you will see how the above scenario could someday be a reality if this plan is put into effect.

Do you really want to have a government worker directing your health options? Something to think about the next time your in line for a car tag.

It is time to blog!

It has been way too long since i have wrote any blogs and now is the time that I need to occupy myself with other things to get out of the same old routine of daily life, or in my case nightly life.

 I have thought about a daily journal, political blog, local history, and current news. I have decided to just do it all here. It will be like my own mind Scatter-brained, but it will eliminate posting to different sites.