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Friday, October 02, 2009

America: guts and glory to cowardice and shame.

America: Guts and Glory to Cowardice and Shame.

If Americans of today were the Americans of yesterday, there would be no America.

Imagine Hitler today? How many Americans would be in denial of his evil intent? How many Americans would be ready to send our soldiers to stop him?

The attack on Pearl Harbor? America became enraged and gladly sent their sons to fight the evil Japanese and German Axis of evil. 2,335 US personnel dead, 68 civilians dead from the surprise attack. A country united to avenge their loss and protect their soil from further attacks.

Did Americans lose heart when reports of mass casualties came in from wire reports? Did Americans cry and lament the death of American soldiers being too costly a price to pay for their nations security? Did the politicians divide and play political chess over the needs of boosting troops for a more promising outcome in battle? Did politicians beg defeat and retreat when times were bad during combat? Did civilians protest the war as unjust? Did politicians spend billions of dollars on bail outs and whine about the cost of war to protect our home land and other nations? Did the mothers of sacrificed soldiers march and protest the war in which their son laid down his life for his country? Did the American press tally each American killed in action as too costly and wasteful of our country? Did our press sympathize with the enemy and show their despair?

On June 6th, 1944 the United States along with the United Kingdom and Canada stormed the beaches of Normandy, France in what is known as the D-day Invasion. Of those troops, 29,000 American soldiers were killed, 11,000 British soldiers were killed, 5,000 Canadian soldiers were killed. 12,200 French Civilians were killed or missing. America and their Allied troops won the biggest battle against Germany. A battle Germany would not recover from.

29,000 American soldiers killed in one battle!

Was there an outcry to withdraw our troops?

Did the politicians clamor that they could not stomach anymore loss?

Did the citizens demand our soldiers be brought home before the end of the war?

29,000 American soldiers killed in the D-day Invasion. 3,000+ American soldiers killed in Iraq in a war that has lasted almost 4 years.

2001 September 11th Terrorist attacks on US soil.
2,973 Innocent US Citizens Killed. Proof that American soil is considered a top target for Islamic terrorist radicals.

26 days after 9/11 The War on Terror is launched when US attacks Afghanistan.

Why now have Americans become so French like, so weak in their resolve to defend our lands from a sworn enemy who considers Americans to be Infidels? " Unbelievers"

Why has this generation of people turned their back on threats and outright attacks against their own American people?

Why are there more and more Americans embracing the protest movements and politicians seeking approval from the far left wing fringe than the soldiers who fight courageously to defend us all?

Why does the National American Press constantly sympathize with the enemy, and embrace politicians who do the same

Why does the Democrat party have no backbone in supporting this war when 3/4 of congress agreed to it?

Why will the president not send more troops to Afghanistan as his own General desperate requests?

How will we ever win a war if all we will do is cut and run when things go slowly or we reach 3,000 +soldier deaths?

Who will defend the citizens of the United States of America from our enemy if our soldiers are not allowed to?

How long after we tuck our tails and run like the Democrats want us to before the terrorist start bombing our own local grocery stores and hospitals?

How long until the War on Terror is being fought in our own backyards?

Will our Democratic elected government allow us to defend ourselves?

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