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Sunday, October 04, 2009

Humiliation of Olympic Proportions


Humiliation of Olympic Proportions

It seems that our President and his “A-Team” the stardust sprinkling First Lady and Oprah traveling to Copenhagen to win the bid for the City of Chicago would be an eye opener for the celebrated crew that the world beyond CNN clearly sees through all the media pumped glamour that has long passed overkill in the United States. But I seriously doubt it.
          What has taken place by this administration in Copenhagen is nothing less than a complete failure for the President at a time when his attention is desperately needed in more urgent matters such as the requested troop build up in Afghanistan that his General states is desperately needed to win the war there. Or maybe his attention should be keenly focused on unemployment in the United States reaching a new high of 9.8 %, the highest in 30 years. In September there were 263,000 jobs lost and the 787 billion dollar stimulus package, another massive failure by the president, has done nothing to help the economy recover. Obviously, to me the economy would be much farther ahead if the stimulus package was divided among taxpayers and pumped into the real economy instead of being used to pay off his purchase of the presidency. Maybe instead of flying to Copenhagen the “A-Team” should have instead went back to Chicago to figure out how to stop the deadly violence in the Chicago city school district.
          The fact that this administrations failure is embarrassing enough to the United States that after President Obama begged for the games to be held in Chicago is overshadowed by the ultimate humiliation that this president continues to travel to foreign lands to put our country down.
 “We’ve got everyone. This could be a meeting in Chicago, because we look like the world. Over the last several years sometimes that fundamental truth about the United States has been lost,” he said.
“One of the legacies of this Olympic Games would be the restoration of that understanding of what the United States is all about and recognition of how we are linked to the world.” Obama.
Who the hell does he think he is to tell anyone over there the fundamental truth about the United States has been lost over the last several years? Excuse me? But the fundamental truth about the United States and its constitution has been lost since your election! Does he really think anyone at that Olympic committee actually cares about diversity? They are not governed by the religion and practices of political correctness. They know a phony when they see one. And it showed when after they’re groveling, when the United States was eliminated in the very first round. What a joke the rest of the world must think of our leader! And we are depending on him to negotiate terms with Iran? And we are to trust his health care plan he is pushing when he cannot even compete for a spectator sporting event?

But in the end this president will brush off this failure as nothing and his cronies will cry hatred against his political party, but sadly, we are stuck with this Hollywood celebrity in the oval office for the next 3 years.


  1. Please call your Reps, Senators, and Harry Reid and tell them you know what they are doing and we will NOT take it.

    Time is of the essence.
    They want this RAMMED through by next Thursday!


  2. comrad obama ummm ummmm good!

  3. My LEO Brother Hank:
    Another great thought provoking post!!
    I posted some " Obama-inations" on my blog, jump on over Bro!!
    I was going to cross post but this way you'll get to see my blog too. LOL!!
    Your RCMP Brother