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43 Years old Born in Wilson, North Carolina. Work in Law Enforcement / Patrol, married I am a Political Conservative without a party to represent my vote. I dislike liars, especially the type who are politicians and preachers. I oppose abortion of any type at any stage. The baby is innocent and deserves life regardless of the mothers circumstances. I also dislike racists. Especially the kind that always scream racism at others when life doesn't go there way! Get a life, it's only skin color and God made idiots in all colors. I also dislike Democrats, they wouldn't know the truth if it bit them on the ass. I dislike Republicans, they are truly the most spineless creatures on God's green earth. I dislike arrogant environmentalist who think we can destroy what God created. If your homosexual, I don't dislike you, but please keep it in your own bedroom behind closed doors for the sake of the untwisted.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Bipartisan Health Care Summit:We Waited Over A Year For This?

Finally, after one year of the worst partisan sales pitch ever given by the Democratic Party in the history of American politics this group decides to invite the Republican’s to the “table” to search out ways to bring them aboard on the health care bill to make it a “bipartisan” effort to pass this junk bill that nobody “American Voter’s” knows what all is in it. The big question is why? Does the president not have executive powers and the “nuclear option” to shove this bill down the throats of the American people, the only ones who will be paying for it? Did the president not say in his closing arguments that they would do this if Republicans will not sign on and contribute to his current plan without starting over? Again why? It isn’t as if the Democrats do not have the full majority control over every aspect of the government of Washington. All they need is full Democratic support and they could pass this bill. But they cannot even achieve that much due to the Democratic losses in Virginia, New Jersey and now Massachusetts that haunt those Democrats that seek re-election. It is painfully obvious that they are unable to garner the support of the American people because they simply cannot earn their trust. Why? Because they fail to understand that the American people are far more intelligent than this Administration believes them to be. Quite frankly, they believe we are stupid. Well, the reality is that the American people understand finances far more than the President and his Administration. Most American’s were not born to rich grandparents, given a free ride on a college education and spend their early adult lives being fed utopian ideology in prestigious Ivey League schools. No, the majority of American’s live on a shoe string budget trying to make ends meet with what was left over of their meager paychecks after the government over taxed them. These American’s were working to raise young families, going to community college at nights after work or serving their country in the military in order to provide themselves with the means to chance the American dream. It sure wasn’t handed to them on a silver platter by either rich parents or the government. The American people who dared to dream went out in the world and secured employment and were forced to provide for themselves. They had real budgets. The kind where you took what earnings remained on your paycheck and did what you could with it in order to provide food, water, and shelter for your family. They understood that when the money was gone, it was gone! They also understood that if you allowed yourself to go into debt and could no longer afford the luxuries of life that there were real people who would come and take away your possessions and home. These American people also see that those who they have chosen to send to Washington to represent them end up doing everything but represent them. The American people are very bright indeed because for decade after decade they see those politicians become rich and powerful and have spent this country into unbelievable debt that can never be paid. They also understand that it is those representatives that seek to solve this problem by digging deeper and deeper into the American Taxpayer’s pocket in order to pay for it all while 45 % of the nation never pays any tax at all. The American Taxpayer pays it all while the very rich continue to get richer, the “entitled” non taxpayer gets more and the lower and middle class taxpayer is asked yet again to sacrifice more of their earnings under an unfair tax code that even the government doesn’t understand. All the while those smug politicians continue to act concerned about the uninsured yet refuse to come together with a plan to eliminate the true reasons why health care is not affordable to the working family much less the jobless. Frivolous lawsuits, massive class action torts against the private business sector has driven the cost of providing health insurance so high that the average family and small businesses are no longer able afford it. Yet this Administration does nothing to cap and limit these in many cases bogus lawsuits that tie up the system and drive up costs even more to the taxpayer and consumer. No, because many of these politicians got rich themselves by being trial lawyers. This Administration also refuses to do anything with the Unions but reward them for driving manufacturing and many other jobs and businesses overseas to the very countries we borrow from in false and inadequate attempts to bring down the deficit they themselves cause. These are just a few of the big money and big deficit problem casers that make this health care bill nothing but an unprecedented money pit the taxpayer will have to shoulder on top of an impossible deficit that exists now. The American people refuse this piece of legislation because they know not only that it will be them paying for it, but their children, their children’s children and possibly further on down. No, this Administration doesn’t get it because they have never experienced the burden of taxation and hard work themselves without someone else’s helping hand. For the love of god, this Administration should be working on cutting taxes and eliminating the waste of uncontrollable frivolous spending so the working people can pull themselves up by the bootstraps in order to bring us out of this economic crisis that all previous politicians, Democratic, Republican and Independents have put us in.   

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Senator Scott Brown Gets First Trick for Pimp Harry Reid

As I predicted merely days ago, nobody knew who the real Scott Brown was and how he would stand on the issues. He was quickly branded as a conservative Superstar because of his rise over a typical Democrat cookie cutter Liberal fool that doesn’t have the political sense to fill a thimble, yet this happened in the Liberal stronghold of Massachusetts causing the conservatives to over rejoice the meaning of the Republican victory there. If this vote for cloture on the Job’s Bill is a sneak preview of Senator Scott Brown’s voting in the senate, conservatives no longer have any reason for celebration. I believe his vote was more than a sneak preview and his true character or lack thereof was immediately put out for public display. Senator Scott Brown only proved he was a willing and able political Whore for Pimp Harry Reid and signaled that the people of Massachusetts meant nothing to him, nor his empty words of being fiscally responsible with Taxpayer’s hard earned money.  Apparently Scott Brown ignored the fact that the previous Stimulus Bill did absolutely nothing for our jobless rate or to stimulate the horrible condition of the economy of this country. What does Superman Scott Brown do? He votes for cloture on another Stimulus bill of 13 billion dollars we cannot afford to spend under a new polished name called the Job’s Bill that will benefit nothing but the unions. Congratulations Senator Scott Brown! You are a liar and a cheat to your constituents that offered you the opportunity to be exactly what you campaigned on to be, but instead your first vote only proved you will be everything you campaigned against. All the conservatives in Massachusetts, you were hoodwinked yet again. All the other conservatives out there, again your ears were tickled by great speeches and your hopes have crashed to the ground by this pretender. Maybe we conservatives will learn from this that Republican’s offer nothing new and that their crooked backbones are as weak as ever. Never again should a Republican be sent to Washington to do an honest man’s job when there is a true conservative option available. If we continue to believe there is a difference between Republicans and Democrats we will always have what we found inside of Senator Scott Brown, nothing but the same games played with our money in Washington.

Monday, February 22, 2010

How Great the Sin of Abortion? How Great the Forgiveness of God!

The issue of abortion is one that I am very passionate about. I believe every child conceived has a right to life no matter the opinions on each side of the issue. I suppose I have heard the arguments of both sides so many times that I could list them here but I won’t. Simply put, I believe without a doubt that abortion is murder even though it is legal according to the Supreme Court of our land when the laws applied are followed. However it is still the murder of an unborn child for whatever reasons the mother, father or other family members decide to end the life. I have heard the so called medical opinions of when a fetus becomes a human life but have never heard a consistent answer of when this occurs so I must believe it is at conception. I know there are barbaric fools who believe life begins upon the actual birth of the child and that it is the simple choice of the mother to allow the baby to live or not. Amazing how some believe they have the moral right to choose another’s life or death at their own convenience due to risk, rape or simple pathetic convenience. I had the unwanted opportunity to witness the aftermath of self imposed abortion in the early stages of the term of pregnancy. It left me not only disgusted by the depth of human selfishness and cruelty, but also firm in my knowledge that no matter how small or what stage of term, the child is still a human being. The one I had the misfortune to see was a very small baby girl. I remember my heart broken looking down upon her and knowing she would never feel the comfort of her mother’s touch, nor laugh, walk and play. Recently I received a comment on an earlier post about my views on abortion and I was ridiculed for saying that God forgives those who have had an abortion if he is asked for forgiveness. This man pointed out that those who have had more than one abortion would have no other fate than to burn in hell forever. Well who is he to judge the righteousness of another and condemn them to hell? I hate abortion. I do think its murder. But even murder is forgivable. I would say to him that if a woman who has had more than one abortion could not go to heaven, then why was the Apostle Paul allowed into heaven when before changed and forgiven by God he persecuted and murdered many Christians. Abortion as a sin is no worse in God’s eyes than adultery or a lie. It only takes one sin make us deserving of hell’s flames. It is just as easy for a woman who has had one abortion or twenty to be forgiven by God and go to heaven. I often wonder the panic a young girl feels when she discovers that she is pregnant. The shame, fear, and uncertainty a married woman would experience after discovering that she has become pregnant by her lover and her sin would be exposed to everyone. There are so many scenarios that I can see the horror a woman would have to face in some circumstances with an unwanted pregnancy. But in the end the taking of another human’s life should never be the option. There are other ways to cope. Yes, I am sure they would be far from easy and create other troubles within relationships but the rewards of keeping the child would be greater than the hardships. Giving your child up for adoption would also be an option that would at the very least be a choice for the child to experience the wonders of life. I hold to my opinions on abortion but God is the Judge of all. Not the self righteous!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Beware of Conservative Superstar’s

I can’t help but to get a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach when I see the continued celebration of so called Conservative Superstar’s. Granted, those of us who have been absolutely horrified over the fast pace encroachment of liberal social issues and those in the works by the Obama Administration and the ill witted Democratic controlled Washington, combined by weak and spineless Republicans, The former enabling the latter has created a lust for anyone in public service that represents conservative common since. But are we too quick to celebrate these newcomers? Are we setting ourselves up for the same fall we have taken over and over when these new Superstar’s end up corrupted by the seniors in Washington? To make a perfect example, Senator Scott Brown gave us all something to celebrate for sure in his awesome rise to surpass yet another Liberal Fool who was an apparent shoe-in for Kennedy’s seat, but what do we know about Scott Brown? Who is Scott Brown other than a Champion over the Liberal status Quo? Is he truly a conservative or a fence walker on the sticky issues that make the true difference between a Conservative and a Moderate / Progressive Republican? I do realize that Scott Brown was a victory for conservatives given the choice Massachusetts was faced with but does he hold the same values as the conservatives. I have unanswered questions that I have about Scott Brown’s sincerity as a conservative is his position on abortion.  He seems states that he supports Roe Verses Wade because it is law but is against late term abortion. Well who isn’t besides the absolute Barbarian’s? Also, Scott Brown does not support gay marriage yet he supports civil unions. I may not be the sharpest tack in the world but I fail to see the difference. I mean you have married couples and common law marriage. Again, not much difference there either according to the law. I would feel more comfortable about him if he could decide which side of life and family values he really supports. The questions give me pause to celebrate him for any reason other than his senate victory. Yes, we will take whatever choice is giving when trying to defeat the progressive / liberal / socialist agenda that has taken over Washington. Don’t get me wrong about that, but we conservatives need to be a whole lot pickier when we vote in primaries than we were in this special election. After all, Republicans have proven over and over what we will get when we settle for politicians that move to the center after election. We have our roots in traditional conservatism that has proven to be the best ideology for government of our nation. Never again should we compromise when a good choice is given or we will never change this country back to the formula clearly laid out before us by the founding fathers. I want Conservatives not Superstar’s!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Hope and Change, a Promise Not Taken Lightly

As we ponder on the aftermath of the Austin, Texas airplane crash into the targeted IRS building we all are curious for answers for the reason why this happened, why Joseph Stack chose murder and suicide to equal the score in his own mind. But are there other reasons for his actions? If there are there would be no reason to justify murder and suicide. But we all want to know why he did what he did. Truthfully, it would be irresponsible on our part to not seek the truth of what the triggering mechanism in his mind really was that set him off on an irreversible path of destruction. Former FBI Profiler Joe Navarro suggested that Stack was “a wound collector” “but those wounds may not have been evident” He further stated that “unfortunately, what goes on in the mind often stays there” I am not so sure I agree with this entirely. It seems to me that Joseph Stack stated in his suicide letter very clearly that he had been voicing his rage in a very consistent manner but was not heard.
 Quote:During 1987, I spent close to $5000 of my ‘pocket change’, and at least 1000 hours of my time writing, printing, and mailing to any senator, congressman, governor, or slug that might listen; none did, and they universally treated me as if I was wasting their time. I spent countless hours on the L.A. freeways driving to meetings and any and all of the disorganized professional groups who were attempting to mount a campaign against this atrocity. This, only to discover that our efforts were being easily derailed by a few moles from the brokers who were just beginning to enjoy the windfall from the new declaration of their “freedom”. Oh, and don’t forget, for all of the time I was spending on this, I was loosing income that I couldn’t bill clients.”
It is very evident to me that Joseph Slack took every opportunity to express his rage about the unfairness of the tax laws and the unjustness of our government, along with the moral outrage of insurance, medical and pharmaceutical companies, and even religion. It seems that his conclusion was simple, that the government encroached ever deeper into his life and freedom to the point that he believed he was no longer free and those he sought help from, who are suppose to represent him were in fact doing nothing of the sort. I agree with his sentiments on this as well. We are not represented by our lawmakers equal to the burden of taxation that is heaped upon us by them. Joseph Stack made mention that he was a follower of the rules. Did what was required of him throughout his adult life and yet could not succeed because of the limitations of his freedom. I will also agree that exorbitant taxation makes you less free and more slave to the government. The government is never satisfied with the amount of money it chooses to remove from the working man and continues to find ways to separate us from our earnings.45% of the countries citizens do not contribute in taxes nor earn anything. Yet the politicians seek to increase their so called entitlements and represent them in congress merely to be rewarded by counting on their vote. Our last presidential election brought us a man of promises to the taxpayer that he was the candidate for “Hope and Change” and “Tax Cuts for the middle class” and many more empty promises of relief to the working people of this country. The voting citizens overwhelmingly elected the man with many promises because they so desperately sought a President that could lead this country in a direction of change for the betterment of all. What we find over one year latter was that not only was this man a liar and full of empty an insincere promises, but one who wishes to impose unimaginable debt upon this nation during a huge economic crises at the same time that he unveils his health care plans and other programs that will increase taxes that will burden the taxpayers who already have seen a tax of over 200 percent since 1970 while the medium household income is currently at $51,000. Our Democratic Congress and Senate has fallen to the shoes of this President to kiss his feet as the citizens overwhelmingly reject his proposals over and over yet they ignore the people and move forward to represent him instead of those that elected them. I would suggest that there are many more people like Joseph Stack who see no hope for their own future. Hopefully, these multitudes of hopeless people will choose the power invested in them by our constitution to revolt in a nonviolent way by going to the voting booth and systematically voting for real hope and change by choosing to rid our government of those politicians such as the current Democrats in office and also the Republicans who vote for spending and tax increases like the Democrats. The hopeless need to remember they still possess the power to change if only they will act on it responsibly and not resorting to become a murderer. Those in office currently should beware that their time is limited because there are still many of us who have hope for this country and will learn from past misjudgments made in selecting representatives.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

God, protect our troops because we know Obama will not

I do believe I have heard everything now. I was just watching Fox News (Yes, I said Fox News) and heard the most ridiculous report I think I have ever heard while listening to the war coverage of Afghanistan. The reporter mentioned that the Taliban terrorist thugs were taunting the United States Marines due to the rules of engagement that the U.S. Fighting Forces are under. Rules? Yes, our children, husbands, wives, mothers and fathers in the United States Military must fight by the rules set before them against a murderous, cowardly enemy who attack and fight without any rules whatsoever. The astonishing report stated that our Marines cannot engage the Enemy unless they can see a weapon in their hands. For the love of God and all that is Holy, why? Well the reporter stated that the reasoning behind these rules of engagement is to cut down on accidental civilian deaths. This places our fighting men and women in great peril and will directly cause the death of many of our fighting men and women. Excuse me! Are we at war with these Terrorist or aren’t we? Just last week I also heard a report that the towns in which our military is engaging the enemy, the civilians had been forewarned to leave the area due to risk of accidental death. But that just isn’t good enough! Our Pentagon and Commander in Chief are far more concerned with Afghanistan civilians than our own loved ones fighting for our safety in that God forsaken country. These rules of engagement mean that as our soldiers are fighting, any Terrorist thug can shoot at them from cover (Behind unseen object or camouflage) without our soldiers being allowed to return fire. This is in essence a suicide mission. Any sniper is free to engage our loved ones from unseen cover when exposed or from inside buildings in the darkness as our troops can only pray for God’s protection while their own government ties their hands behind their backs limiting their ability to defend themselves. This is absolutely disgusting! I for one give my vote of incompetence to the leadership (or lack thereof) of this country and also vote that we bring our troops home, all of them, if they are unable to freely attack the enemy. Just bring them home now! President Obama and his administration has turned our military into his own police department with the same rules of engagement and considers enemy combatants to be mere criminals with the same Bill of Rights as reserved for Americans under our constitution. The man’s mind is simply of that of a lawyer with the inability to think beyond his law school training. He is a mere Rookie in all things as his inability to lead this country in any positive way has become ever sickeningly obvious. His election to the White House will no doubt be recorded in history as the American Citizen’s greatest and gravest error if this has not already been achieved in but one year. God, protect our troops because we know Obama will not!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

We Elect Politicians Below Our Own Standards

I worry about the future of our country mainly because of the lackadaisical attitudes of American voters coupled with their inability to stand on their own principals by demanding their own representative’s vote in accordance with those principals. The mainstream media who has been in bed with those politicians or political parties who oppose traditional American values have forsaken their own creed to report facts in order to bolster support for these in opposition or simply spin their stories to defend them while the American public continues to accept a press that has lost all credibility. Too many American’s even fall for the deceit although time and time again their interpretations prove false. Either Americans are easily deceived or they are too lazy to examine the facts and make an educated deduction of which source of current news or political rhetoric they should accept to be true. It is truly amazing how many corrupt and crooked politicians control the policy in this country from local town seats all the way up to the Presidency, and yet we American’s allow it. The politicians have no power that the voters do not allow and dissatisfaction in our government is reaching record peaks. What will the voters do? I would guess that they will do what they have been doing for the last fifty to sixty years in this country. They will believe that the politician seeking office is being truthful about what they promise and fall for every lie that is spat forth from their mouths leaving us in even far worse condition than before. Why? Because we do not hold our politicians to the traditional standards that we hold ourselves to. People seem to believe that it is okay for politicians to be crooked as long as they throw us a bone from time to time. Our government expects us to pay our taxes in full and on time from our earnings while under the threat of having the IRS to come take away everything we own yet the government has no constraints on how they spend our hard money. In fact, every tax dollar that is deducted from your payroll has already been spent years ago due to the incredibly insane deficits that they keep increasing because the tax money they have collected is 12 Trillion dollars short of what they have spent. And we allow it! Think on this for a moment. The current congress has voted to raise the debt ceiling by 1.9 Trillion dollars because they are afraid the country will not be able to pay its bills. No, the country cannot pay its bills because it is spending our hard earned tax dollars at an enormous rate higher than they collect! In other words they voted to spend 1.9 Trillion dollars more that the country does not have on top of what our deficit is now! That is 14.3 Trillion dollars in debt! Imagine if your family earned $50,000 per year and you were in debt to the tune of $250,000 then you decide that you still need more things so you decide that you are going to raise your debt ceiling to 1 and a half Million dollars. How long would it be before everything you owned was sold off in a public auction? Not long at all. But we allow our representatives to do this? Well who are the stupid ones? We are! I don’t have to even mention the tons of social issues that have placed this country in tremendous debt or weakened the moral fabric of this country. All of this and more because we do not hold our politicians to the same standard we have to, and choose to live by. What a crying shame!

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Or…Would You Prefer?

American law enforcement within our society is an ever changing entity that affects every citizen in their daily lives whether the citizen is aware of this fact or has frequent contact with an officer of the law. As a society, our criminal laws have been adopted from the Common Laws of England, created through local, state and federal legislation of the people and by the people. These laws are tested against our governing Constitution and repealed, modified or adjusted accordingly by judicial precedent. The laws are intended to control adverse behavior of the citizens to ensure a civil and safe society. A law enforcement officer is intended to be the physical embodiment of the law that enforces the obedience to these laws which are the demands of the majority of citizens within the boundaries of their jurisdictions. The law enforcement officer is sworn to uphold the Constitution, the laws and ordinances of the will of the people that they are charged to enforce. It is their sworn duty to apprehend those who break the laws and to issue fines to those that violate traffic ordinances. With this authority much responsibility is given. The inherent dangers of these duties require that the state issue the authority and right for the law enforcement officer to protect himself and those he serves up to and including when necessary the taking of an offenders life. An officer of the law possesses great powers that are given to him to perform his duty by the very people he protects. These powers, as mentioned before allows the officer to temporarily restrict ones freedoms when necessary. They also allow the officer to search one’s person or property when sufficient probable cause exists to warrant such a search in order to investigate and gather necessary evidence to support a conviction of an alleged suspect or offender. With these powers and responsibilities the officers are granted discretion. He is allowed to take into consideration the totality of any given situation to best judge his appropriate actions. Also, with discretion the officer is given “Good Faith” allowances when performing these functions according to the laws and training he has received due to the unknowns he may face, being after all, only human. Mistakes are routinely made and are usually allowed when the officer makes decisions based on his knowledge and adherence to rules and regulations while conducting his duty even when it is impossible to determine the appropriate action to take. In my many years as a law enforcement officer I have witnessed or received much criticism of the actions of law enforcement personnel simply performing his duty as ordered. I am of the opinion that most of these criticisms are targeted towards the human element of law enforcement due to the criticizing citizen’s being ignorant of the interpretation of our constitution and bill of rights. I have also learned that most citizens are unaware of their own local laws and ordinances or their right to contact their representatives in order to encourage change or amend the current or outdated laws on the books that they may not agree with. But mostly, it is the ignorance of the fact that the laws originate from majority rule of the citizens themselves. They possess the power of change. Also during my career I have seen many changes in the technology of law enforcement with the introduction of such useful tools such as computers, cell phones, mobile laptop computers and internet capability. I remember when most officers were lucky if they had a pager of their own to carry besides solely relying on their two-way radio for communications. I often wonder with all the technological advances that continue at a rapid pace how law enforcement will be in another five, ten, fifteen years? Will we advance to the point that police officers will be as they are in so many science fiction books and movies such as Robocop? Will the human embodiment of law enforcement be replaced with computerized robots that enforce the law strictly by the letter of the law without the ability to function with human emotion and discretion? I know, people will laugh at this but take notice of camera’s posted at intersections and freeways that remotely issue citations for running traffic lights and speeding. Do the computer operated cameras make allowances for emergency situations or slight infractions a traffic cop may overlook? No, they record the violation and issue the citation and instantly forward the information to your department of motor vehicles who will add points against your license causing your insurance premiums to increase. Let’s imagine your family is upset and arguing loudly and the Robocop enters your home and computes the violations it perceives. Best not be holding something in your hands it perceives as a threat. Imagine then that the Robot places you under arrest and carries you to the car in front of your neighbors, then locks you up in jail where a thorough body search will be conducted by a Robot Correctional Officer. I think I would choose to keep the human law enforcement officer, mistakes and all! Would you? Or, would you prefer Robocop without critical thinking skills?

Friday, February 05, 2010

Attack of Rahm Emanuel’s Freedom of Speech by Using the Word Retarded, is Simply Retarded

Again, here I am defending another Liberal Fool who ordinarily participates in the policing and active abolishment of freedom of speech by attacking and assassinating the character of those who use words that are found to be politically incorrect or offensive to smaller elements of society or minority groups due to those aforementioned being sensitive to their own race, creed, culture, religion, handicap or so called sexual orientation. Keep in mind, everyone in the majority of American society just has to be tough skinned and take it! Although, I must admit that it is quite amusing to watch a member of the double-standard hypocrite Party take a good dose of his own medicine, However, I have to point out the hypocrisy of the championing conservative Sarah Palin for her role and participation in this lunacy of political correctness and attack on our freedom of speech just because she is the mother of a child with a physical and or mental disability. This is a great error in judgment in my opinion as well as hypocritical. Emanuel’s correct estimation of the far left Liberal fringe being “Fucking Retarded” has been greatly twisted out of context per usual of the Party of P.C. but now we have staunch conservatives joining in as well. Had there been a member of this Liberal Elite present who has been officially diagnosed by a medical Physician as being mentally deficient or mentally handicapped, I could understand the uproar over using “Offensive” language, let alone admittedly unprofessional. However, as according to reports there were none present. Incredibly, these people who desire to eliminate words in the English language that they just don’t like have now reduced the adjective to just an “R”. Wow. According to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary 1895 the word is listed as “Sometimes Offensive: which means it can be used intentionally to offend someone. I think it is pretty well clear in the context of  Emanuel’s vulgar proclamation that he fully intended to offend the Idiot’s, ooops, excuse me, I may have offended someone, but most certainly he had no intent to offend anyone who is handicapped. I believe those with family members or friends who are mentally handicapped know this to be true even if they themselves would be offended if the word was used against their own with the disabilities in question and rightly so. So Sarah Palin and the Liberal News Media Whores and others in the Politically Correct crowd can back off of everyone’s freedom of speech which is guaranteed under the Bill of Rights. Get out of my mind and out of my mouth. Are there not more important things we Americans should be expending our energy on?