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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

God, protect our troops because we know Obama will not

I do believe I have heard everything now. I was just watching Fox News (Yes, I said Fox News) and heard the most ridiculous report I think I have ever heard while listening to the war coverage of Afghanistan. The reporter mentioned that the Taliban terrorist thugs were taunting the United States Marines due to the rules of engagement that the U.S. Fighting Forces are under. Rules? Yes, our children, husbands, wives, mothers and fathers in the United States Military must fight by the rules set before them against a murderous, cowardly enemy who attack and fight without any rules whatsoever. The astonishing report stated that our Marines cannot engage the Enemy unless they can see a weapon in their hands. For the love of God and all that is Holy, why? Well the reporter stated that the reasoning behind these rules of engagement is to cut down on accidental civilian deaths. This places our fighting men and women in great peril and will directly cause the death of many of our fighting men and women. Excuse me! Are we at war with these Terrorist or aren’t we? Just last week I also heard a report that the towns in which our military is engaging the enemy, the civilians had been forewarned to leave the area due to risk of accidental death. But that just isn’t good enough! Our Pentagon and Commander in Chief are far more concerned with Afghanistan civilians than our own loved ones fighting for our safety in that God forsaken country. These rules of engagement mean that as our soldiers are fighting, any Terrorist thug can shoot at them from cover (Behind unseen object or camouflage) without our soldiers being allowed to return fire. This is in essence a suicide mission. Any sniper is free to engage our loved ones from unseen cover when exposed or from inside buildings in the darkness as our troops can only pray for God’s protection while their own government ties their hands behind their backs limiting their ability to defend themselves. This is absolutely disgusting! I for one give my vote of incompetence to the leadership (or lack thereof) of this country and also vote that we bring our troops home, all of them, if they are unable to freely attack the enemy. Just bring them home now! President Obama and his administration has turned our military into his own police department with the same rules of engagement and considers enemy combatants to be mere criminals with the same Bill of Rights as reserved for Americans under our constitution. The man’s mind is simply of that of a lawyer with the inability to think beyond his law school training. He is a mere Rookie in all things as his inability to lead this country in any positive way has become ever sickeningly obvious. His election to the White House will no doubt be recorded in history as the American Citizen’s greatest and gravest error if this has not already been achieved in but one year. God, protect our troops because we know Obama will not!


  1. Anonymous10:20 AM

    God Bless our Soldiers!
    Joshua 1:9

  2. I was on the phone with an Army officer last night.......they are more defenseless than a police officer. Remember, Comrade Obama is a Socialist, and he has the agenda to bring Hope and CHANGE!!!!!!