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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Beware of Conservative Superstar’s

I can’t help but to get a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach when I see the continued celebration of so called Conservative Superstar’s. Granted, those of us who have been absolutely horrified over the fast pace encroachment of liberal social issues and those in the works by the Obama Administration and the ill witted Democratic controlled Washington, combined by weak and spineless Republicans, The former enabling the latter has created a lust for anyone in public service that represents conservative common since. But are we too quick to celebrate these newcomers? Are we setting ourselves up for the same fall we have taken over and over when these new Superstar’s end up corrupted by the seniors in Washington? To make a perfect example, Senator Scott Brown gave us all something to celebrate for sure in his awesome rise to surpass yet another Liberal Fool who was an apparent shoe-in for Kennedy’s seat, but what do we know about Scott Brown? Who is Scott Brown other than a Champion over the Liberal status Quo? Is he truly a conservative or a fence walker on the sticky issues that make the true difference between a Conservative and a Moderate / Progressive Republican? I do realize that Scott Brown was a victory for conservatives given the choice Massachusetts was faced with but does he hold the same values as the conservatives. I have unanswered questions that I have about Scott Brown’s sincerity as a conservative is his position on abortion.  He seems states that he supports Roe Verses Wade because it is law but is against late term abortion. Well who isn’t besides the absolute Barbarian’s? Also, Scott Brown does not support gay marriage yet he supports civil unions. I may not be the sharpest tack in the world but I fail to see the difference. I mean you have married couples and common law marriage. Again, not much difference there either according to the law. I would feel more comfortable about him if he could decide which side of life and family values he really supports. The questions give me pause to celebrate him for any reason other than his senate victory. Yes, we will take whatever choice is giving when trying to defeat the progressive / liberal / socialist agenda that has taken over Washington. Don’t get me wrong about that, but we conservatives need to be a whole lot pickier when we vote in primaries than we were in this special election. After all, Republicans have proven over and over what we will get when we settle for politicians that move to the center after election. We have our roots in traditional conservatism that has proven to be the best ideology for government of our nation. Never again should we compromise when a good choice is given or we will never change this country back to the formula clearly laid out before us by the founding fathers. I want Conservatives not Superstar’s!

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