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Monday, February 22, 2010

How Great the Sin of Abortion? How Great the Forgiveness of God!

The issue of abortion is one that I am very passionate about. I believe every child conceived has a right to life no matter the opinions on each side of the issue. I suppose I have heard the arguments of both sides so many times that I could list them here but I won’t. Simply put, I believe without a doubt that abortion is murder even though it is legal according to the Supreme Court of our land when the laws applied are followed. However it is still the murder of an unborn child for whatever reasons the mother, father or other family members decide to end the life. I have heard the so called medical opinions of when a fetus becomes a human life but have never heard a consistent answer of when this occurs so I must believe it is at conception. I know there are barbaric fools who believe life begins upon the actual birth of the child and that it is the simple choice of the mother to allow the baby to live or not. Amazing how some believe they have the moral right to choose another’s life or death at their own convenience due to risk, rape or simple pathetic convenience. I had the unwanted opportunity to witness the aftermath of self imposed abortion in the early stages of the term of pregnancy. It left me not only disgusted by the depth of human selfishness and cruelty, but also firm in my knowledge that no matter how small or what stage of term, the child is still a human being. The one I had the misfortune to see was a very small baby girl. I remember my heart broken looking down upon her and knowing she would never feel the comfort of her mother’s touch, nor laugh, walk and play. Recently I received a comment on an earlier post about my views on abortion and I was ridiculed for saying that God forgives those who have had an abortion if he is asked for forgiveness. This man pointed out that those who have had more than one abortion would have no other fate than to burn in hell forever. Well who is he to judge the righteousness of another and condemn them to hell? I hate abortion. I do think its murder. But even murder is forgivable. I would say to him that if a woman who has had more than one abortion could not go to heaven, then why was the Apostle Paul allowed into heaven when before changed and forgiven by God he persecuted and murdered many Christians. Abortion as a sin is no worse in God’s eyes than adultery or a lie. It only takes one sin make us deserving of hell’s flames. It is just as easy for a woman who has had one abortion or twenty to be forgiven by God and go to heaven. I often wonder the panic a young girl feels when she discovers that she is pregnant. The shame, fear, and uncertainty a married woman would experience after discovering that she has become pregnant by her lover and her sin would be exposed to everyone. There are so many scenarios that I can see the horror a woman would have to face in some circumstances with an unwanted pregnancy. But in the end the taking of another human’s life should never be the option. There are other ways to cope. Yes, I am sure they would be far from easy and create other troubles within relationships but the rewards of keeping the child would be greater than the hardships. Giving your child up for adoption would also be an option that would at the very least be a choice for the child to experience the wonders of life. I hold to my opinions on abortion but God is the Judge of all. Not the self righteous!

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