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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Is America Near The Breaking Point of Violence?

The breaking point of violence in America is as sure to come as the season of spring brings with it thunderstorms. Our country has been divided almost down the middle politically for the better part of a decade. We have been split into political Conservatives against those that are Social Liberals, The Right against the Left. This Country up until now has been controlled by two Parties, the Republicans and Democrats. Neither has been able to bring the other Party together for Bipartisan government that satisfies the American people. Quite frankly I do not believe it is possible due to the fact that these Parties largely consist of people separated by cultural and religious beliefs. Neither side wishes to back down from their beliefs. Historically, this is the ingredients for violence to break out when one Party or the other believes themselves to be disenfranchised by representation. If we throw in the elements of a burdening taxation upon the working people who are already strapped financially and add in bad economic times which have resulted in the mass loss of jobs, this no doubt places the citizens in a boiling pot of tensions running high. Just lately, our government has ended a year long debate of forcing government control over the peoples health care which has been widely unpopular to the people by playing political maneuvering games which led to the passage of an unwanted bill in an unprecedented manner no doubt leaves the citizens who oppose to believe that they no longer have a voice in the government in Washington, at least not a voice that has been taken into consideration. As I mentioned before, historically this has been the cause of violence in America. During the Colonial times the King of England allowed the Parliament to legislate widely unpopular taxes against the Colonist on goods exported and imported which left them with little profit for the hard work of the Colonist to live on. This and other invasive policy from England ushered in the violence which started simply as that of throwing rocks through the storefront windows of Merchants that sold the Stamp or Seal which had to be purchased at unrealistically high rates and placed on anything of value lest it be confiscated by the Crown or heavy fines imposed. Does this sound familiar with the new Health Care bill? It should if you read a little history of the founding of our country. It didn’t work then and it won’t work today without violence. The Colonist was subjected to even more invasive pressures when the King sent his famed Army to silence the uprising which was beginning to occur in America. The Colonist was torn between those who wanted to fight the opposition and those who wanted to serve under the King. The former became very angry with the latter and began to become very violent with them. If they believed someone was loyal to the Crown they would boil tar, pour it on them hot and tear open a feather pillow and cover them with the feathers. This was a very painful ordeal that could lead to infection and death. These acts of violence even led to the burning down of Loyalist homes and stores. Eventually the violence turned to taking up arms and fighting the King’s Redcoats sent to quail the rebellion which we all know led to the Revolutionary War. People will only allow the government to push them so far and to allow them to be so invasive into their lives. If we do not consult our history in such matters we will be doomed to repeat it. Over the past year we have seen the development of scores of people unhappy about the political process, the enormous spending addiction that started in the Bush presidency and has tripled under Obama’s first year in office. The American people understand that this debt must be paid down or their own futures are at risk. Also they see that this Health Care bill that they did not want would cripple the already overloaded economy and for all their complaints to Washington they hear the President mock them from the White House. How much longer will the patience of these angry people last until real violence breaks out across America? Absolutely no one wants this to happen because it could destroy this Country. Can we learn from the past, or will our government smugly continue to ignore the angry pleas from the people?

Friday, March 26, 2010

Will Freedom Ring Again?

I did a little reading about the Revolutionary War this afternoon just to brush up a little on my history. Lord knows when I was in school I studied everything but the books but I do have memories of learning of our Founding Fathers and the great sacrifices that the new American people suffered in order to be their own country free of tyranny. Most of these people were dirt poor. Even some of the great politicians such as Samuel Adams had nothing to speak of but a chance to live free and pursue the American dream. These people lived in a time where all they could do was break their backs everyday to ensure that their family had adequate shelter, food, and clothing to wear to withstand the elements of harsh winters and sweltering summers. The American knew that in this land they had an opportunity to forge out a living and even possibly a chance to use their talents and hard work in order that they even had a shot at becoming rich. This was incredible because the land in which their forefathers left behind there were no such opportunity. In that land far away they were merely serf’s serving the Crown of England and forced to serve the religion that the Crown ordered them to follow. In that land there was little to strive for. These American’s not only suffered the elements but also the fear of attack from Indians that would sneak in and slay their whole village if caught of guard. But yet they stayed on working towards the dream of being totally free from oppression. Success for the colonist existed but they were still under the cloud of England putting restrictions upon them and adding taxes that burdened their efforts and yet the Crown worried over their success to the point that they tried to control their growth by adding even more taxes on imports and exports. The Crown began Requiring a stamp or seal on anything of value that was expensive to purchase and also the right of the King’s men to enter their homes for inspection and or for their own use. This did not sit well with the Colonist and the people began to revolt first by creating underground markets with other countries, then by fighting the Redcoats that were sent to reclaim order. Eventually, the oppression became intolerable for the people and the decision to revolt was made. It was not an easy decision and not all of the colonist approved. But the frustrations from oppression was to great that were levied upon them that those who wanted to be free were willing to fight and die than to be controlled by England thousands of miles away by taxes without representation. The Revolutionary War began and England sent her heavily trained and successful Army to the shores of America to fight the American who were grossly outnumbered and ill equipped to fight such a great force as hers. The English predicted victory within weeks if the American’s even dared to fight their great Army. As history shows us the Americans fought and won despite being outnumbered, starved, cold, and even without enough firearms and cannons. The driving force behind this victory was the desire for the American’s to be free. Even the greatness of England’s military might was no match for the compelling force in the hearts of this ragtag American people to be free. They fought on to victory and won their Independence. In America today we have strayed so far from the meaning of freedom that we do not even consult the events that took place at our beginning to recognize the dangers of an oppressive government. We have allowed our public educational system to replace these stories of greatness that purchased our freedom with trivial and useless information as a substitute for the knowledge that should be engrained into the minds of our children. Our children should learn the struggles their ancestors withstood, the wars they were forced to fight for freedom, and the hard work that paved the way to build the greatest country in the history of mankind. We Americans have fallen asleep in the comfort of security which our great military has provided us and have allowed the ranks of our politicians to introduce taxation for entitlements that would enslave Americans and steal their hope of opportunity. We ignored these politicians who replaced the message of pursuing the American dream with hard work and education with a message that told the people that the government should be sought out to care for their needs. These politicians twisted the truth and have diligently changed the text of our history taught to our youth in order to remove that desire of independence from the minds of our young so that they would seek help from the government to provide all of their needs instead of reaching deep within themselves to strive to make their own way in life. We slept while these politicians condemned the American dream and called the successful greedy and immoral. We slept as the politicians condemned those who worked hard and cleaved to the Founding Fathers principles and called them racists, bigots, and right wing extremist. We slept. Now these politicians have complete control over the government and we Americans recognize the oppression and many have awaken to the plots of tyranny that are before us. We allowed them to govern outside of our constitution and take our freedom of choice for health care away from us and mandate the purchase of government health care that most Americans do not want. But it was too late. We woke up much too late. How much further will the government overstep and trample on our rights before the people begin to call for another revolution? Will that be necessary or will the rest of America’s citizens come to their senses and wake up to the mounting oppression in Washington? Over the next few months we will be told by the government that those who oppose them are violent people, criminal people, and racist by nature. Those who seek their original freedoms will be labeled as hate groups and violent extremist in an attempt to keep the ranks of their opposition from growing. How many will believe their propaganda? How many will again fall back to sleep after eating the scraps thrown from the table of this government in Washington? Let’s hope that Freedom Rings again.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

If the Law Makers Become Law Breakers Tomorrow

Here it is on the eve of the Health Care vote which will take place sometime tomorrow. There are too many aspects that make this vote tomorrow crucial to the American people to list them all here but most importantly the one that effects every American man, woman and child is the fact that our President, the Democratic Party controlled House and Senate will for the first time in American history totally ignore the constitution that each one of them swore to uphold and defend and bypass it altogether to mandate that the American people submit to a bill that will directly affect the lives of every citizen of this country without the consent of those very citizen’s. What will it mean if tomorrow these law makers become law breakers and pass this unwanted bill? It will mean that these law breakers will break free from the constraints of the very constitution which guarantees each one of us the personal freedoms of our bill of rights. Essentially, the passing of this bill will remove each and every American from under the umbrella of protection from the government which the constitution promises each of us and places us at the mercy of an out of control government. Should this bill pass with the needed 216 votes tomorrow and be sent to the Presidents desk for his signature, the moment his signature is completed the constitution will instantly become nothing more meaningful than a historical document that offers the citizens of this country absolutely zero protection. The America we have known all of our lives will fade away one piece of legislation at a time until we become completely submissive to our country as the citizens of China, Iran, North Korea and other countries oppressed by a tyrannical government. If but one legislative act can be imposed upon we the people than any and every piece of legislation can and will be imposed upon us. Once the Camel’s head enters the door of the tent the whole Camel will walk through. I am without doubt that these Democratic law breakers will submit to the wishes of President Obama, Pelosi and Reid. They have stood by all the long allowing their Party to be controlled by the radical left members of their Party while ignoring the mass majority of American citizens who have made it very loud and clear that they want no part of this Health Care Plan yet they have ignored them from the very start and have followed the Party game plan. I believe this bill will pass tomorrow in a historically illegal manner and will be the beginning of this countries undoing. This country has slipped from its moral underpinnings for the past 40 years allowing the fringe elements to remove any Godly principles we use to practice. We have allowed politics to become our God for convenient and petty gains while every perversion and immorality has crept its way into mainstream American politics. Our morals and principles have been replaced by political correctness which has smothered free speech to the point that Americans have become afraid to speak out against what is wrong with this country. We compromised to the point that our elected officials have brought widespread corruption and lust for power to the White House and Capital Hill where the voice of the American citizen will never penetrate the greedy desire of those in office. We have waited much too late to wake up as many have over the past year. Too many Americans set aside their biblical beliefs or morals and were deceived by simple messages of Hope and Change coming from people who have opposed truths which we were brought up on from the teachings of the bible. Where do we go from tomorrow if this bill passes? Will we be too late by the time those who rejected our voices are voted out of office, or shall we forget again the atrocities against the constitution and the wishes of the American people? Let’s pray we get one last chance.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Army Now to Train Wimps Not Warriors

The United States Army announced that they are doing an overhaul of their basic fitness program, "boot camp" dropping heavy physical training such as long distance running, push up's and pull up's. Their reasoning is that combat in today's warfare has changed from times past when running long distance was necessary, and that technology has replaced the need for brute physical training. Also relevant to this new concept is their opinion that today's recruits are softer, weaker, and more apt to sickness than recruits of yesteryear. So they suggest replacing vigorous training with softer and gentler training? Apparently so. Calisthenic's will now be the roughest part of Army training for new recruits in order to prepare them for combat against our heavily conditioned enemies. Rough treatment that Drill Sergeant's are famous for mentally preparing our soldiers for contact or capture by a vicious, murderous enemy will now be replaced with softer training. Our soldiers need to be trained in a serious and realistic physical conditioning which has been tried and true throughout military training history. Any changes in combat tactics should be taught alongside mental and physical strength training, not replaced by it. This new concept only allows the weak recruits to remain weak and woefully unready for combat. This is absolutely disgusting and an embarrassment to the Military. This is the result of a consistent weakening of our military and national defense. Warriors need to be trained as warriors. Our enemies undergo brutal physical training to train to kill us. Our military is following a politically correct notion that anyone can serve in the military. Absolutely not. We need the toughest and strongest. Not weaklings. More proof this country is dying under the ideology of far left liberalism which this Obama Administration is trying to apply to every function of the American way of life. 

Saturday, March 13, 2010

An Insomniac's Political Viewpoint

Well, as most of my friends and family know I have been ravished with sickness over the past two weeks. It wasn’t long ago I was bragging about how I hadn’t so much as a cold in two years. Well, that’s what you get for boasting I guess. I have been eating Antibiotics and medication of some sort (Beginning to wonder if it is crack or meth) to regulate my exceedingly high blood pressure which put me in the Hospital Sunday. I am not sure if it is working or not because I have been awake for two days and two nights without so much as a wink of sleep. Those very few who know me really well know that I am paranoid when it comes to taking any kind of pills out of fear of seeing those people on the streets I often see that do not sleep… like me right now, only they are walking, walking, walking in search of that next whatever it is that makes them feel like I do at the moment. Anyway, I cannot sleep as I stated before. Did I say that already? So what else to do as all other normal people slumber in their warm beds? Here I am… Awake, so I might as well write is what I told myself. And please, I am not putting down those who suffer addictions, I just can’t help but to wonder if this is what it is like for them. God bless them and free them of their addiction because I’m miserable and this bites. Surely it is hell for them. Anyway, back to rambling 90 to nothing. I happened to watch the news tonight and through my surely bloodshot eyes I see politician after politician speak and give their side or opinion on the health care debate / vote / reconciliation ( you know I just spell checked that one!) or whatever word or term they have chosen today. So I sit there comfortably in my recliner thinking “There all the same”. Am I right? I wonder about this because each of them have a letter and a State name following their precious names indicating which party these clowns represent. All I keep hearing is Democrat this, Republican that, we did it because  they did it first and it dawns on me that we the people are left completely out of the equation altogether. (This time I say most) Most of you know I am not an educated person. I have no letters, initials, gang signs, or anything else following my name. I never will. But here they are! Is this the cream of the crop? The best we have to offer? God, how stupid we all must really be if that is the case. Okay, I’m under the effects of physician M.D.M or whatever that follows her name, prescribed medication and still see that “damn we are some ignorant fools” that we, collectively, actually elected these pencil necks to office! But still, uneducated in the great money pits we call Universities, ( By the way, why are educational systems always broke if they are so damn smart?) but I would gladly debate anyone of those corrupt fools in office all the way up to Obama himself. Hell, put me in front of a Congressional hearing, let me speak for the real people. You know, the ones who work for a living, those poor souls who have actually held a time card in their dirty hands to punch in and out on a clock in order to put food in their mouths. These polished Geek's wearing their Italian suits telling us that they know better what is good for the little ones who hold jobs or are desperately seeking one to feed the other peons in their family. Jobs! Now that is a noble concept! It seems that the President and all his great men only want to help those who refuse to work hit the lotto by letting the few that still do have jobs break their backs for those who sit on their duffs watching the boob tube. And please don’t give me the crap about the ones who really need it and can’t work, I’m all for their continued support. But take my money I am trying to earn a retirement on what I can’t make it on now to give these loafers the Cadilac Health Care plan? I think not! What they should be doing besides debating in congressional gym showers naked is getting together with a plan to rescue this economy they have ruined. But no, when they are not spending my money and yours on pot smoking praying mantis mating in the mountain weeds of Colorado, they are wrangling over how much more money they can rob from the working people under this guise of Health care reform. Cut the damn taxes in half and stop spending on anything but the necessities. That will create jobs for those who want to work. The federal jobs plan can go scoop up all the rest of the able bodied men and women and go build those bridges to nowhere. The rest of us will get the real work done. Get out of our lives politicians, you are all miserable failures! Who gives a rat’s hiney which party is in power? Has it not been the same for We the people over the past 60 years by taking the wages of the working people and giving to someone who didn’t earn it, including themselves? For God’s sake, let’s clean them all out of office one by one or at a clean sweep. Do we not realize yet that this is by far the most corrupted government on each side of the isle this country has ever witnessed? Cast your vote according to the character of each person seeking office. The Parties are inherently corrupt! 

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Have American's Waived Their Rights?

At what point will American’s wake up and educate themselves about their own rights? We live in a country, the only country that guarantees its citizens more rights than any nation in the history of the world. This is guaranteed whether you were born rich or in the deepest levels of poverty. You have rights guaranteed whether you have white, black, red, yellow or brown skin. These rights are guaranteed whether you are Catholic, Protestant, Buddhist, or any religion known to man. These rights are guaranteed to forbid the government from taking those rights away from you. They also extend this by providing the right to bear arms to ensure you are able to retain these rights against any tyrannical government which desires to remove these rights from you, including our own. Americans have taken for granted these rights which have never before been bestowed upon the citizens of any nation to the point that they do not even recognize or care when these rights have been trampled upon or removed. We Americans have forgotten or neglected our own power to choose a representative that best reflects the morals and concerns we seek to be lobbied upon our government in our stead. We have allowed ourselves to be taxed to the stressing point of that which prevents us the ability to achieve prosperity by our own hand. How many more taxes will the American people allow themselves to be subjected to until we become mere working slaves of the government? There are some that believe we have already become enslaved to the government by taxation. Why do we Americans allow our President and politicians to make oaths and promises to us only to inevitably see them become bold faced lies? Why do we stand for this? Why do we allow our government to tax us for those who refuse to work by the sweat of their own brow? Instead, we allow the idle to be rewarded for their lack of contribution. Why do we allow our politicians to become instantly corrupted by campaign financing which puts the special interest groups before the citizen the politician promises to serve? Can you serve both? Absolutely not! Why do we allow political parties to choose and endorse who we vote for? Have they not become corrupted by lobbyist and campaign funds from special interest groups and agenda’s? Was this the system that our Founding Fathers approved of? I think not! How much more will our citizens allow before we must stand together and subject our government to be governed by us, We The People?

Monday, March 08, 2010

Is Eric Massa -D Under Obama Character Assassination Attempt for Vote?

It is easy for me to make early predictions on the outcome of the Congressman Eric Massa scandal. My prediction comes from being incredibly skeptical of the Democratic Party and the Obama Administration.  So, just by walking out on a limb I’m taking the chance that I may be wrong and will have to suffer the “I told you so” from my political blog readers who hate my opinions so much. Whatever! I find that this Administration is suspect in everything they do. Although I do believe that each and every one of them are fools, I do not believe they are less than intelligent. Being political rookies they make errors which inexperienced politicians always do, putting that aside I believe there is nothing this Administration will do that isn’t pre determined and calculated by their corrupted goals of transforming this nation into a socialist / communist country. Hell, just seeing who makes up this Presidents Administration proves that goal alone for those who are not simple minded. This Administration clearly obtained the white house on the theme of Hope and Change. That is fact. Sadly, Hope and Change did not make it past inauguration day. Since that day this administration has been working day and night to develop policies that will destroy this nation and even faced with a massive objection from the American people they push on even further because the American people are not important to them, they are only the poor peon subjects to obtain a vote from. So, Eric Massa, Democrat that voted against the health care legislation all the sudden has a male staffer who makes the allegation that Eric Massa sexually harasses him and now the pressure is on for him to resign from Congress. Wow, how convenient for Massa’s Democratic enemies that this should occur. Maybe Massa is bent sexually towards young men? Maybe so, it sure isn’t difficult for me to believe a member of the Democratic Party being gay. But what if he isn’t? What if this Administration who is desperately seeking a reconciliation vote on health care to do an end run around the defense of the American public and they know Eric Massa will not vote for them and they must get rid of his vote so they have to go to the Chicago political tactics manual to find a way to eliminate him? It is no secret that Rahm Emanuel has been sent to dress down Eric Massa in order for him to comply with their political wishes before. Now, am I the only one that believes that this administration is turning the screws on these wayward Democratic politicians to force them to vote with Obama’s health care plan although it is political suicide? I doubt it. I just wonder how many of these Democrats are voting because Obama and his lynch men know about all of their dirty little secrets stowed away inside their closet. What else can explain all these democratic politicians playing Russian roulette with their votes? Their has to be some serious arm twisting of a personal nature going on to cause so much fear inside their own party. Maybe Massa is man enough to stand up to this gangster approach on the hill? Maybe he would not break so they had to pull out some dirt on him and they couldn’t find enough. Maybe his dirt would expose other party member’s dirt? No, a nice little false charge of sexual harassment of a young man would be embarrassing enough to make him walk cleanly away. Or will it? That is left to be seen. Wow, where is the due process to defend such a malicious accusation of such? I would be very curious to see this aid making the accusation investigated to see who he has worked for in the past, where he is from and so forth. I want to see more dots connected. My prediction? I predict this is nothing more than a plot to assassinate the character of a person in their own party who will not walk the Obama line by voting on their desperate health care plan. Isn’t it funny how they circle the wagons around Harry Reed when under attack for racial comments but do not defend Massa? No, I don’t believe he sexually harassed any one. But I do believe there is nothing this administration will do to succeed in the destruction of this country. I wonder who the first politician to be found dead under suspicious circumstances will be? Go ahead, laugh now!

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Repeat Child / Sex Offender's Will Only Stop When Dead R-Rated Blog

As I recover from what I do believe is by far the worst sickness of my life I find myself between constant naps of necessity instead of pleasure and so I jump online to satisfy my curiosity of what all is going on with family, friends, co-workers and acquaintances. Most comments are random thoughts but some indicate the true feelings of someone you might not otherwise be privy too. Facebook still fascinates me for this reason and others. After all I was a child when the Texas Instrument computers came out and blew my simple mind with possibilities. Well, I guess the microwave and VCR’s had the same effect on me, but anyway, doesn’t Facebook act in the same manner as our own little play pretend fantasies of being able to see someone far away from you and having the ability to talk to them instantly? I mean these Star Trek, Comic book and Sci-Fi movies that those of you my age or older may remember all those crazy gadgets are becoming reality. Wow. And we were actually there without any of these capabilities. Amazing! So now in my Flu conditioned Antibiotic stupor I hop online to check out the days events I missed out on while having feverish dreams. My older (Much Older) Brother makes a comment on FB suggesting that Repeating Sex Offenders (is there any other kind?) be executed the first time to prevent a repeat of the gruesome crime. Knowing my brother who is not only the father of three children himself but also a former police officer for a major agency I am quite sure that he meant what he said and said what he meant. However some of the nimrod comments I read on the thread really caused my blood pressure to rise. I am amazed at the level of stupidity some people have on such topics and I get even angrier when they try to play WWJD and mask their opinions with Christianity. Well, I find it hard to find where God was so merciful with people of such crimes against women and mere children.  I myself hold the belief that sex offenders, child molesters and other such pond scum of the human race do not become a sex offender / child molester overnight, nor were they born unto this world to become a human parasite that feeds upon the weak and indefensible. This behavior is not sex and it sure isn’t love making. This is a crime of force and power over an innocent victim. It starts out slowly in the mind of the miscreant as a fantasy and is toyed with and entertained to the point that it becomes a sexual release for the reprobate. His / Her actions are most often taken in baby steps in order to intensify the pleasures of this fantasy to bring it into the realm of reality, not much different than the teenager who opens his mind to the exploration of drug use in the way that first he considers it, then decides to experience a little with the smoking of marijuana and then on to bigger and more harmful drugs. He uses each one until the pleasures become harder to reach and must find something that will provide the original rush he so desires to have. Much like the sex offender, first it is the fantasy, and then comes pornography, promiscuous sex, but the pleasures lose interest because it is of his own choosing and consent. The power can only be achieved when he is in control of the sex and his prey is out of control (No Consent) and therefore he gains their power through sexual force and assault. By the time his mind has become reprobate it is impossible for him to be rehabilitated. He will constantly feed his mind with images of rape and torture until once again he is released upon the general public to bring those new fantasies into reality. Sadly, only death will guarantee that this repeat offender will never rape or molest again. Sadly, our courts are placing the burden on the citizen’s instead of on the guilty. How many more children will vanish again only to be discovered dead, raped and tortured by yet another repeat offender that was given an unwarranted chance to live among us again only to repeat the evil cycle that could have been eliminated by capital punishment? And back to the Geneses of this blog post. Imagine the increased capabilities that sex offenders and child molesters have at their finger tips with the use of Facebook, Myspace, and other Social Networks. Let’s all make an attempt to make it a safer place for our enjoyment but most importantly for our children. Keep an eye on who is interested in being your child’s friend and simply delete the ones that give you that gut feeling of “Something isn’t right here”! Who cares if it might offend? Be safe, there are a whole lot more of these degenerates out there than you can imagine.