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Monday, March 08, 2010

Is Eric Massa -D Under Obama Character Assassination Attempt for Vote?

It is easy for me to make early predictions on the outcome of the Congressman Eric Massa scandal. My prediction comes from being incredibly skeptical of the Democratic Party and the Obama Administration.  So, just by walking out on a limb I’m taking the chance that I may be wrong and will have to suffer the “I told you so” from my political blog readers who hate my opinions so much. Whatever! I find that this Administration is suspect in everything they do. Although I do believe that each and every one of them are fools, I do not believe they are less than intelligent. Being political rookies they make errors which inexperienced politicians always do, putting that aside I believe there is nothing this Administration will do that isn’t pre determined and calculated by their corrupted goals of transforming this nation into a socialist / communist country. Hell, just seeing who makes up this Presidents Administration proves that goal alone for those who are not simple minded. This Administration clearly obtained the white house on the theme of Hope and Change. That is fact. Sadly, Hope and Change did not make it past inauguration day. Since that day this administration has been working day and night to develop policies that will destroy this nation and even faced with a massive objection from the American people they push on even further because the American people are not important to them, they are only the poor peon subjects to obtain a vote from. So, Eric Massa, Democrat that voted against the health care legislation all the sudden has a male staffer who makes the allegation that Eric Massa sexually harasses him and now the pressure is on for him to resign from Congress. Wow, how convenient for Massa’s Democratic enemies that this should occur. Maybe Massa is bent sexually towards young men? Maybe so, it sure isn’t difficult for me to believe a member of the Democratic Party being gay. But what if he isn’t? What if this Administration who is desperately seeking a reconciliation vote on health care to do an end run around the defense of the American public and they know Eric Massa will not vote for them and they must get rid of his vote so they have to go to the Chicago political tactics manual to find a way to eliminate him? It is no secret that Rahm Emanuel has been sent to dress down Eric Massa in order for him to comply with their political wishes before. Now, am I the only one that believes that this administration is turning the screws on these wayward Democratic politicians to force them to vote with Obama’s health care plan although it is political suicide? I doubt it. I just wonder how many of these Democrats are voting because Obama and his lynch men know about all of their dirty little secrets stowed away inside their closet. What else can explain all these democratic politicians playing Russian roulette with their votes? Their has to be some serious arm twisting of a personal nature going on to cause so much fear inside their own party. Maybe Massa is man enough to stand up to this gangster approach on the hill? Maybe he would not break so they had to pull out some dirt on him and they couldn’t find enough. Maybe his dirt would expose other party member’s dirt? No, a nice little false charge of sexual harassment of a young man would be embarrassing enough to make him walk cleanly away. Or will it? That is left to be seen. Wow, where is the due process to defend such a malicious accusation of such? I would be very curious to see this aid making the accusation investigated to see who he has worked for in the past, where he is from and so forth. I want to see more dots connected. My prediction? I predict this is nothing more than a plot to assassinate the character of a person in their own party who will not walk the Obama line by voting on their desperate health care plan. Isn’t it funny how they circle the wagons around Harry Reed when under attack for racial comments but do not defend Massa? No, I don’t believe he sexually harassed any one. But I do believe there is nothing this administration will do to succeed in the destruction of this country. I wonder who the first politician to be found dead under suspicious circumstances will be? Go ahead, laugh now!

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