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Saturday, March 13, 2010

An Insomniac's Political Viewpoint

Well, as most of my friends and family know I have been ravished with sickness over the past two weeks. It wasn’t long ago I was bragging about how I hadn’t so much as a cold in two years. Well, that’s what you get for boasting I guess. I have been eating Antibiotics and medication of some sort (Beginning to wonder if it is crack or meth) to regulate my exceedingly high blood pressure which put me in the Hospital Sunday. I am not sure if it is working or not because I have been awake for two days and two nights without so much as a wink of sleep. Those very few who know me really well know that I am paranoid when it comes to taking any kind of pills out of fear of seeing those people on the streets I often see that do not sleep… like me right now, only they are walking, walking, walking in search of that next whatever it is that makes them feel like I do at the moment. Anyway, I cannot sleep as I stated before. Did I say that already? So what else to do as all other normal people slumber in their warm beds? Here I am… Awake, so I might as well write is what I told myself. And please, I am not putting down those who suffer addictions, I just can’t help but to wonder if this is what it is like for them. God bless them and free them of their addiction because I’m miserable and this bites. Surely it is hell for them. Anyway, back to rambling 90 to nothing. I happened to watch the news tonight and through my surely bloodshot eyes I see politician after politician speak and give their side or opinion on the health care debate / vote / reconciliation ( you know I just spell checked that one!) or whatever word or term they have chosen today. So I sit there comfortably in my recliner thinking “There all the same”. Am I right? I wonder about this because each of them have a letter and a State name following their precious names indicating which party these clowns represent. All I keep hearing is Democrat this, Republican that, we did it because  they did it first and it dawns on me that we the people are left completely out of the equation altogether. (This time I say most) Most of you know I am not an educated person. I have no letters, initials, gang signs, or anything else following my name. I never will. But here they are! Is this the cream of the crop? The best we have to offer? God, how stupid we all must really be if that is the case. Okay, I’m under the effects of physician M.D.M or whatever that follows her name, prescribed medication and still see that “damn we are some ignorant fools” that we, collectively, actually elected these pencil necks to office! But still, uneducated in the great money pits we call Universities, ( By the way, why are educational systems always broke if they are so damn smart?) but I would gladly debate anyone of those corrupt fools in office all the way up to Obama himself. Hell, put me in front of a Congressional hearing, let me speak for the real people. You know, the ones who work for a living, those poor souls who have actually held a time card in their dirty hands to punch in and out on a clock in order to put food in their mouths. These polished Geek's wearing their Italian suits telling us that they know better what is good for the little ones who hold jobs or are desperately seeking one to feed the other peons in their family. Jobs! Now that is a noble concept! It seems that the President and all his great men only want to help those who refuse to work hit the lotto by letting the few that still do have jobs break their backs for those who sit on their duffs watching the boob tube. And please don’t give me the crap about the ones who really need it and can’t work, I’m all for their continued support. But take my money I am trying to earn a retirement on what I can’t make it on now to give these loafers the Cadilac Health Care plan? I think not! What they should be doing besides debating in congressional gym showers naked is getting together with a plan to rescue this economy they have ruined. But no, when they are not spending my money and yours on pot smoking praying mantis mating in the mountain weeds of Colorado, they are wrangling over how much more money they can rob from the working people under this guise of Health care reform. Cut the damn taxes in half and stop spending on anything but the necessities. That will create jobs for those who want to work. The federal jobs plan can go scoop up all the rest of the able bodied men and women and go build those bridges to nowhere. The rest of us will get the real work done. Get out of our lives politicians, you are all miserable failures! Who gives a rat’s hiney which party is in power? Has it not been the same for We the people over the past 60 years by taking the wages of the working people and giving to someone who didn’t earn it, including themselves? For God’s sake, let’s clean them all out of office one by one or at a clean sweep. Do we not realize yet that this is by far the most corrupted government on each side of the isle this country has ever witnessed? Cast your vote according to the character of each person seeking office. The Parties are inherently corrupt! 


  1. Anonymous9:35 AM

    Hope you feel better real soon Officer!

  2. God bless you officer.

  3. Well Thank you, its been real hard trying to get over it!

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  5. Abbot Anthony,
    Thank you much and God Bless you!