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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Army Now to Train Wimps Not Warriors

The United States Army announced that they are doing an overhaul of their basic fitness program, "boot camp" dropping heavy physical training such as long distance running, push up's and pull up's. Their reasoning is that combat in today's warfare has changed from times past when running long distance was necessary, and that technology has replaced the need for brute physical training. Also relevant to this new concept is their opinion that today's recruits are softer, weaker, and more apt to sickness than recruits of yesteryear. So they suggest replacing vigorous training with softer and gentler training? Apparently so. Calisthenic's will now be the roughest part of Army training for new recruits in order to prepare them for combat against our heavily conditioned enemies. Rough treatment that Drill Sergeant's are famous for mentally preparing our soldiers for contact or capture by a vicious, murderous enemy will now be replaced with softer training. Our soldiers need to be trained in a serious and realistic physical conditioning which has been tried and true throughout military training history. Any changes in combat tactics should be taught alongside mental and physical strength training, not replaced by it. This new concept only allows the weak recruits to remain weak and woefully unready for combat. This is absolutely disgusting and an embarrassment to the Military. This is the result of a consistent weakening of our military and national defense. Warriors need to be trained as warriors. Our enemies undergo brutal physical training to train to kill us. Our military is following a politically correct notion that anyone can serve in the military. Absolutely not. We need the toughest and strongest. Not weaklings. More proof this country is dying under the ideology of far left liberalism which this Obama Administration is trying to apply to every function of the American way of life. 

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  1. OMG are you serious?????????? USMC Semper Fidelis