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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Is America Near The Breaking Point of Violence?

The breaking point of violence in America is as sure to come as the season of spring brings with it thunderstorms. Our country has been divided almost down the middle politically for the better part of a decade. We have been split into political Conservatives against those that are Social Liberals, The Right against the Left. This Country up until now has been controlled by two Parties, the Republicans and Democrats. Neither has been able to bring the other Party together for Bipartisan government that satisfies the American people. Quite frankly I do not believe it is possible due to the fact that these Parties largely consist of people separated by cultural and religious beliefs. Neither side wishes to back down from their beliefs. Historically, this is the ingredients for violence to break out when one Party or the other believes themselves to be disenfranchised by representation. If we throw in the elements of a burdening taxation upon the working people who are already strapped financially and add in bad economic times which have resulted in the mass loss of jobs, this no doubt places the citizens in a boiling pot of tensions running high. Just lately, our government has ended a year long debate of forcing government control over the peoples health care which has been widely unpopular to the people by playing political maneuvering games which led to the passage of an unwanted bill in an unprecedented manner no doubt leaves the citizens who oppose to believe that they no longer have a voice in the government in Washington, at least not a voice that has been taken into consideration. As I mentioned before, historically this has been the cause of violence in America. During the Colonial times the King of England allowed the Parliament to legislate widely unpopular taxes against the Colonist on goods exported and imported which left them with little profit for the hard work of the Colonist to live on. This and other invasive policy from England ushered in the violence which started simply as that of throwing rocks through the storefront windows of Merchants that sold the Stamp or Seal which had to be purchased at unrealistically high rates and placed on anything of value lest it be confiscated by the Crown or heavy fines imposed. Does this sound familiar with the new Health Care bill? It should if you read a little history of the founding of our country. It didn’t work then and it won’t work today without violence. The Colonist was subjected to even more invasive pressures when the King sent his famed Army to silence the uprising which was beginning to occur in America. The Colonist was torn between those who wanted to fight the opposition and those who wanted to serve under the King. The former became very angry with the latter and began to become very violent with them. If they believed someone was loyal to the Crown they would boil tar, pour it on them hot and tear open a feather pillow and cover them with the feathers. This was a very painful ordeal that could lead to infection and death. These acts of violence even led to the burning down of Loyalist homes and stores. Eventually the violence turned to taking up arms and fighting the King’s Redcoats sent to quail the rebellion which we all know led to the Revolutionary War. People will only allow the government to push them so far and to allow them to be so invasive into their lives. If we do not consult our history in such matters we will be doomed to repeat it. Over the past year we have seen the development of scores of people unhappy about the political process, the enormous spending addiction that started in the Bush presidency and has tripled under Obama’s first year in office. The American people understand that this debt must be paid down or their own futures are at risk. Also they see that this Health Care bill that they did not want would cripple the already overloaded economy and for all their complaints to Washington they hear the President mock them from the White House. How much longer will the patience of these angry people last until real violence breaks out across America? Absolutely no one wants this to happen because it could destroy this Country. Can we learn from the past, or will our government smugly continue to ignore the angry pleas from the people?


  1. Yes Sir, we are. I have been considering a coup, and setting up a dictatorship, with u and Dexter in charge

  2. Anonymous11:45 PM

    Been wondering and worrying about this for a while, sad, so sad. I fear for my kids and the entire nation. Our leadership is just not listening anymore. I hope they open their eyes and ears soon.

  3. Anonymous10:55 PM

    Hope all is well for you. Keep writing! Great job Officer!