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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Have American's Waived Their Rights?

At what point will American’s wake up and educate themselves about their own rights? We live in a country, the only country that guarantees its citizens more rights than any nation in the history of the world. This is guaranteed whether you were born rich or in the deepest levels of poverty. You have rights guaranteed whether you have white, black, red, yellow or brown skin. These rights are guaranteed whether you are Catholic, Protestant, Buddhist, or any religion known to man. These rights are guaranteed to forbid the government from taking those rights away from you. They also extend this by providing the right to bear arms to ensure you are able to retain these rights against any tyrannical government which desires to remove these rights from you, including our own. Americans have taken for granted these rights which have never before been bestowed upon the citizens of any nation to the point that they do not even recognize or care when these rights have been trampled upon or removed. We Americans have forgotten or neglected our own power to choose a representative that best reflects the morals and concerns we seek to be lobbied upon our government in our stead. We have allowed ourselves to be taxed to the stressing point of that which prevents us the ability to achieve prosperity by our own hand. How many more taxes will the American people allow themselves to be subjected to until we become mere working slaves of the government? There are some that believe we have already become enslaved to the government by taxation. Why do we Americans allow our President and politicians to make oaths and promises to us only to inevitably see them become bold faced lies? Why do we stand for this? Why do we allow our government to tax us for those who refuse to work by the sweat of their own brow? Instead, we allow the idle to be rewarded for their lack of contribution. Why do we allow our politicians to become instantly corrupted by campaign financing which puts the special interest groups before the citizen the politician promises to serve? Can you serve both? Absolutely not! Why do we allow political parties to choose and endorse who we vote for? Have they not become corrupted by lobbyist and campaign funds from special interest groups and agenda’s? Was this the system that our Founding Fathers approved of? I think not! How much more will our citizens allow before we must stand together and subject our government to be governed by us, We The People?


  1. I was told I might get kicked out of face Book for expressing my concerns about sex offenders and the concern that Comrade Obama is a Socialist

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  3. Where would we be today if we did not speak up? And on the flip side of that question, look at where we have arrived for not speaking up!
    “In a free and republican government, you cannot restrain the voice of the multitude; every man will speak as he thinks, or more properly without thinking.” George Washington