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Sunday, March 21, 2010

If the Law Makers Become Law Breakers Tomorrow

Here it is on the eve of the Health Care vote which will take place sometime tomorrow. There are too many aspects that make this vote tomorrow crucial to the American people to list them all here but most importantly the one that effects every American man, woman and child is the fact that our President, the Democratic Party controlled House and Senate will for the first time in American history totally ignore the constitution that each one of them swore to uphold and defend and bypass it altogether to mandate that the American people submit to a bill that will directly affect the lives of every citizen of this country without the consent of those very citizen’s. What will it mean if tomorrow these law makers become law breakers and pass this unwanted bill? It will mean that these law breakers will break free from the constraints of the very constitution which guarantees each one of us the personal freedoms of our bill of rights. Essentially, the passing of this bill will remove each and every American from under the umbrella of protection from the government which the constitution promises each of us and places us at the mercy of an out of control government. Should this bill pass with the needed 216 votes tomorrow and be sent to the Presidents desk for his signature, the moment his signature is completed the constitution will instantly become nothing more meaningful than a historical document that offers the citizens of this country absolutely zero protection. The America we have known all of our lives will fade away one piece of legislation at a time until we become completely submissive to our country as the citizens of China, Iran, North Korea and other countries oppressed by a tyrannical government. If but one legislative act can be imposed upon we the people than any and every piece of legislation can and will be imposed upon us. Once the Camel’s head enters the door of the tent the whole Camel will walk through. I am without doubt that these Democratic law breakers will submit to the wishes of President Obama, Pelosi and Reid. They have stood by all the long allowing their Party to be controlled by the radical left members of their Party while ignoring the mass majority of American citizens who have made it very loud and clear that they want no part of this Health Care Plan yet they have ignored them from the very start and have followed the Party game plan. I believe this bill will pass tomorrow in a historically illegal manner and will be the beginning of this countries undoing. This country has slipped from its moral underpinnings for the past 40 years allowing the fringe elements to remove any Godly principles we use to practice. We have allowed politics to become our God for convenient and petty gains while every perversion and immorality has crept its way into mainstream American politics. Our morals and principles have been replaced by political correctness which has smothered free speech to the point that Americans have become afraid to speak out against what is wrong with this country. We compromised to the point that our elected officials have brought widespread corruption and lust for power to the White House and Capital Hill where the voice of the American citizen will never penetrate the greedy desire of those in office. We have waited much too late to wake up as many have over the past year. Too many Americans set aside their biblical beliefs or morals and were deceived by simple messages of Hope and Change coming from people who have opposed truths which we were brought up on from the teachings of the bible. Where do we go from tomorrow if this bill passes? Will we be too late by the time those who rejected our voices are voted out of office, or shall we forget again the atrocities against the constitution and the wishes of the American people? Let’s pray we get one last chance.


  1. Anonymous12:54 PM

    Pray for our Country.

  2. Anonymous1:08 PM

    So well stated, and puts into words exactly how so many of us feel.

  3. Obama is a communist anti-Christ