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43 Years old Born in Wilson, North Carolina. Work in Law Enforcement / Patrol, married I am a Political Conservative without a party to represent my vote. I dislike liars, especially the type who are politicians and preachers. I oppose abortion of any type at any stage. The baby is innocent and deserves life regardless of the mothers circumstances. I also dislike racists. Especially the kind that always scream racism at others when life doesn't go there way! Get a life, it's only skin color and God made idiots in all colors. I also dislike Democrats, they wouldn't know the truth if it bit them on the ass. I dislike Republicans, they are truly the most spineless creatures on God's green earth. I dislike arrogant environmentalist who think we can destroy what God created. If your homosexual, I don't dislike you, but please keep it in your own bedroom behind closed doors for the sake of the untwisted.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Cherry Picking Morals and Christian Principles

Confusion seems to be the word of the day in this era of politics in America. The Year of Our Lord 2009 has witnessed the head-on collision of liberal ideology and traditional conservatism which has brought a change in power in our White House. The impact was so forceful we still continue to have political debris scattering in the roadway of our future causing unknown detours that will lead to roads that have yet been traveled. This begs an answer to the question of what direction is our country leading to? The problem is that we do not know. In November I wrote a blog titled “Changing the Rules” and “What if American’s Voted Their Spiritual Conscience”. In these blogs I explain how are laws and our constitution were developed from our belief in Christian principles as are most societies or culture mandate their law by their own spiritual belief system. Our laws were derived in this same manner over many centuries of our own cultural religious beliefs. Now America has chosen to elect politicians who set themselves apart from Christian principles and have adopted ideology that opposes Christian principles and laws long established to govern our country. Barrack Obama according to his own biographies embraces these socialist ideas and theories and chose to rename himself with a Muslim name yet we American’s took the risk of electing him President of the United States despite the fact that his past was widely unknown. We as citizens of this country ignored his statements and proclamations that America was “not a Christian Nation” but a nation of (Insert any ethnic or religious group) including non believers. We ignored the fact that he was indoctrinated in his youth as a student in Thailand and sat under the Anti American rhetoric of Reverend Wright for 20 years and still to this day most Americans dismiss the obvious and pretend that President Obama is American at heart and Christian in principle although the evidence of his actions suggest otherwise. I would like to suggest that President Obama and his Democrat Party are not to be blamed. It is the selfishness and lack of character of the American people instead who should bare the blame for compromising their own self proclaimed Christian principles and cultural beliefs in order to benefit from or promote the advancement of only a few issues that affect them personally. The American people have abandoned or ignored the very principles instilled in them to further a cause or agenda they desire to see succeed. All agendas and issues that Christianity objects are welcomed and embraced by the Democratic Party in what they term “The Big Tent Party” all in the hope and desire to garner more votes to strengthen their own power over the Republicans, Independents and conservatives. Character issues of tradition and biblical demands of following Christianity are pushed to the wayside for the goal of capturing more votes and any argument of injecting the biblical truths of right and wrong are countered with the argument of the separation of church and state and when that doesn’t work the Democrats accuse those in opposition of discrimination. Sadly, this has happened so often that most Christian principles have been lowered in priority when it comes to political issues that large numbers of people place politics above their very own belief in God and ultimately their obedience to God. This is a sad testament to the American people who claim to be Christian and support the passage of laws or legislation that is in direct contradiction to the word and commands of God himself. In essence, these compromisers choose to vote or support the passage of every issue their belief system rejects in the hopes to benefit from one or two issues that are personally important to them. This is a total breakdown in personal character which defines those who stand for right over wrong.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Monsters walk freely among us

Here it is Christmas time and we are sadly reminded that Monsters walk freely among us blending in with a normal society awaiting the opportunity to strike and take their prey from the innocent, defenseless and unaware. No, this is not the romanticized half human half Vampire monster that seduces the average and homely to the dark side with charm and perfect looks from stories of Twilight. It isn’t the monsters that live below us in the city sewer system that Stephen King tells us about in his scary tales. No, these are the real Monsters that live among us that are driven by forces much more sinister and evil than the story book characters we like to scare ourselves with for entertainment. These Monsters are far much scarier because they are very real and they blend in among those who look and act normal. This monster could live next door, could be your son’s Boy Scout troop leader, could be your daughters Sunday school teacher, and could be your very own brother. This Monster is a Chameleon that is ever aware of his need to blend in unnoticed in the community in which he lives. He constantly strives to build up a persona of trustworthiness and protection with those around him, especially with a strong sense of responsibility for children. But when this monster is not working hard to develop his outer personality with those in his sphere of influence he is feeding the beast within him. He feeds this beast in order to keep it satisfied and pacified until its thirst can be quenched. This is no ordinary thirst. This thirst occupies the monsters mind constantly, role playing scenarios of dark fantasy that excites every fiber of his being only to push his fantasies closer and closer to acting them out. It is driven by selfishness so pure that its thirst comes before basic life needs such as sleep, food, work, family and even the very lives of others. The thirst drives his actions and his actions make the beast inside of him grow. All of his morals and character traits are tossed by the wayside to allow this thirst the ability to grow to the point that he is willing to throw his life and freedom away to satisfy these urges that occupy his mind day and night, asleep or awake. He becomes unable to maintain self control. Feeding his mind with illegal child pornography no longer satisfies his lust. He feels imprisoned by the objects of lust that surround him everywhere, yet he has until this point been able to suppress his desire to fulfill them. But he knows it is only a matter of time before he is no longer strong enough to replace his desire with a substitute. He begins to formulate his plan, he begins to foster intent and only lack of opportunity delays him. The beast urges him on and helps him to see ways to manipulate and control the environment around him until the time and situation is right. The monster is taking over. His past judicial punishments and probations no longer matter. The beast has taught him how to plan better, how to cover his deeds. He is encouraged by this sense of invincibility and superiority he has mastered from the beast inside. The laws do not matter. They do not understand that the beast cannot be legislated and it must be satisfied. He understands that counseling, treatment, and reprogramming with the knowledge of wrong or right has no affect or persuasion on his heart or his mind. Only death can separate the Beast from him. No jail cell or prison can drive the Beast from him. The beast is inside him. The beast was invited in but cannot be ordered to leave. The beast controlled his mind and now the monster obeys the beast. His prey has been chosen and the snare has been set. The Monster holds her hand and leads her to her death as a friend with a promise of reward. He knows Hell awaits him, but the courts are ever merciful and lenient and the beast lives within.

 Until Hell ends the Monster’s thirst he will seek to quench it.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all of you who read my blog out there, May God bless you and your families with health and prosperity during the year 2010. I sure hope 2010 will be a much better year than 2009 has been for me. It has been a year of hard difficulties and trying times for me, but it also brought a few wonderful things too. But, I am ready for the New Year and really I look forward to a whole new decade if God be willing that I live to see it.
My New Year resolution this coming year is to be less selfish and to be a better person at times when I know I can be better. That is no easy task when you are me! Also, I am going to strive to be more active in doing my part to save our country from the heretics who have taken it over. I will no longer vote for the weaklings who compromise my faith or my country and I will continue to speak up and speak out. I will not be enslaved by political correctness. I hope all of you reading will do the same, even my democrat and Muslim friends who follow my blog. Life is too short to let government, religion or culture to keep you silent and take your freedom.
There are a lot of you out there who follow my blog all over America and the rest of the world and I only get a comment or two from just a very few. You come from places like Duncan, Oklahoma, Louisville, Kentucky, New York, New York, Valencia California, Dallas, Texas, Vietnam, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Japan, Australia, England and Germany to mention a few. If you want to give me something for Christmas, sign my guestbook and say a few words, even if you read my blog and oppose it.

Have a very Merry Christmas and remember that we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, God’s perfect gift to everyone and anyone who wishes to receive him as a gift of sacrifice of his life for our many sins, his death in our stead, his resurrection that he lives and will fulfill every promise and shall not forsake those who believe.


Monday, December 21, 2009

The Blood of Innocence is On the Hands of All Democrat Senator’s

Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Ben Nelson and all other Democrat Senators guilty of voting for the Government Health Care Plan have blood on their hands, the blood of innocent human being unborn babies who depend on us all to choose the moral opportunity of life to all of God’s children as He intended can never be washed from the hands of these Democratic Senators who voted for the plan.

All hard working tax payers will be burdened with the knowledge that the fruits of their labor will be forcefully taken from them through taxation to subsidize abortions throughout the United States regardless of whether the tax payer approves of abortion or if they morally oppose it passionately due to their own religion or self conviction. These Democratic Senators chose to ignore the fact that most Americans do not approve of the Government Health Care Plan they have voted for, much less the included tax payer funding of cold blooded murder which has been legislated without the approval of the American people.

Life has become meaningless to these politicians who pay for votes in the most corrupt fashion ever before in the history of American politics. Literally the lives of untold thousands have been traded and bribed in order to galvanize legislation that has been forced upon the American people during the wee hours of morning behind closed doors without any of the American people having the opportunity to know exactly what all will be required from them to carry out this most secretive plan.

These Democratic Senators have turned a corner in American politics in a direction that is completely unknown and foreign to the American people against the will of the majority. The days of we the people being in charge of our own government are clearly over with the Democrats in the majority rule. It is very clear that their own ideology supersedes the wishes of the American people and that they believe that they possess the intelligence and wisdom that the American people do not possess.

Now we the people have lost all control and power over our government to ensure it served the people as instructed in the preamble of our constitution. Now even our constitution is at the mercy of only 60 Democrats who clearly do not care for anyone’s liberty but their own to legislate how they see fit.

America has truly stooped to its lowest level in the great history of our country by choosing death for its future citizens unable to speak for themselves.

There should be no doubt that these 60 votes recorded in our country’s capital have also been recorded for all eternity in God’s hand in his own records for judgment day. May God show these Democrats the same mercy that they have shown for the unborn innocent.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Worker Bees, Charlatans and Whores

I try to keep up with Washington and current events to keep myself abreast of what is going on in the world around me. It is hard for me to do this lately because I am constantly distracted by the little things in life that get in the way. For instance like working for a living to support my family and chip in by forced taxation to provide for other families without gainful employment.

So here I am in the land of opportunity clocking many hours at my job with gratefulness and I also work a certain number of hours helping my wife in her business. I work the part time jobs thrown my way when offered. I am also trying to help my brother build his business. It really is tough but I recognize the fact that I am blessed to have work even when it seems it is never enough to keep up with what money is suppose to be going out. But thank God that I have work I know so many who have been laid off or their jobs eliminated altogether due to this horrible economy.

So I have some free time last night and try to catch up on all my recorded news programs. I sit there amazed at how hard our elected officials are working to push incredibly pointless and stupid bills that do nothing to improve our economy or better the American people’s circumstances. All it boils down to is Charlatans speaking bold and loud in the name of the plight of American people with smug and pompous looking faces while in reality all they are doing is creating tax on top of tax to separate the wage earner from their wages to fund these ridiculous fantasies they have of transferring wealth from the haves to the have not’s. What they are really doing is breaking the backs of the middle class wage earner. You know the worker bees that actually provide the money to operate this country. Sadly, and ironically it is the worker bees in this country that provide all the honey but have absolutely no representation whatsoever in return for the taxation.

I listen to the comments and opinions from the representatives of the media who are suppose to be reporting on their own investigations of facts concerning what is going on in Washington D.C. without bias or prejudice, but all I get is the rhetoric spewed forth from the far left liberal fringe. The national media has completely sold out to the liberal left wing of the Democratic Party and has tossed its obligation to the viewer to report on only the facts out of the window. The national media has laid down like a dirty old whore to let the Democrat Party have their way with them and they wonder why their rating continue to bottom out by the day leaving the American people to search for the truth elsewhere.

Out pacing the national media is the Obama administration led by President Obama who is falling in the approval rating polls like a man tossed from an airplane without a parachute, and his arrogance obviously continues to grow as he scores his own report card for his first year in office as a strong B+. Somebody please wake this man up from his stupor of self love. I am not sure my word document program allows enough space to mention all of his enormous failures so I will only point out this last ridiculous Omnibus spending bill he is expected to sign which is chock filled with earmarks that he boldly promised he would veto if presented with. If he signs this bill impeachment proceedings should follow within the same hour. This bill will do nothing to stimulate the economy whatsoever just like the last stimulus package did nothing for the economy and the worker bees. All he is doing is adding enormous amounts of money to the national debt at light speed that our grandchildren’s grandchildren will be unable to pay. One thing is for certain, President Obama is not only a political rookie, he has no clue or foundation of experience having to work for a living, much less an understanding of what makes the economy grow.

Will America be able to withstand three more years of this Barnum and Bailey circus performance in the White House?

God Save us all!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Sometimes I Just Sit and Wonder

I think about my life and what it means or think about what it is supposed to mean. Is it a test? Am I just an experiment to see what I will do in any given situation? Am I just like a mouse that has been placed in a box filled with a maze of pathways to choose with nothing but my own brain and its storage of experiences to guide me through the next opening in the maze, only to hope I choose the right path? I am but one person, one body in the world of so many people at a specific period of time. I am Just one in billions who each have their own paths to travel. I have responsibilities to others, my family, my children, my bosses, my employees. All of whom depend upon me. Every conversation that comes from my mouth effects all those who are around me. My chosen words and actions cause the reactions I get from each and every person I come across in this life. Experience as mentioned before causes me to be careful to choose my words with those around me. Why? Is it for just my own selfish desires or conveniences which words I choose to speak to those around me? Do I consider some better than others and speak kinder to them while being less careful with those I feel May not benefit me as much? Or do I have deeper and more pure motives that cause me to treat others as I myself would want to be treated in order to be a benefit to those whom paths I cross? I always take measure of my life and its purpose and yet I always seem to be unsatisfied with the results of what I see. Is it again selfishness that I am not where I feel I could have been at this point in time, or do I feel pride that I am in better circumstances than others I see around me? Could it be that it may not be pride I feel but gratefulness that I have more than others may have? Or is it as it seems most of the time that I feel I do not have as much in my possession as others do around me? I think sometimes of all the people I have hurt in one way or another, some out of meanness and some out ignorance. Maybe a few I have hurt have been out of jealousy? Why do all these people cross my path and some stay but so many seem to go away? Are these same people merely traveling their own path in search of what meaning life has to them? Could it be that I am one of those people who simply do not offer as much benefit to their own lives and they move onward to other places and people? Sometimes I wonder what affect my life will have had in other people’s lives long after I reach the end of this maze. Will I be remembered by those who remain? Will I have left an impression on them that they may have benefited from or will my passing be of no consequence to their lives at all? I wonder if my life will have touched enough people in a positive giving way that will leave those behind with something to pass on for others to benefit. Has God given me life in order to offer a chance for me to do good for others? Or has God given me life as an experiment of failure to which opportunities were given but I failed to see them and let the selfish desires cloud my way, or the heartaches and troubles cause me to lose heart? When I think deeply like this it always seems to make me feel yet again unworthy or incapable due to the many wrong decisions or failures whether through ignorance or fault. At last, I see that I am imperfect and in need of God’s help when things are going good and especially when I am simply just being me and make a total mess of things. Thank God that He is merciful. Even for those like me.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Coach Nick Saban Made a Believer Out of Me



Nobody trashed talked the hiring of Alabama’s Nick Saban more than myself. Nobody! I found every reason, factual or not to exploit the idea that Nick Saban was nothing more than the latest College football Head Coach hype. The controversy surrounding his hype encouraged me even more while he constantly denied the rumors that the big money in Tuscaloosa had lured him into top position to lay claim to be Alabama’s next head coach. I found him to be incredibly arrogant and merely ego driven and money hungry. His constant denials of taking the job convinced me more than ever that he would be the University of Alabama’s next head coach. Once the final announcements were done and over and Nick Saban took the drivers seat of the tide my joy was near complete. I counted on Alabama being a hard fit for the man’s ego and problems would surely arise. His first recruiting efforts seem to produce great results but I didn’t care. I hated Alabama and naturally my hate transferred along to Saban. The first Iron Bowl delighted me with the Deer in the headlights look that remained on Saban’s face throughout the behind the woodshed butt whipping Auburn put on Saban’s Tide. It seemed things would just fall into place as I had thought. Then the next year brought Auburn the turmoil behind the scenes that brought the Tigers down to earth and eventually Tommy Tuberville out of the door at Auburn but not before a major butt kicking in an Alabama shut out of Auburn in the Iron Bowl. Saban continued to recruit outstanding players which has really never been hard to do at Alabama, but Saban kept at it and built this year what I thought to be the best overall Alabama football squad I have ever seen in my lifetime, including the 1992 Championship team which embarrassed an overly cocky Miami team in the National Championship causing even me to pull for Alabama in what has been only a few times in my life. Anyway, I still feel this year’s team was better than the ’92 team that embarassed the Miami Thug’s. That is saying quite a lot. This year began as usual with Alabama defeating Virginia Tech and a handful of other not so great teams, yet they were scoring a lot more points as usual but what I noticed early was that Alabama was not allowing as many point against them as they had in years prior. Also, it was obvious that Alabama’s talent included many different players that shined. Enter Mark Ingram, who busted out of no where carrying the ball with high per carry averages and hardly ever dropped the ball. If I am not mistaking he only had one fumble this whole season. Collecting game after game of 100 yard plus carries and without doubt being the very reason for wins in close games. He continued to rumble down the field padding his stats unstopped allowing Bama’s Quarterback McElroy to produce more and more completions while the defense continued to shut down the opposition game after game. I believe the best measure of Mark Ingram’s talent was uttered by Auburn’s leading ball carrier Ben Tate who spoke to the media about how he felt he was being overlooked for the Heisman Trophy this year trailing only a handful of carrying yards behind Alabama’s Ingram. First I found this Whiney statement embarrassing and yelled at Ben Tate on my Big Screen TV to put his mouth where his money was and prove on the ground carrying the ball. This years Iron Bowl proved to be no doubt the surprise game of Alabama’s season with Auburn basically controlling the game with fired up passion and success at stopping Alabama’s Mark Ingram cold with brutal hits and gang tackles. However, Auburn could not keep the passion alive for the duration of the game and let the Tide execute its last possession perfectly and escaping a loss in the last few minutes of the game.  Auburn could hold their heads up for whipping the Tide but Alabama won the game and we all know that is all that matters. Everything else is never remembered. But unlike Ben Tate, Mark Ingram kept his mouth shut and his feet moving against Florida recovering what most thought lost including me that his Heisman hopes were over with. He showed humility that warms the heart of all people by not giving up. He gave his last performance all he had and managed to convince all who voted on the Heisman Trophy that he was the best in America this year. Another point I must make is this, any team that can run the table in the SEC well, they are the true National Champions regardless of any bowl game. Although I myself was pulling for Stanford’s Toby Gerhart, Mark Ingram was handed the Heisman trophy and no one can deny that he had earned it. The tears flowed from Ingram, unlike Tebow; Ingram’s tears were shed in victory and accomplishment. Not defeat. I suppose all who watched as I did felt really good for his dream paying off. I will just find it difficult to swallow the fact that now Alabama has a Heisman trophy to show off as well as just about all others. I will live, but credit must be given when credit is due. My congratulations go to Mark Ingram with sincerity. Eating crow has always been hardest of all to swallow and all I can say was that I was dead wrong about Coach Nick Saban. He has proven again he is a winner. Coach Nick Saban made a believer out of me. Now I can’t help but to wonder that if Alabama beats Texas, Which they will, would Alabama be able to keep Saban at the helm? It’s a fair question with other teams still looking for a new Head Coach. Will Saban be attracted by a new challenge at another big time program? It certainly looks as though Nick Saban is Coach fix it in NCAA Football.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Manhattan Declaration Debate. To Sign or Not To Sign.

I signed the Manhattan Declaration and believe it is great for people to sign that they will take a stand against the attacks of Christianity from the elite liberals and their empowered Democratic Party. We are rapidly losing ALL of our rights. Not just those of the Christian foundations. I agree there are bad elements to the “What Do I DO Next portion of the website, but it is separate from the Declaration.
If you gathered 10 professing Christians in your home you would more than likely have 10 different points of view on the Christian faith. The Declaration is not about uniting all faiths or saying all faiths lead to God. They absolutely do not. It is about uniting those of the Christian faith, albeit some are in error, to combat the legislation of the eradication of Christianity, our religious freedom, the lawful destruction of marriage, family values and the right to life of the unborn.
With all the Christians in this country there would be no way Obama could have been elected if they all voted with their spiritual conscience, yet all of our churches act independently of themselves and do nothing to unite as children of God to protect and stand for what is right in this country and we are absolutely getting our butts kicked by the enemy of Christ because of it.
All of us who believe in Christianity need to come together to voice our opinions loudly and take action on choosing candidates to vote out these Godless criminals running our country and put aside philosophical debates of the differences of faith for another forum. It is time to take action simply to protect our laws of the constitution that allows us to worship Jesus in the first place or all else will matter no more.

The way I see it some of us Disciple’s of Jesus who are more like Peter and willing to put up a fight. Wrong it may be, but in the end most Christians run, hide and deny when the heat is on. If risking a hair on their head is required, you get what you have now, a silent majority. Why vote? (Example: Obama, Pelosi, Clinton etc.) Their values are not in line with the word of God. The number one reason to vote is to pick a side. You will either stand for what is right or for what is wrong. If you stand on the sidelines it is as good as a vote for the bad. Jesus didn’t come to the earth to be a politician. Politics was not his purpose. However he spoke up and voiced his opinion, the truth, and they tried their best to stone him although he would only die the way he did, he was still human too and risked injury and had to escape. (Or call down angels) but he didn’t. Instead of remaining silent he took a risk to speak the truth. After all, the spoken word was the only vote they had in that time and in many cases they died for it much like hundreds of thousands of American soldiers did for what allows you the right to vote. (Or not) This was also true of black Americans who had no vote but only their unity, voices and civil disobedience of laws that opposed Christian values and humanity. This was truly one of mankind’s greatest achievements and examples of strength in unity behind a strong and courageous leader, and numbers against the most powerful of all peoples, the Anglo white Americans, and the most prejudice of people against black Americans. The civil rights movement was so effective because it was based on truth against the hard core passed down culture of ignorance and bias and they actually managed to change the hearts and minds of many white Americans by pointing out that all men are equal according to God, whom is no respecter of men. They also paid a steep price in spilled blood by taking a risk, a stand. Some argue against signing the Manhattan Declaration due to it being inclusive of new age denomination and factions of Christian denominations that are based on unbiblical principles. (And some are) But signing your name to the Manhattan Declaration does not mean you are endorsing any particular faith or denomination, only that you are willing to sign the document suggesting taking a stand for Christian principles and issue’s those principles encompass as purposed in your own heart. What is wrong with signing your name to your faith? Why not? God writes our names down in the Lamb’s book of Life because of our faith! Why can’t we sign a petition supporting Christianity? In today’s society, much like in the day of Jesus those in Authority were religious figures at the local level ({Sadducee} etc.} look at the words Jesus spoke to them. Not very kind were they?) And government (Godless Romans) ruling over all. We just haven’t got to the point yet that our opinions of our faith will have us hung on a cross upside down. But that day is quickly being ushered in by this current administration by all inclinations. The day is coming, that is if you believe in the book of Revelations. Like my friend Ian said, doing right firstly should be our guiding goal. Yet I believe you can do both. Otherwise let’s fold up and lie down and let them have their way with our well wishes. We will get there just as fast with the Christian’s settling for being happy to only debate faith and denominational differences amongst ourselves over who is holier. Catholics, Protestants, Islam and all other religions are simply that, Just religions. We all fall short of the Glory of God. What makes you a Christian is to believe that Jesus was born Son of God, Son of Man, lived sinless, died for our sins, was raised from the dead, and lives today and confess your sins and confess him as your lord and savior. Nothing else matters because anything else is only religion. I could live six thousand years trying to be a Christian and fail miserably. I can do nothing good without Jesus and can do nothing good on my own without him, It is only his mercy and forgiveness that allowed him to pay our debts of sin, past, present and future with his perfect and blameless blood. Nothing else matters. I know plenty of Catholics that believe that way also. We do have cultural, doctrinal and legalistic differences in how we worship God in our particular denominations of faith, but as long as we follow Jesus in his own words of how we must be saved by and through him and him alone the differences matter little. There will always be those who will distort the word of God to bend it to their own selfish desires.
Let’s agree to allow ourselves to judge Christianity by the fruit of the spirit that is produced and not judge the one who bears it because of the denomination they belong to. If they are Christians they will bear the fruits of one who is saved regardless that they are human and will make mistakes and sin. It is however time to set aside the temptation to squabble over petty differences that is humanly inherent in the
Manhattan Declaration. This document does not require you to sign your name to any particular faith under the name of Christianity. It is only intended to unite Christians to take a stand against those who oppose Christianity and wish to attack our liberty to practice it and also those issues and laws which violate our principles. It is time that we individually separate ourselves from politicians and legislations of law that oppose Christianity and the truths and values God has instructed us to uphold. Get off the fence of picking and choosing Candidates who are willing to promise or provide us with a selfish benefit of personal gain in return for your compromise on issues which violate or contradict the word of God. If God said it was wrong through his Holy inspired word of God it is wrong now in the present times. God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. He is never wrong and his word is always current and applicable to the present times and issues before us. How can we say we stand for God and cast a vote you know opposes God’s word or even purposely withholding a vote to oppose it? You have the freedom of will to do as you please and God gives you that freedom. However he also holds you responsible for your actions and sins. Remember that faith without works is dead. Let your Christian faith and spiritual conscience guide you in your vote.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Allah in, Jesus Out!

Well now, we asked for change and that’s exactly what we got.
Only the changes have done nothing to help the common working American. It isn’t enough that our government goes into the auto making and banking business, stealing the hard earned American money and spreading it across the land to the non-contributing factions to be blown up their noses, send our children to two wars against the threat of terrorism while Obama turns the key Guantanamo Bay releasing war combatants to our courts reserved for our citizens and giving them constitutional rights to boot.

No, those changes did nothing for me Mr. President.

I am too exhausted from work to list all of the atrocities committed by this foreign government in the white house as I don’t  have legions of empty headed zombies called ACORN to do my dirty work for me. So I’ll blow most of my steam on the latest.

Who are you Obama?

What are you Obama?

Are you a Muslim?

Are you a Christian? Loll.

Sorry, I had to laugh at that last question. It seems that you honor the Muslim holiday yet you and your family do not personally celebrate Christmas. Is that true Obama? The reports say that you don’t even give Christmas gifts to your children. Is that true Obama?

Why is it that you, your administration and your fellow Democratic sheep hate Jesus so much?

What did he do that was so offensive to you?

Was it that he was born of a virgin, lived a blameless and sinless life and was tortured and unjustly murdered so that you may have eternal life?
Or, is it as you say, just a story of a child?

   "Tonight, we celebrate a story that is as beautiful as it is simple.  The story of a child born far from home to parents guided only by faith, but who would ultimately spread a message that has endured for more than 2,000 years – that no matter who we are or where we are from, we are each called to love one another as brother and sister.  While this story may be a Christian one, its lesson is universal.  It speaks to the hope we share as a people.  And it represents a tradition that we celebrate as a country – a tradition that has come to represent more than any one holiday or religion, but a season of brotherhood and generosity to our fellow citizens.” Obama.

Who told you this version? Nancy Pelosi while you sat in Harry Reid's lap near the fireplace?

 Why is Allah in and Jesus is out?

Why do you and the majority of your parties minions claim to be of the Protestant faith and yet do your best to legislate any semblance of Christianity from our country?  You forbid God in our schools, court houses, other government buildings and stadiums yet slobber all over yourselves with glee at the mention of any anti-Christ religion or movement.

Now it is the Christmas season, our country’s most favorite time of the year to celebrate the birth of OUR SAVIOR and LORD and you choose to set the example to trivialize the celebration of His birth. Your hypocrite party members unite nation wide to curtail any public celebration of Jesus Christ’s birth by forbidding his followers to display religious symbols in his honor. Nativity Scenes are outlawed and banned but I am most assured that the abortion factories across the states are open and very busy churning out the cold blooded murder that occurs daily between the walls there. Yes, I am quite sure you see no harm in that. But God, forbid, or in your case, Allah forbid that any child in school sings Holy Night. No, that just might offend someone who is Muslim, or Atheist. So in with Allah and out with Jesus so that the most very few out of all the majority of Americans won’t have their precious little feelings hurt.

God Love them.

Well let me tell you something Mr. President.

THIS IS A CHRISTIAN NATION and unlike you and your spineless followers, we will continue to celebrate Christmas with or without your nod of approval because you are not God like your voters believe you are.

 We are American’s and most of us are Christians. We are the kind of Christians that do not conveniently put aside our beliefs to push legislation and agenda’s that oppose the true word of God. And we will be at the polls very soon to show you what real CHANGE is all about.

Oh, and by the way, 

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 07, 2009

Another Police Officer Killed by Selfish Cowardly Monster

Here we are again less than one week since the Lakewood police massacre in the state of Washington we have yet another police officer murdered in a cowardly way simply for doing his job. This time apparently the coward was a pharmacist who simply murdered a police officer in Pelham, Alabama three miles from my own home because perhaps he was angry about receiving a citation for speeding.

The investigation is still in progress I’m sure and all the facts have yet to be released but by all known indications the cowardly monster, Bart Johnson was traveling on I-65 when his vehicle was pulled over by Pelham Police Department Officer Phillip Davis for the violation of speeding. After the initial approach of the violating driver, Officer Davis returned to the suspect’s vehicle with a citation in hand. During discussion of the citation the suspect shot Officer Davis in the face in an unexpected sucker-punch fashion and sped off into the night leaving the officer lying on the side of the interstate severely wounded. A passerby saw the injured patrolman and phoned police for help for the wounded lawman who was transported by ambulance to the University of Alabama-Birmingham Hospital where he later died of his fatal wounds.

The suspect continued on his escape from the law by driving to the east end of Birmingham to dump his vehicle in the Birmingham neighborhood of Inglenook, then incredibly, the coward fugitive sought safety by going to his brothers home in Trussville, Alabama where his brother works as a police officer. Imagine the nerve, the gall to seek out a police officer after cowardly slaying a police officer a short time before merely because he was being cited for speeding. The suspect Bart Johnson and his police officer brother were later arrested by Hoover Police (Neighboring agency Near Pelham) as the duo was reportedly heading back to Pelham, Al. to turn in his brother for the slaying of a brother officer.

Bart Johnson was placed under No bond status after his arrest and the fate of his brother’s charges have yet to be determined if any charges are applied at all.

It boggles my mind that any member of the human race would willingly shoot a police officer in the face over self righteous anger of being ticketed for speeding. It has been determined that Bart Johnson had several prior traffic violations in the past. Did this despicable life form feel he was being unjustly picked on by law enforcement because of many prior tickets he has received in the past? Did this coward feel that he was above the law to the point that he himself thought in his mind that he was judge, jury and executioner of this police officer and sentenced him to death on the roadside rather than to pay for a ticket? It is obvious that Bart Johnson cast asside the fact that 39,800 people lost their lives on the nations highway in the year 2008 and that Officer Phillip Davis was only doing his job to ensure the safety of motorists on his freeway. Apparently Bart Johnson felt like he did not deserve a ticket despite the fact that 30% of all traffic fatalities are attributed to speeding motorist. No, of course not, Bart Johnson the merciless coward was too busy secretly pulling a handgun to shoot Officer Davis in the face to be thinking sensibly about his own personal responsibilities. Now he will forever belong to the group of cowards that killed a police officer for trying to keep the streets and interstate safe for Bart and all others who travel the roads during the Christmas season.

I hope this gutless coward is sentenced to death after a fair trial and his endless appeals are over and I further hope something goes wrong with his execution and it is prolonged and very painful before death.

May the flames of hell rise to greet Bart Johnson as his soul falls into Hell for eternity!

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Friday, December 04, 2009

Presidents, Idols and Celebrities

We are people who love to glorify those among us who reach high levels of success. We celebrate them by putting them on a pedestal which stands high above regular mankind and follow their every move and some of us even worship them as if they are superhuman and even as if they posses enlightened knowledge we should seek. We forget about the one or two attributes of their special talents that propelled them to fame and begin to believe that they are perfect creatures. In some cases we are even guilty of given them Godlike deity and will follow their every word as if it were spoken by God. 

The American media will work feverishly to promote these special ones among us. The more loved and most famous will take the priority in the printed news and be covered on our TV shows and network television news until these figures have become household names and their images saturated in every form into our daily lives to the point that we even seek their opinions outside of their special talents and believe them. What becomes lost is the fact that they are merely human beings made of flesh and blood as we are and are susceptible to the same human downfalls as the worst of us. 

Sadly, these celebrated among us actually begin to believe their own hyped up images the media feeds the public and more times than likely they develop personalities opposite of what their fans appreciate and adore in the first place. If the truth be known, these media created personality traits would repel the majority of us regular people in everyday life from those who possessed them as absurd. For instance, imagine your next door neighbor acting as pompous as Barbara Streisand. I’ll bet you a dollar two-ninety-eight you wouldn’t invite them over for a party. Imagine if your boss acted like Madonna and required you to turn your back to her presence when she arrives to work? I would bet you would clock out and join those of the unemployed even in this ridiculous job market rather than work for an individual with this much self adoration. 

We love a celebrity! 

Then it happens. 

The world comes crashing down on them and the celebrity is exposed as the everyday human being with faults that they are. The members of the media fall all over themselves in a frenzy to be the first ones with the dirt that brings down the stardom of the beloved superstar. They will fall short of nothing to expose every embarrassing detail to ruin the image of this celebrity or star in order to increase their own fame. Sometimes I think these are the worst creatures among us but that is a blog for another day. The networks will gather in flocks of death smelling Vultures camping out for days with microphones in hand for the chance to get a peek of the tarnished Idol as their fame crashes in on them for merely being human and getting caught in their secret sin. 

The irony is the more pompous the celebrity, the harder the fall and obviously the more devastating to their career. But what we fail to realize is that we are all to blame for how we treat others and how we allow ourselves to fool ourselves by thinking some people are better than those of us simply because they sing better, throw a football better, give a speech better or hit a golf ball farther and more accurate. 

Are we not the fools in the end? We elevate those among us based on the silliest of reasons. We elect presidents to lead our country over the same petty reasons and find ourselves further down the road angry or disappointed that they were not able to be the superman in office that they were as the media suggested on the campaign trail while the country continues on its slide downward into trouble. Who is the next superstar celebrity we should seek to save us? 

Maybe we should examine ourselves and our priorities for placing so much trust in what we are told by the media instead of keeping in mind that people are simply people. We are all human beings who possess their own individual faults and sins, not just the glamour the media creates for us to judge others by until they are ready to make a fortune by bringing them back down to our own level.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

I Just Can't Shake The Depression

I just can’t shake the depression.

I woke up Sunday evening to ready myself for work and passed a few minutes on the internet to catch up on the news when I was shocked (Why, I don’t know?) to read about the Lakewood Police Officer’s Massacre. Details were brief and sketchy but enough to be crystal clear on what happened, and future events would prove my suspicions were true.

These four police officers were assassinated in the most cowardly way for one reason and one reason only. Because they were all wearing the most recognized uniform of all, the blue uniform of an American police officer.

 You see, this uniform represents the symbol of safety, courage, and trust. The man or woman who dons this uniform is simply the physical embodiment of the will of the people in flesh and blood standing on the thin blue line that protects the civil law abiding citizen’s from the chaos and carnage of the dangerous and lawless.

This horrendous criminal thug formulated a plan in his mind to murder as many police officers as possible in the most yellow bellied and cowardly way by sneaking into a coffee shop pretending to be a customer and systematically shooting to death those officers as they quietly worked unaware of his murderous intentions. He found the opportunity he was looking for that offered him the least chance of being injured himself and he carried out his plan.

This thug creature did not see individual human beings. All he saw was the uniform that represented the only people who ever dared to stand up to him and bring him to justice for the crimes he committed against the innocent and defenseless he chose to torment for his own greed and gratification. He wanted to make them pay for his incarceration and interference of his criminal deeds. What he felt was an injustice against him merely for being brought to justice time and again. And somebody had to pay!

I went on to roll call and read the Lakewood Massacre story to my men. We discussed many possibilities of what happened yet we all came to the same conclusion that it had to simply be an assassination of the officers in cold blood. Not because of whom they are or what they had done, but because of the uniform they wore and what it represented.

Since then my thoughts keep wandering back to them, their children, and their families at home and at work. The pictures of the officers are the hardest part to take because they look familiar. Each officer in their picture looks familiar to me. They all looked happy, brave, and proud in their photos and the reality finally dawned on me. They represent all police officers in their familiarity in a way only other police officers, their families and friends can see. They are just everyday people trying to make a living in the world. Trying to leave a mark on this earth of doing good for others while we are here. They were just being that man or woman willing to risk everything to stand between the innocent and the criminal to see to the safety and well being of that innocent stranger.

They were the Good Samaritan who did not turn their heads and avert their eyes to the act of crime against a stranger, but instead defended or helped him when others could not or would not help.

I do know these officer’s that died in the coffee shop Sunday. I work side by side with them in my town. Just real people that also feel pain and bleed when hurt. Real people that have goals and look forward to raising their children and dreaming of grandchildren like other people. They were real everyday people that wish for peace and a safe community in which to live.
Only they died at the hands of a merciless coward while trying to make it all possible.

I just can’t shake the depression.

Monday, November 30, 2009

America's Slobbering Love Affair With Violent Criminals Must End!

The assassination of four Lakewood, Washington police officer’s yesterday in a coffee shop underlines the constant threat citizen’s of the United States continue to be under by falling victim to violent repeat offender’s continually released among them by our criminal courts. As this horrible mass murder of four peace keepers targeted only by the uniform they wore is under current investigation it is impossible to understand the motive of such a low down and cowardly act of murder upon those who serve us all, yet we all understand the message that was sent by this low-life thug. The message is simple. Nobody is safe if the protectors of our society are able to be gunned down while sitting in a coffee shop awaiting their shift of service for the people to begin. A police officer murdered represents the ultimate act of murder committed on all who are dependent on being protected by policemen and policewomen everywhere.

We do not know all the facts surrounding the cold blooded murder of these brave and innocent police officer’s, but we do know that there is no one safe from criminals roaming our streets and towns at large which continually are captured by law enforcement and systematically released by the courts to reenter society where more law abiding citizen’s become victim’s of their prey. The continued slobbering love affair the criminal court system and lobbying groups have for these hardened repeat offenders only increase the violent crimes committed against the innocent while very little is done to correct the problems  of allowing these criminals every opportunity to reoffend. Statistics show that for every violent offender serving time in prison there are three violent offenders under supervised parole among the general public.

This is absolutely absurd and it is an injustice to every law abiding citizen. Our law makers must provide legislation that will guarantee truth in sentencing and require that violent offenders serve the full term of their sentence before being released. Capital punishment must be increased and appeals for those on death row must be shortened in order for it to have a profound effect to deter aggravated assaults and murder. One recent study concluded that 18 lives are saved for every execution carried out. This must be drastically increased in order to provide us with a safer society.

In 2008, there were 16,272 murders in the United States and of those the murders of 41 police officers. In that same year there were only 37 inmates executed in our country. There were also 834,885 aggravated assaults and 89,000 forcible rapes committed against the citizen’s of our country. There were 10,110 assaults against police officers. These figures are actually down a few percentage points yet the numbers are staggering considering how many offenders are repeat violent offenders.

When will you become a statistic in one of these categories? If you do, chances are the offender will have already been released from prison.

I have to ask, with all the sympathy given to the criminal and their civil rights, when will the civil rights of everyday law abiding citizen’s be protected by these judges and parole board members who continually release these monsters upon us and our children?

A side note: There were 594,911 arrests made by police for violent crime in the United States of America in 2008. It seems they are doing the best job possible while being grossly out numbered. What is the point of all these arrests if they are simply returned to us by the courts to re-offend?

It’s pointless!

Our criminal court judges and those responsible for decisions on releasing repeat offenders must be held accountable for those offenders’ future crimes.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

This Time Freedom Depends On YOU!

What is motivating the Obama administration to place our military personnel on  trial for ridiculous and petty so called offenses against Muslim Enemy Combatants? This same administration is hell bent to defend Terrorists of our great country in federal criminal courts reserved for American justice of its citizens, granting our very birthright of constitutional protection to those who  were actively trying to destroy our great and wonderful country during war.
 Why is it that this administration shows more interest in the non-existent rights of this barbaric and ruthless enemy of the innocent, whom are not much more advanced than the prehistoric cavemen which once roamed the earth as totally based and thoughtless of anyone or anything but themselves? That is, considering there ever was a cave man. These terrorist come from every corner of the earth under the 
direction and call of hatred and dedicate their miserable existence of a so called life to the murderous Jihad of destroying innocent life to progress their religion of the most racist and intolerant kind. 
This Democratic and liberal administration projects the image of tolerance and diversity and brings down harsh criticism against any such perceived violation of such with high minded fervor, yet readily defends the worst and most horrific offenders of tolerance and diversity of those of the Muslim faith. 

This administration down plays and ignores terrorist murder of our country's 
young and brave military service personnel to the point that it will create new catch phrases such as "Man Made Disasters" to describe cold blooded murder by
 Terrorism in the attempt to eliminate the cruel harshness and senseless death of
 the end result of such actions. On the other hand, as in the case of the Navy
 SEALS who captured the Terrorist responsible for hanging and displaying the
 bodies of American contract workers and the captured Terrorist suffered a punch 
to the mouth and stomach, our government cannot wait to prosecute these heroic warriors for what they deem a crime against humanity.
How absurd!
I truly wonder if this administration is working against the United States and all
 who want to end terrorism and is really on the side of the Muslim religion to 
advance its ultimate goal.
Could this administration simply and innocently be so confused and confined in 
the box of their ideals of political correctness that they are unable to understand 
who the enemy is in this war? Or is the totality of all these incredibly asinine
 decisions from this administration the evidence of our government infiltrated by Muslims who are now in power? 
It is really hard to ignore that question when the newly elected and largely 
unknown president sports a self chosen Muslim name.
 Regardless of either scenario, to me the most frightening aspect of all is our 
congress doing nothing to prevent any of this absurdity and goes along in lockstep with them as if ignorant of the constitution and what the American people oppose.
 I suggest everyone carefully examine which side of the issues their 
representative votes for and begin working feverishly to eliminate those members who support this administration by supporting and voting for candidates who 
oppose them and support our country and constitution. We cannot afford to sit on the sidelines any longer and be spectators of the political process. 

I guarantee you that those against this country will not be idle and be as busy as 
they have been to get us in this disgraceful situation.
Wake up. Get motivated, pass on the message. 
This time freedom not only depends on the American soldier on the battlefield, 
it equally depends on you!