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Sunday, November 29, 2009

This Time Freedom Depends On YOU!

What is motivating the Obama administration to place our military personnel on  trial for ridiculous and petty so called offenses against Muslim Enemy Combatants? This same administration is hell bent to defend Terrorists of our great country in federal criminal courts reserved for American justice of its citizens, granting our very birthright of constitutional protection to those who  were actively trying to destroy our great and wonderful country during war.
 Why is it that this administration shows more interest in the non-existent rights of this barbaric and ruthless enemy of the innocent, whom are not much more advanced than the prehistoric cavemen which once roamed the earth as totally based and thoughtless of anyone or anything but themselves? That is, considering there ever was a cave man. These terrorist come from every corner of the earth under the 
direction and call of hatred and dedicate their miserable existence of a so called life to the murderous Jihad of destroying innocent life to progress their religion of the most racist and intolerant kind. 
This Democratic and liberal administration projects the image of tolerance and diversity and brings down harsh criticism against any such perceived violation of such with high minded fervor, yet readily defends the worst and most horrific offenders of tolerance and diversity of those of the Muslim faith. 

This administration down plays and ignores terrorist murder of our country's 
young and brave military service personnel to the point that it will create new catch phrases such as "Man Made Disasters" to describe cold blooded murder by
 Terrorism in the attempt to eliminate the cruel harshness and senseless death of
 the end result of such actions. On the other hand, as in the case of the Navy
 SEALS who captured the Terrorist responsible for hanging and displaying the
 bodies of American contract workers and the captured Terrorist suffered a punch 
to the mouth and stomach, our government cannot wait to prosecute these heroic warriors for what they deem a crime against humanity.
How absurd!
I truly wonder if this administration is working against the United States and all
 who want to end terrorism and is really on the side of the Muslim religion to 
advance its ultimate goal.
Could this administration simply and innocently be so confused and confined in 
the box of their ideals of political correctness that they are unable to understand 
who the enemy is in this war? Or is the totality of all these incredibly asinine
 decisions from this administration the evidence of our government infiltrated by Muslims who are now in power? 
It is really hard to ignore that question when the newly elected and largely 
unknown president sports a self chosen Muslim name.
 Regardless of either scenario, to me the most frightening aspect of all is our 
congress doing nothing to prevent any of this absurdity and goes along in lockstep with them as if ignorant of the constitution and what the American people oppose.
 I suggest everyone carefully examine which side of the issues their 
representative votes for and begin working feverishly to eliminate those members who support this administration by supporting and voting for candidates who 
oppose them and support our country and constitution. We cannot afford to sit on the sidelines any longer and be spectators of the political process. 

I guarantee you that those against this country will not be idle and be as busy as 
they have been to get us in this disgraceful situation.
Wake up. Get motivated, pass on the message. 
This time freedom not only depends on the American soldier on the battlefield, 
it equally depends on you!


  1. Obama is not an American, he hates our country