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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

America Joins Nations Led By the Insane

Who would have guessed our country would be led by radicals so blinded by hatred of the practice of government constrained by the constitution that today we rank among nations such as Libya, Iran, North Korea and Venezuela with leaders who have displayed leadership so incompetent that sanity becomes questioned?

One of the latest of such perceived insanities is this administration’s failure to come through on a campagne promise of closing the prison in Guantanamo Bay for Enemy Combatants has caused these radical rookies to scramble to find a suitable place to store some of the world’s most dangerous terrorists here within our very own borders of the continental United States.

Was not the war in Iraq and Afghanistan intended to ensure national security by preventing weapons of mass destruction and Islamic Muslim extremist terrorists from reaching our land to wreak the havoc and deadly destruction against our own citizen’s here on our own soil? Has this administration led by Barrack Husain Obama forgotten what happened on September 11th, 2001 so quickly? Our country does not need these super murderous villains’ on our soil. The best place for them was Guantanamo Bay away from us you idiots!
To add insult to injury, the only time these radicals in Washington even take the constitution into consideration is for the benefit of giving these murderous barbarians civil rights, to allow them to be tried in federal criminal courts with the same rights that are extended under the constitution to American civilians for those whose only purpose in life is to kill Americans.

What kind of lunacy is that?

Now we American’s get to look forward to these terrorists coming to our cities to be tried in federal criminal courts, putting the safety of all citizen’s in danger of those Muslims who are already here that are loyal to radical Islam banning together in Jihad attacks against federal buildings, judges, jurists and those chosen to serve on the jury. Is the level of incompetence so high in this administration that they cannot foresee the dangers of such an asinine plan? Or is our president a Muslim himself and so crafty that he understands that the chances of acquittal would increase greatly under the rules of law in a civilian criminal court as opposed to a rightful military tribunal?

Either way this insanity is extremely dangerous to our national security.


  1. Live from North Carolina..

    After today's news I loudly scream IMPEACH..IMPEACH NOW.

    Add up the damage obama has caused to our economy and it is very clear that we are heading towards "A new world order". The constitution is being erased. The dollar is in it's death throws. China (of all countries) owns us. We must do something or there will be no America. If impeached will SEIU also go?

  2. Those are just a few examples of the destruction this administration has implemented. Our only hope is that enough of us stay on top of what they are doing and persuade enough people to oust their democrat congressmen. Another huge problem is that are not enough Americans that are educated on the constitution and do not realize this administration is trying to take those bill of rights and eliminate them.

  3. David3:17 PM

    Got a face book from a nephew today. He's a culinary grad. He can not spell basic words and his sentence stucture is very weak. He thinks nothing is wrong and "just ignore it uncle Dave, and let Fox and CNN figure it out". He knows the lyrics to 3 million rap songs but cannot find Idaho on a map.
    We need to do exactly what you say; and somehow re-educate youth.