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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Changing The Rules

We are all born into this world with our own lot in life. We have been dealt a hand of cards in which we must play out using whichever combination of playing cards that are delivered unto us without a chance to throw out and draw three. What is our hand is exactly what God has dealt us. You are who God wanted you to be!

There are the few who were dealt a royal flush born into all the power, riches, and influence. There are the few dealt a straight hand that is hard to beat, born with the silver spoon in mouth and still others dealt with a full house of privilege, three of a kind, with opportunities better than others, and many more dealt with an average hand that can be played or folded depending upon the desire, ambition and chance of game how one may play.

Lastly there are the few who just drew a bad hand which provided differing suits and unhelpful status which allowed little opportunity to last in the game without the help of a great streak of luck and a few bets won. Some take their chances, and some fold and resign themselves to believe they were cheated in a fixed game even before it started.

Such is life.

Here we are each playing out their own lot in life trying to stay in the game of life an collect on bets won or paying out on bets lost. As long as the game is fair and played by the rules we each have cards to play and rely on both skill and luck to succeed. Life is good when we win and bad when we lose.

But what happens when the rules are changed during game play? What happens when the value of the individual cards are changed and now have new meaning? Those who held good cards when dealt prior to the game now hold useless cards and visa versa. Those whose cards now have value feel the new rules are fair while those whose cards now mean nothing feel cheated and robbed.

As human beings we are born into this world and raised to believe in certain principles established by our faith which is handed down to us from our parents according to our culture which was formed from many different aspects such as geographical location, national origin, race, education, and religious teachings to form our own individual spiritual belief system which may be shared by many or just a few.

In most cases our individual personal behavior and conduct derive from our core religious belief system in which we have a standard of rules we follow to stay in accordance with our beliefs and faith. Our lives are guided by this system though we are sure to err at times, but primarily we stay within those set boundaries.

As collective groups of population gathered into nations of origin and or race these nations developed, enacted and enforced these principles of behavior and conduct according to their belief system into civil and local laws which governed the individual and communities as a whole. Your personal liberties and freedoms would be defined by the interpretation of those laws, as well as the punishments and penalties you would suffer when you broke the laws. The severity of which also defined by interpretation of the atonements the penalty demanded.

Throughout history many people have suffered ungodly injustices, enslavement, oppression and even death by the masses at the hands of their own government leaders, solely from those that rose to power that interpreted the laws and grievances in their own personal belief system differently than the people did as a whole. They deviated from the core values of their religion and twisted them to fit their personal philosophy or interpretation away from the good of the people as a whole for achieving self ambition, riches, power and greed. They continued to claim they were true to their religion but had deeper revelation of understanding of their God and how their God wished for him to rule. Some of these religious rulers believed their own insight to the point that they believed they were a prophet of God or equal to God themselves. Still others convinced themselves that they were Devine and demanded to be revered as such or those who opposed would suffer according to his will. Only by means of death of the ruler, overtaken by conquest or by a successful coup could he be removed from rule by the people he governed.

History has taught to those who sought wisdom and knowledge that tyranny is the end result of a people who turns over control of their government to those who govern without regard to the will of the people who empowered them. Deviating from boundaries and traditional rule set by the people, to ensure the power remains in the hands of the people against their will should always be considered an act of treason against the sovereignty of their nation and that appointed leader removed from power.

We as a people, as a nation began our country to flee tyranny. Even still we were oppressed and governed from afar by a Tyrant promising death if we did not continue to submit and pay much more in tax than possible to prosper. It took incredible courage and sacrifice, and trust in God to defeat the King of England and sever his strangling hold on our freedom. We claimed victory and built a nation founded on the truths of God in his word the Bible and prospered as the pioneer’s had envisioned. Still, our nation continued to be influenced by the rule of England by those whose loyalties were not fully committed to an independent America. Our founding father’s selflessly sacrificed and placed their lives, families and everything they owned to compose a set of rules and laws that would ensure that they nor any future representative of the people would be able to empower the government to rule the people, but instead that the majority of the people would rule and govern the nation. This document, the Constitution was written and amended to include the bill of rights that would guarantee that each of us born American citizen’s would be free from government oppression, state sponsored religion, illegal searches and seizures and be taxed without representation. Among other rights extended to the citizen would be the right to the freedom of speech, government decent, the right to bear arms to defend ourselves from government take over and other threats.

We owe our founding fathers and all who served in defense of our country to stand up and stand firm on our rights to keep them from being infringed upon by whatever means necessary to ensure our nation remains free.

We are at a crucial point in time where all of our traditional American ways of life have been under relentless attack by those in a minority who wish to strip us of our liberty which was paid for in full by spilt American blood and have us ruled under their Godless philosophies that demand our children in schools not to be taught about Jesus Christ and his Father, God. They wish to replace Christianity with the spiritual enlightenment and guidance of their own man centered religion that worships earth itself and all religion’s void of Christianity, termed Political Correctness.

In this age of time the majority of American’s are discounted and excluded from the political process based solely on being of the Caucasian race and or believing the Christian faith. Their only acceptance being if you agree with their philosophy and ideology of moral decadence, marriages of same sex gender, supportive of twisted sexual perversions, criminal conduct, the right for women to murder their unborn child, taking the earnings of the working person to give to those who refuse to work, allowing anyone and everyone to illegally enter our country, take our jobs and use our resources.

Our freedom of speech has already been trampled on to the point that you are punished by the thought and talk police for any words spoken that might offend a member of any politically correct protected class of people such as minority groups, non-Christian religious groups, homosexuals and politicians left of center while anyone has the right to use speech to offend Christians and Caucasian’s.

It is time that those of us who believe in Christianity stand up and fight for it. It is time that those of us who believe in America and our constitution stand up and fight for it. It is time that those of us who believe in freedom of speech stand up and speak it without shame or fear. Liberalism and political correctness did not build this country!

It’s time to take it back!


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