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Saturday, November 28, 2009

What if American’s Voted With Their Spiritual Conscience?

In my last post I tried to explain what history has taught us about leaders of nations who twist their religion or belief system to fit their own political agenda or personal power trip in order to enslave the people under the guise of religious belief. I also outlined the dangers therein of the need of separation of church and state, and how the new America cast off the shackles of state sponsored or mandated religion, and sought to allow the individual to worship God as their conscience or spirit self led them without threat of persecution from their government.

Over the last several decades we have had the notion that politics and religion must be kept separate beat against our brow so much that we missed the point and deliberate meaning of the phrase, when in fact nothing could be further from the truth. The meaning of the phrase only meant that the government could not require its citizen’s to believe and worship in a religion that the government chose for the citizen’s to follow and require them to practice it under threat.

If you have ever visited Washington, D.C., our nation’s capital, you would be hard pressed not to see so many references to the God of Christianity, scriptures from the Bible, and quotations of bold faith from founding fathers in which have been written in historical documents, carved beautifully in stone of Statues and the walls of magnificent buildings of historical purpose. It is absolutely everywhere enshrined in the fabulous and timeless architecture of our past.

The ludicrous notion that our country was not founded on the bedrock of Christian principles just will not hold water. There is no doubt of it even if you ignored the tremendous amount of recorded memoirs and journals of those who established this nation.

The thought has caused me to wonder what would happen if American’s voted according to their personal religious beliefs? Would their votes on the issue’s stand contrary to what their own personal faith would require? Would their votes on the issues be in line with the scriptures of their belief? Would American’s even cast a vote to elect a politician that does not believe the way they do?


I always hear people who are suppose to be Christians try to make the flimsy excuse of separation of church and state when they try to defend being in favor as such issues as abortion, homosexuality, etc. etc. etc. It seems to me that a person’s moral and spiritual guidance would lead him to oppose supporting such legislative proposals when it comes in conflict with their own personal belief system.

It also seems to me that people pick and choose what they will support and quickly brush aside or compromise their very own beliefs in order to progress a candidate or issue.

What would this country be like today if people backed up their belief in God, the teachings of the Bible, the teachings of Christ?

Would our children be able to learn about creation in their class rooms? Would they be able to pray to the one and only real God? If God had not been kicked out of schools would there be as much violence and death in them today?  Would our prisons be as overcrowded? Would our streets be any safer? Would families be any stronger?

Should people continue to keep God out of our decisions while choosing which side of a moral issue we are on and which candidate we should support?


  1. Anonymous3:43 AM

    Again, I totally agree with your post. I am in college to become a teacher and it pains me that I won't be able to reference God or quote from the Bible in the low-income schools I hope to teach in. I live in small-town Central Washington, so there is a little more lenience on what I can say or do, but not a lot... I pray others like us will not be selent any more! We need to speak volumes now, in 2010, and beyond! God bless you and the message you send.

  2. We need more future teacher's like you!
    Thanks for reading and keep following!

  3. Anonymous11:43 AM

    I can't agree more with the familiar voice of America I read here in your comment Edwards. This lieing sneak who is very aware of what he is doing by distracting Americans on all fronts while he and his traitors do their dirty work in dismantling America. Our promary goal should be to dismantle him and his kind as quick as possible.
    Likewise, Gos bless you and your message.

  4. So True!
    Keep reading and Thank's!

  5. What would our country be like if Christians had not only voted their consciences for the last 5 decades, but had also taken God at His Word that children are a BLESSING (always, even if we don't understand) and had followed His mandage to be fruitful and multiply, instead of buying into the worldly viewpoint that children are a pain, a convenience (or inconvenience), too expensive, a decision or a choice?

    Gee I wonder if there would me more Christian voters than, say, Hispanics (the fastest growing population, and people not afraid of babies.

    Just food for thought.

  6. Very good point!
    Thanks for reading and keep following!