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Sunday, November 22, 2009

What Happened to Our Country?

It seems to me that the majority of American’s are asking themselves “What happened to our country?” We no longer recognize our country as we once did. America use to be considered the most powerful country across the globe, its president the most powerful man in the world regardless of which party he represented. Not any longer.

 Our president is known world wide as a blundering weakling and apologist for the once powerful and proud. This character weakness has not been accepted by any foreign country as anything but sissy weak. Imagine the fear it strikes in the heart of our allies to see the once great nation of America with all its historical might and military strength collapse under the religion of political correctness under the guard of its high priest Obama. Do our allies feel safe with Obama as Commander and Chief when the majority of Americans do not? If our level of confidence in Obama has plummeted along with the peaceful leaders around the world, what must our enemies think? I would suggest that their confidence has never been higher.

 We have witnessed president Obama’s handling of the war in Afghanistan from strong criticism as a candidate, stern direction and decision of what his plans will be, to complete and total indecision almost to the point of ignoring the Afghan war altogether. It is as clear as the ring of a bell the message he is sending to our fighting men and women and our enemy alike that he is concerned above all else what the radical left of his party thinks than what his own hand picked field General believes we need in order to win this war. President Obama is more concerned with winning political battles than the battles against our enemy.

 On the home front he suspends the investigation of the Fort Hood terrorist attack to further other political goals. Was he afraid of what the investigation would reveal such as a real and present danger on American soil of further terrorist attacks? I believe so. Whatever the reason we may ponder it is crystal clear he does not want the American public to know. There are more important issues in his opinion such as this disaster of a health care plan he has staked his political career on. As the blunders of this president and his incompetent administration continue to pour in on a daily basis, we Americans are far less safe than we were before he took office. 


  1. I begged you not to vote for him

  2. Anonymous11:57 PM

    What is wrong with you? Because of this president, we have made peace with many other countries than under the last administration. Enough of the negative things. You are on the outside looking in. This president did more in 8 month than any other presidents did in 2 years in office. I know that you have your opinions, but that is only YOUR opinion. He is my president, he is YOUR president. Get use to it. This president moves on the request of the people. Some people just didn't figure that one out. That's why the health care reform have been successful so far. Some people are so old fashion. The younger generation are voting in record number now. Welcome to 2009. Socialism is only in the eye of Republicans. Everyone else sees a president that helping those who have trouble helping themselves. Have A Nice Day..........

  3. Thank you for the nice comment. We do not agree at all but your kindness was not overlooked. My only suggestion is that you broaden the scope of where you are getting your news from. i myself like to read from both sides of the issues. I find it easier for me to make an informed opinion that way. I also suggest that you study the constitution and it's bill of rights. not that you havent previously. Please, keep reading. I am happy you stopped by for a visit.