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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Forced Fed Chicken

Since when do we allow agenda ridden media pundits to declare what corporation, company or small business owners should endorse or support Gay Rights issues or specifically Same Sex Marriage or Civil Unions? 

Who the hell do they think they are?

Really I would like to ask what difference it makes if any business or corporation endorses gay rights or any other Special Interest group that excludes the opposing view points of others? Will their endorsement bring larger profits to the business? I seriously doubt it. 

Forced acceptance 

Forced acceptance is false acceptance! It is obvious to me that the Gay Community obviously are unhappy that despite the national media, Hollywood and the political left in this country that has openly championed their cause, mainstream America still feels that the Gay Community is merely a group of like minded people that happen to be sexually perverted. Their preference of sex is abnormal in the minds of most as well as the most common religions practiced by the larger percentage of Americans. 

Over the last couple of decades this naturally forbidden perversion has been force fed upon Americans by these special interest groups even to the point that it is taught and discussed in public schools as a preference, not a perversion. The Liberal left which dominates the Democratic Party has carefully crafted this issue into the mindset that gays are a minority. Well of course they are a minority, but they have been made into a politically protected class of people and have subjected anyone who disagrees with the gay lifestyle to be labeled a bigot. One to be shunned politically. Therefore in the minds of the liberal left the perversion is not the unclean act of same sex, sex, but the act of un-acceptance of the Gay lifestyle by the Heterosexual populace whether it be by conscience, or religious conviction. 

Government and Media Invasion into Commerce

What right does the press have to black ball a business based upon the principles of the business or the religious beliefs of the owner and operators of the business?  Do gay people or Special Interest Groups have more rights than the Individual or individual Owners of Business? If they do, then would that not be biased and discriminatory in itself? Of course it would! 
Political issues and Special Interest has no business targeting companies based on their beliefs. It is as wrong as it can be. Unfair, biased and discriminatory! The very object of what they are trying to say is happening to them. 

Political Correct Business

This issue will become a slippery slope if allowed to continue when business must conform to political correctness as their focus instead of simply business at hand. The Gay Community will never win support for their behavior by trying to force and destroy their way to their goal. 

 Holding Firm

As Chick-Fil-A has recently pledged, they will hold firm in their beliefs regardless of a faction of sexual perverts demand they be endorsed by the company. Good for them! Thus is how all in business be. Mind their own business and let Special Interest mind their own business.