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Friday, October 01, 2010

America Dividing into Good versus Evil

I remember when I was young during the Vietnam era and beyond we were constantly warned of the evil of communism, Anti-Christian beliefs and the overall bad in the world and the dangers of allowing it to grow. I remember watching a film at church that depicted what it would be like in America if communism took over. How the government would treat the people as if they were slaves, torture and control them. How this would usher in the coming of the Anti-Christ and the mark of the beast. It scared me to death being an eight to ten year old boy trying to wrap this image around my brain. I remember hearing uncles and neighbors, the older men of the day who actually fought in World War II rebuke the Hippies and Anti-war crowd calling them all manners of names filled with disrespect and contempt. Of course, I thought at that time a Hippie was someone who wore long hair and didn’t bathe much so I kept that as a mental image. Those older men I admired would tell stories of these Hippies being draft dodgers and cowards or simply communist. I had no idea what these words really meant other than I thought they didn’t love America and would rather protest the war than to fight in it. I also remember myself fantasizing about being a soldier fighting in Vietnam along side the Army and Marines. In my little heart then I felt I had the courage to fight for my country. I remember trying to understand some of these concepts that preachers would warn about how the world was becoming evil and that one day the bible would be illegal to read or own. They would always say that Christians would have to go underground to worship God in America one day. In my little simple mind I would always think of how we would have to dig tunnels underground to have church and worship. I didn’t understand the wording used but I understood well what they were saying meant that if you believed in God you would be in danger and would have to hide to worship. Now that I am 43 years old, I often find myself thinking that America and its people have lost sight of God and his principles and the love of country that I once knew. Do I pretend to be perfect? By no means am I saying that, I can be a champion sinner at times. But even when I sin I know what I am doing is wrong. I possess the ability to know wrong from right. Over the course of my life so far I have watched this countries government turn from a very patriotic body of leaders into government that detests personal liberties and the history of greatness this country has been to the world. I remember distinctly when I was younger and President Ronald Reagan would be on the television everyone stopped what they were doing to listing to his words. He was the President and he was respected. Now, when I see our current president on the television I either listen to hear what the latest trick our government is pulling on the American people or I switch channels to watch something more productive such as a ball game. Now our president travels the world wide to apologize and put down our great country. What a tremendous disgrace and appalling difference between the two. I also pay attention to the constant attacks on Christianity as this nation seems to be in a nightmare love affair with any and every religion that opposes Christianity, especially that of Islam. We are at war we this fanatical murderous cult and yet our own government will not recognize them as evil and downplays their atrocious murderous ways. I also see where our courts are under legal attack with continuous assaults on the freedoms of Americans to worship as Christians and the bible being removed further and further from public view. What is alarming is how many people in this country now hate this country that is a gift from God to all of us who were blessed enough to be born here. I also see how many people who claim Christianity and vote for those in government who try to remove Christianity away from us. How can this be possible? The people who shout blessed is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and then turn around and vote for a candidate of the party that is trying to kill Christianity and have it removed from our lives. I see the warnings of my youth coming to pass everyday. What they were trying to warn us about is happening and most of us deny this.  No, our country has not been taking over by another country like I envisioned it with soldiers parachuting from the sky, but as political enemies of America being voted into office by Americans themselves. The evil and Anti-American crowd simply walked inside upon the invitation of the American people without force. What I see is that what we were warned about as kids is already taking place. I see a great divide taking place in this country that does not run along party lines. I see the great division taking place and forming two groups of Americans. I see these two groups of people as the Good versus the Evil and I wonder sometimes if all the people even realize this is happening. As for me, I will be on the side of good until the end.

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