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Monday, October 18, 2010

The Encourager

There seems to be some real power that imparts from one person to another through encouragement. Sometimes it can greatly tip the scales in the favor of a person even when they do not realize it. I think some people were born with that special talent given by God just to keep those around them going. I read many books and have watched many films where someone is in a particular situation or crises and there always seems to be someone around at the right time to give a word of encouragement to the one most in need of it. Maybe a greenhorn in combat is given a slap on the back by his Sergeant and a small word that tells him he is doing good even when nothing good appears to be happening and that young greenhorn has his fear subside and replaced with confidence that helps him trust in his ability and training better. Or even the other night,  I was watching The South Carolina versus Kentucky game and saw the Old ball coach talking with one of his injured players and slap him on the shoulders to encourage him. I could not hear what was said but I could read it on the coach and player’s face. It will be okay! It seemed to me that the coach needed more encouragement at the moment than the injured player but I respected the fact that he took time out of his own predicament to encourage one of his players. I wonder if the player thought so or was he so discouraged by his injury that he didn’t notice? Sometimes as human beings we really do get caught up in despair and do not recognize the encouragements that we receive from that special someone who thinks enough of us to say something kind and get us moving along in the right direction when we are down by circumstances. Sometimes we realize much later when our source of encouragement is no longer around. What a sad feeling it is when you realize this later when you no longer have a cheerleader on the sidelines of your life. I have heard many biblical speculations on the subject of Eve being a helpmeet to Adam. I have heard it described as a domestic partner, a life partner that aids her husband with his every day needs. I think a helpmeet is really intended to be an encourager. The one who keeps you motivated and is there to push you on to be the best you can be within yourself.  I really think it is true I believe, when the statement is made that behind every good man is a great woman. Nothing replaces having someone to pick you up when you are feeling down or to motivate you when you feel you just can’t go on. 

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