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43 Years old Born in Wilson, North Carolina. Work in Law Enforcement / Patrol, married I am a Political Conservative without a party to represent my vote. I dislike liars, especially the type who are politicians and preachers. I oppose abortion of any type at any stage. The baby is innocent and deserves life regardless of the mothers circumstances. I also dislike racists. Especially the kind that always scream racism at others when life doesn't go there way! Get a life, it's only skin color and God made idiots in all colors. I also dislike Democrats, they wouldn't know the truth if it bit them on the ass. I dislike Republicans, they are truly the most spineless creatures on God's green earth. I dislike arrogant environmentalist who think we can destroy what God created. If your homosexual, I don't dislike you, but please keep it in your own bedroom behind closed doors for the sake of the untwisted.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I Will Finish My Race

These last few months have been hard on me. I have been met with disappointments, shut out of relationships, and have struggled with growing dissatisfaction in my career. My health seems to have taken a remarkable or should I say noticeable decline. It seems at every corner I am faced with yet another dead end in this rat maze we call circumstances of life. I become outraged when I pay close attention to the direction my beloved country has taken and do not understand why so many people choose the leaders of such poor character that we have in the highest positions. I see people I care deeply about making terrible decisions in their lives that are bound to bring them misery yet I cannot do anything about it. I constantly worry over things that are out of my sphere of control yet I ponder on it as if by sheer will I can create the change I desire. I struggle with myself to improve in many areas of my own life but find myself deeper in self anger when I do not achieve my goals. Speaking of anger, I find that my level of tolerance in both large things and small have been lowered to a point that I show my anger that normally I would keep inside. I seem to have a short fuse that sometimes I even enjoy when it is lit and the anger is released. There are so many things left that I desire to do and have but cannot cross over the mountains in my way. When I feel I am making headway something always pops up unexpected to set me back a pace or two. But one thing I do have that burns deep inside of me like the white coals beneath a fire is a drive to push forward and meet these challenges head on. I sometimes have to dig deep into my soul to bring that part of me up to the surface but it is there ever present. I am unafraid but for one thing and that is to not succeed before the sands in the hour glass of my life has run out. I see myself in my minds eye as reaching my goals and grabbing on to the dreams of my heart. It is an inner struggle that battles within me between the desire in my heart and the troubles of circumstance that fall in my way. But I will hold on, push on until I find my way. I will not give up on my life and the purpose that I have been placed here to achieve. I will not let others hold me back because of what I am and who I am. I will not give up on my great country and allow it to slip from greatness nor will I allow myself to slip from the high marks I have set for myself. I will overcome and run my race to the end. I will finish my race.

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