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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Why Re-Elect Pickpocket Politicians?

At this time and age we currently live in with our economy in dire straits we look to our leaders foolishly for an answer to the questions we have about our present circumstances, as incredible as that may sound to those of us who understand that it is because of the terrible decisions of our leaders past and our leaders present that we find ourselves in such tremendous economical troubles. How is it possible that we continuously overlook this simple fact, forgive it and repeat our same very mistakes? Do we not find ourselves in a more precarious financial situation than we did the last every time? As we find ourselves burdened by a national debt that could never be paid within our lifetime we are currently at higher levels of unemployment and more and more people shifting from the unemployed into the roles of welfare recipients. How does our current government take action on these facts? They go on a spending spree of billions upon billions of taxpayers dollars and spend it on useless or unproven programs that our country has nothing to show for it in return. Our government railroads its citizens with the take over of the world’s best, yet expensive health care system and turns it into a money gobbling monster that will surely ruin us financially. At every move the president proposes or enacts legislation to take more money from the pockets of the middle class working person and throw it at a program or individuals that do absolutely nothing to deserve the lottery sized windfall while the working class families struggle to make ends meet on their ever decreasing salaries. Do those who have made a career riding on free parking, collecting welfare checks ever see a decrease in their monthly cash handouts? Why of course not! The working family has to work more hours or take on additional part time work to cover the short fall of income caused by heavy and unfair taxation and inflation due to the falling value of the American dollar. The middle class taxpayer must work to the satisfaction of his employer lest he or she be fired and lose their job, but where is the requirement of the welfare recipient to perform or produce in exchange for the unearned monies they collect? A working family of the middle class is considered fortunate if they have family insurance coverage in the event that they become ill and need medical treatment whether they must pay co-pay at the doctor’s office or come up with extra money for treatments not covered along with very expensive pharmaceuticals required to make someone become healthy again. If one on public assistance becomes ill they are treated and provided medications at the cost of taxpayers, again, for nothing of value given in return. Why in such times as these when the taxpayer must face higher taxes and lower wages, should those on public assistance not receive less as well? I believe in the golden rule myself. I believe we should do unto others as we would have them do unto us! But does this golden rule not apply to them as well? As for our politicians who have put us in this position, including those who choose to be ward’s of the state, why would anyone in their right mind return them back into office to do only more of the same at a higher cost the next go around? The only difference we will ever see from allowing more of the same will be to see less take home pay on our checks. How much more can you afford to be stolen from the fruits of your labor until you find it more beneficial to stop work and reach out your own hand to the government?

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