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Thursday, September 23, 2010

BHO’s Stance on National Defense is Simply Gay

Apparently, transparent has a whole new meaning with this Administration from the multi-faceted centrist leaning Barrack Hussein Obama we met during the presidential campaign. Needless to say this Messiah cannot walk on water despite his own greatest desires. As the rest of his followers who have not awaken to the fact that he is not the great Messiah, many have abandoned him in droves as the fake and liar that he is continually becomes apparent to those who are no longer in his sleep provoked stupor on a daily basis. Our national security continues to be America’s largest liability as the Democratic Party continues to play politically correct games with the issues concerning the safety of our country in a world filled with threats as our son’s and daughter’s continue to fight on the ground in Afghanistan without the full support of the  United States government. Recently a $726 Billion dollar defense spending policy bill which included pay raises for the military personnel also included repeal for the “Don’t ask, Don’t tell” law slipped in the bill which is a ban against openly gay personnel serving in the military. I find it to be disgraceful at the very least that funding of our troops and military during two wars would be politicized by this Administration and the far left fringe of the Democratic Party, but I do not find it surprising. It seems this Administration led by our president has managed to choose the wrong path on every issue that pertains to our national defense in what appears to be more of sabotage than sincere error from an inexperienced man trying to govern the people in the role as president of our country. Countless maneuvers such as the refusal of the securing of our borders, suing the State of Arizona who in dire straights has taken on the responsibility to do it themselves, the consistent gutting of our military, the trying of enemy combatants in civil courts and giving our enemy constitutional rights reserved for Americans, The attempts to close Guantamino Bay, the refusal or inability of our president to deal with the nuclear missile crisis of Iran and the refusal of this Administration to support our ally in Israel. I could bore you by listing so much more but I know that you are quite aware of all of these things which undermine our great country as I am. There seems to be one silver lining on our horizon which is the elections of November 2010. It seems that the responsibility of the defense of our country and its national defense will be in our own hands when we walk into the voter booth at that time and rid ourselves of the enemy who occupies Washington. I hope before now and then that more Americans wake up from this nightmare of a dream so many have fallen under and we can once again become a great nation led by true Americans. Saddle up!

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