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Thursday, September 09, 2010

The Fighting Spirit

Last night I went to Church only at a friend’s invitation but it ended up being a very interesting sermon on finishing well. They had a guest speaker from Kenya that spoke of spiritual warfare that is taking place in the continent of Africa and the world over. He spoke of how regardless of what the media reports and popular opinion, 80% of Africans practice Christianity and the religious battles there are between the Muslims which are 6% of the population against the Christians. I was very surprised by the statistics that this Missionary gave and the stories he related about his homeland. He wore a white button up dress shirt with his national flag embroidered on it in several places down one sleeve. But this man spoke powerfully about what he believed and about how we should be finishers of our faith, not quitters. He made a statement about how the 6% of Muslims in his Continent made a lot of noise because they were so few in numbers. He stated that we as Christians should be the ones who make a lot of noise and speak of our Christianity in the same manner. He also made a statement that in Africa the Christians had pledged to the Muslims that if they burned down one of their churches they would burn down ten Muslim Mosques. He also stated that if they killed One Christian they in turn would kill 100 Muslims. The Missionary stated clearly that he didn’t say what they were doing was right. But clearly he did not condemn it either. He continued on with his sermon with one of the points being that we as Christians, in order to finish in our faith well must have a fighting spirit. They we should be willing to fight for what is ours and to not surrender it. It brings to mind a part in me that wonders why world wide we allow these radical Muslims to rejoice in their supposed victories of cowardly murder against defenseless and innocent people instead of fighting back in the same rational of the Africans. I like their concept. You not only pay an eye for an eye, you pay much more for your cowardly acts of terrorism. That is a fighting spirit indeed. But instead, in particularly in the United States we have been so conditioned by our mealy mouthed weak spine politicians who can stray no further with their words, much less actions than the boundaries of political correctness to even suggest having a fighting spirit. It disgusts me how their only answer to Muslim extremism and their murderous acts is that this religion is a peaceful religion. Well tell that to all the victims who has lost a family member or friend to this peaceful religion. It boggles the mind that they do not understand that these people will never stop their acts of atrocity world wide because they do have a fighting spirit along with the belief that all non believing people should perish. It would do us good to have the same fighting spirit with the only difference being common sense. Common sense would tell you that if your family is under attack the family should unite to defend the family at all cost. Our country and those of us as Christians should do they same. Unite and fight back against those who wish to destroy us. What good is your citizenship or faith if you are not willing to fight and defend it at the cost of your life?

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