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Sunday, September 05, 2010

Liberal Do Gooder’s Create Far More Hate than They Do Tolerance

Liberal do Gooder’s create far more hate than they do tolerance. Every liberal group in the United States pushes an issue onto Americans to the point that the average Joe feels the need to vomit. Take for instance the Muslim religion. Liberals are highly offended by the fact that most non-Muslims do not care for the Muslim faith due to the atrocities committed against innocent people world wide and especially here in our own country. What made the matter worse and has turned a strong opinion against the religion is the continuous brow beating from the main stream media and accusations of intolerance and racism hurled their way. When enough is enough, by God it is enough! Regardless of the Elitist opinions, the average American is intelligent and able to arrive at conclusions on their own accord. There is still free speech in this country even after so many assaults on it as well as the freedom of thought. If I do not like you, I have that right. The Liberal left and its own personal national media condemns the practice of freedom of thought and freedom of speech. The Democratic Party has embraced this concept as another tool in their political correctness playbook. They are trying to limit the American people not only by their liberties of free speech, but of thought and conscience. They have legislated “Hate Crimes” punishment, which is of course only a bonus punishment for those convicted of crimes already on the books. I have news for you. All crime is hate crime. If you commit a crime against someone you surely don’t love them do you? So in essence if a crime is deemed a hate crime and you are convicted of it you pay a higher penalty for the crime than anyone else does. Is that justice? No! It only lowers the value of every other victim of that crime. Back on the subject, The Gay community advertised by our far left liberal media has turned more people against the gay community than ever before. Most people could not care less what goes on behind an adults bedroom doors but the issue being constantly drummed in the ears of Americans that they no longer even want to hear from the gay community about their issues. Even California of all states voted against gay marriage in their state although one of their judges ruled against the will of the people. I tell you they are sick of hearing about it. The issue of Racism has increased since the election of Barrack Obama racial tension has been higher than in recent years. The Democrats with the voice of the radical left media has targeted and practiced character assassination against any one individual or group, say for instance, the Tea Party by slamming down the race card and accusing them of racism just because they don’t like Barrack Obama and they say it is because he is the first African-American President. Again, the American people are far more intelligent than the ruling class elite and know better. President Barrack Obama is half white and half black. He is just as much as white as he is black. Further more, it isn’t about skin color or race. Americans believe he and the Liberal Democrats are taking this country down the wrong path and ruining our economy instead of improving upon it. But the accusations do not stop and this racial tension is creating more hatred from both sides instead of creating unity between blacks and whites. Illegal Aliens has been a hot button issue since the health care debate began. The American people are jumping mad about the policies which they believe will increase both the number of Illegal Aliens entering our country and the cost to support them with health care and education among other concerns. What does the radical left media do? They hammer down on more accusations of racism to the point most all Americans no longer tolerate the Illegal Aliens in this country. They are creating hatred between both the Americans and the Illegal Aliens. Our President goes against the will of the people again and sues the state of Arizona to prevent them from protecting their state from the out of control porous border and influx of millions of Illegal Aliens through their state. Is hate the game plan that the Democrats and national media are playing? If it is they are doing a fine job of creating more hate than they are of spreading tolerance. 

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