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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Media Force Feeding The Muslim Faith

I am so sick of our government and the media trying to shove this Muslim religion down my throat telling me it is a good and peaceful religion. There is nothing they won’t say to try to convince everyone that those who believe in the Muslim faith are good everyday people who are just misunderstood by the American people and that only a small fraction of their religion are fanatical extremist who perpetrate terror around the world. Every time you turn on the television you see these talking heads explaining away terrorist acts and vicious cold blooded murder in the most cowardly ways by first suggesting that we Americans are intolerant and fear mongers who have overlooked the good of this religion. These same people jump at every opportunity to pin any criminal act upon Christianity and far right extremist groups with the barest of details and unfounded rumors. Why will the media and government not defend Christianity but give every pass possible to those who murder innocent people all over God’s green earth in the name of their religion? Why is it that every time one of these acts of terror occurs the media parades countless Imam’s and Islamic commentators who are ready to proclaim the innocence of the Muslim faith and their followers at the same time that a Muslim hate group is taking responsibility for the atrocious act of murder and they all pretend Americans are ignorant bigots? Do we ever see any representative of Islam condemn these acts of violence and mayhem? No, never! If this is a peaceful religion why are they not using all this free airtime condemning the cowardly murder instead of blaming America or her policies for the fault? Our own government officials including our President explain such horrible mass murder away as manmade disasters instead of coming out and pointing a steady finger at these religious fanatics and calling them what they are. Murderers! No, they won’t do it because they have painted themselves in a corner with their own practice of political correctness that does not allow them to call a duck, a duck. It is insanity at its worst form. Why is it that this country cannot, or should I say will not defend herself and make our borders safe? Why is it that we are still having terrorist enter our country and making attempts of terrorist acts on our airplanes and airports and our level of security is still atrocious? Why in the name of God are we still practicing the most deadly form of security by not profiling those whom are most likely to be a terrorist and instead our airport security is busy shaking down the elderly? It’s lunacy! How many people have to die before we start hurting some feelings in the effort to prevent more innocent deaths?

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