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43 Years old Born in Wilson, North Carolina. Work in Law Enforcement / Patrol, married I am a Political Conservative without a party to represent my vote. I dislike liars, especially the type who are politicians and preachers. I oppose abortion of any type at any stage. The baby is innocent and deserves life regardless of the mothers circumstances. I also dislike racists. Especially the kind that always scream racism at others when life doesn't go there way! Get a life, it's only skin color and God made idiots in all colors. I also dislike Democrats, they wouldn't know the truth if it bit them on the ass. I dislike Republicans, they are truly the most spineless creatures on God's green earth. I dislike arrogant environmentalist who think we can destroy what God created. If your homosexual, I don't dislike you, but please keep it in your own bedroom behind closed doors for the sake of the untwisted.

Monday, August 09, 2010

I wonder about the past and the Future.

I wonder about the past, all the broken roads Ive followed. I know they brought me here where I am. But sometimes I wonder where I would be if I turned the other way. Is our past part of our present or is it the road map guiding us to the future. I think of hard times and broken hearts. Those who helped along the way but silently slipped out as if they were never here. Is life a journey to a destination predetermined or is it only a pass or fail test based on our decisions. Am i a test for another? Is there a reaction to me in others test or simply a stopping point or bump in the road of their journey. Who will be on the road ahead? Will they be the ones I want to see or help me along my travels, or will they be opportunities for failure or advancement? How much longer is this road I travel? Will the ones I love be with me at it's end or will I pass or fail alone?

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