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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

let us be the people

Is it coincidence that this country is only a few hundred years old
and yet we have built the most prosperous civilization known to the history of man? Is it coincidence or great providence that guided our founding fathers to offer, debate and finally agree that this nation
be a nation of laws which flowed from each individual philosophy
and belief in Christian principals which would establish in law man's
God given right to live free with individual liberties? Was it merely
chance that so many men with great minds and selfless purpose
lived during the same period and sought out to establish their own
country independent from England and succeed? Never before and not since has mankind put ink on paper to form the greatest
document ever written by man. Surely it had to be divine providence
that brought them together to form this country. Is it perfect? No, indeed it wasn't. But for mere humans to gather together for the purpose of so many to live free within the comfort of its protection, it was as close to perfect as possible. Did Americans follow all the rules within instantly? No, it took the most of two hundred years before all would be free to enjoy its individual rights and protection. I firmly believe that the constitution and the will of Americans with
God's blessings allowed this nation to become the great benevolent
super nation and friend to the world that it did. Why would anyone
fool hearty enough try to deviate from it or confuse its meaning and purpose by twisting its interpretation? So many governments of mankind have attempted to rule nations under differing and oppressive laws, theories and ideals with dismal failures. Why would this not strengthen all Americans resolve to protect such unheard of success? I urge everyone to become an apt pupil of this document, the constitution, and study the history of its creation and the great
perils and trials its authors suffered for it to become possible for it to make us the people we are today. I urge every one to commit to the defense of this document in its original design and purpose so our children and our children's children may enjoy freedom and security. Let us not be the people responsible for deviating and casting aside its laws, Rather, let us be the people who preserve it and demand it be used in its proper guidance against those who wish to govern outside of it.

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