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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Our National Debt; The Madness Must End

I admit that I am not the best at keeping up with personal financial matters. I am not very thrifty with our money. So this task has always been my wife’s responsibility and she has always done the best possible job of it even when the best wasn’t good enough. When we were married I was making after all Federal, State and local taxes a grand total of $127.00, working for the Golden Flake Potato Chip Company driving a truck. I loved that job but was only working as a part time status employee working 39 ours a week. We had an apartment in the Centerpoint area and we were very happy but the money just was not there. Not having money was not unusual because we both grew up very poor but that didn’t matter because we knew nothing different. So anyway it was long before we realized that our income was very low and there were just things we could not afford to buy. We made a rule that we have followed to the present time which was that no matter what we would pay our rent to have a roof over our head and we would always have enough food to eat. All else fell in the order of priority. This system always worked but we had other rules. If there was not enough money coming in I was to work another job in order to create more income. I never left a job until I had a job opening for me. I never quit working to wait for something better to come along and I never under any circumstances left a job to go to another without the new job paying more in salary or per hour. Even when I started my own business I always worked a second job at night to supplement the loss of income during the winter months. My wife also went to work when things got rough. I can’t tell you how many sorry waitress jobs she worked for lousy tips to help us make ends meet. Before too long we had a new member of the family to support which really brought us an underestimated financial struggle. Most parents understand this. So we always tried to make the right and best decisions but we still failed at times and made poor choices such as buying a new vehicle which was murder on the budget instead of settling for a reliable used one at a fraction of the cost. We took vacations when we could not afford them and other such expenses when it would have been better not to but over all we tried to live within our means but it never seemed to be enough although we worked hard. And yes, sometimes we had to go for help during periods of crises to borrow some money. But over all we never went out too far on a limb. We just learned to adjust the best we could with what we had. We still do. What I do not understand is how our federal government never applies these or similar rules to their own methods of finances. We have always had Administrations in charge of this country that controlled the national debt in a roller coaster fashion. The present Administration is a new breed of politicians who have no understanding of handling finances at all. The Obama Administration inherited a National debt in crises and immediately does the opposite of what most sane and mature people would do with their own finances. What do they decide to do? They start spending money that exceeds most imaginable worst case scenarios over and over accumulating an additional 3 trillion dollars in debt that will never be paid off. They do not stop there but keep spending in a madness of irresponsibility that will ensure the children’s children of this country will be burdened down in debt an unable to function in a prudent manner. Knowing this and also knowing that this country is flat broke they decide to print more money to cover the cost of their spending addiction driving down the value of the dollar. They do all of this during a recession the worst since the great depression and unemployment reaching record numbers. Still, they extend unemployment benefits making sure those without work has the incentive to remain out of work. They also propose to take over the best health care system in the world with a plan that in its self will bankrupt the country on its own. This administration seizes every opportunity to take advantage of whatever crises this country is under to spend the tax payer money as a lottery. The Stimulus bill as an example was nothing more than the redistribution of hard earned wealth by the countries working people to those who squandered the money with nothing to show for it. And again Obama has the gall to propose yet another stimulus bill as if the other was a resounding success and most sickening of all is the support he gets from his liberal counterparts in the Democratic Party that go along with this criminal madness of this administration who is suppose to be the Stewards of our money. You would think after such gross failures of this imagination that Obama’s personal approval polling would be as low as congress but it remains in the lower 40s as if the people of this country are still under the spell of Obama being the Messiah who came to save us all. What fools? Either this man has no experience in balancing his own checkbook or he is the worst saboteur in the history of this country. The madness must end.

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