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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Nice Try Hollywood

I watched an episode of Law and Order with my wife tonight and was really caught up quick by the suspense of the plot. The acting was superb and the story played out seamlessly. Basically it was about a computer nerd that was extremely meek and insecure with himself and he was caught up into a murder investigation as a possible witness that turned into him being the suspect. 

Later in the show it was revealed that he was a victim of a female Psychologist who used interrogation, control and torture tactics that she learned in the military during her years of service. She manipulated him by means of fear and torture until he snapped and murdered someone.

 I don’t know when this show was filmed or if tonight was the first time it was aired but I quickly noticed the leftist liberal propaganda theme that was the plot of the story line. Basically the story suggested that even those who are weak and mild and would never hurt anyone could be transformed into a cold blooded killer when that person reaches a high level of stress.

The Fort hood Terrorist attack quickly came to my mind and common sense suggested to me that Hollywood was trying to teach me a lesson of humanity here. This episode of Law and Order was intended to indoctrinate the viewer to consider interrogations and torture of enemy combatants against our country by our military personnel is nothing less than evil. They did actually call it evil in the show. Also, they intended to indoctrinate the viewer that even the most wimpy of us all can be made into a cold blooded murderer in short hand by such evil people as those who serve in the military or CIA to keep us safe.

Nice try Hollywood.

It was an interesting show but you failed miserably to indoctrinate me with your liberal points of view by means of crafty acting and the pulling of the old heart strings. You see, I am not as ignorant as you believe me to be and my memory is obviously not as short as the memories of you and your like-minded herd of sheep.

 I remember the video that was floating around on the internet showing these Muslims cutting a young American’s head off in the name of Allah simply because he was American and automatically that makes him an infidel in their cruel and merciless religion.

 Prior to that, I remember watching airliners crash into the world trade center, the Pennsylvania meadow and our Pentagon killing thousands of innocent Americans for no reason at all. A couple of weeks ago I along with everyone else in this nation watched the chaos of yet another massacre by a Muslim terrorist on our largest military base killing very young and brave soldiers.

I do not understand why the Muslim religion is held in such high regard with the political left and its radical extremists unless they truly hate this country. Buy a Quaran and read the hatred written within. They hate all of us, including you who are not loyal to this country. If the Muslim's are a peace seeking religion aside from the radical terrorist then why do they not come forward and denounce the deadly actions of the radical members of their religion?

 It is because they endorse their actions. I do not see the Catholic people strapping 60 sticks of dynamite to their women to send them into a market place to commit a homicide bombing. I do not see the Jehovah’s Witnesses pouring out of they’re white vans on a Saturday morning with AK-47’s shooting innocent people dead. I do not see the Presbyterians hi-jacking airplanes and flying them into buildings. I have never seen a Buddhist Monk infiltrate the military and shoot dead his own brother soldiers. 

This is the reality of what this religion is doing around the whole globe. And you want me to believe it is our fault? Well, to hell with your warped thinking and sympathetic apologies for mass murderers. I am all for those in charge of our national security using any means or tools of torture against these ungodly and morbid barbarians if it will help save but one innocent American life.

No matter how you disguise you’re messed up logic in the form of propaganda, I will never subscribe to it. Hollywood should be so ashamed of your political tactics that actors would hang their heads low and go into hiding. But they don’t. Instead the actors grovel at your feet for the chance of making millions of dollars by spoiling the minds of millions with your poisonous propaganda only to see themselves on the silver screen and walking down the red carpet. 

Shame on every last one of you!


  1. Anonymous7:04 PM

    How can you possibly claim a Law & Order episode is propaganda about the Fort Hood massacre? The show would have had to be filmed about half a year before it aired.

    Besides, we know that any human being can be brainwashed and turned into a murderer. Just look at the history of militant Islam, Nazism, and cult groups on our own soil.

  2. The only time Liberals favor the death penalty is when it comes to abortion

  3. Any show which chooses political correctness as part of their dialog to move the audience to their point of view is propaganda. Period. It may have been filmed 6 months out. But the timing of the airing is more than suspicious.