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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Worker Bees, Charlatans and Whores

I try to keep up with Washington and current events to keep myself abreast of what is going on in the world around me. It is hard for me to do this lately because I am constantly distracted by the little things in life that get in the way. For instance like working for a living to support my family and chip in by forced taxation to provide for other families without gainful employment.

So here I am in the land of opportunity clocking many hours at my job with gratefulness and I also work a certain number of hours helping my wife in her business. I work the part time jobs thrown my way when offered. I am also trying to help my brother build his business. It really is tough but I recognize the fact that I am blessed to have work even when it seems it is never enough to keep up with what money is suppose to be going out. But thank God that I have work I know so many who have been laid off or their jobs eliminated altogether due to this horrible economy.

So I have some free time last night and try to catch up on all my recorded news programs. I sit there amazed at how hard our elected officials are working to push incredibly pointless and stupid bills that do nothing to improve our economy or better the American people’s circumstances. All it boils down to is Charlatans speaking bold and loud in the name of the plight of American people with smug and pompous looking faces while in reality all they are doing is creating tax on top of tax to separate the wage earner from their wages to fund these ridiculous fantasies they have of transferring wealth from the haves to the have not’s. What they are really doing is breaking the backs of the middle class wage earner. You know the worker bees that actually provide the money to operate this country. Sadly, and ironically it is the worker bees in this country that provide all the honey but have absolutely no representation whatsoever in return for the taxation.

I listen to the comments and opinions from the representatives of the media who are suppose to be reporting on their own investigations of facts concerning what is going on in Washington D.C. without bias or prejudice, but all I get is the rhetoric spewed forth from the far left liberal fringe. The national media has completely sold out to the liberal left wing of the Democratic Party and has tossed its obligation to the viewer to report on only the facts out of the window. The national media has laid down like a dirty old whore to let the Democrat Party have their way with them and they wonder why their rating continue to bottom out by the day leaving the American people to search for the truth elsewhere.

Out pacing the national media is the Obama administration led by President Obama who is falling in the approval rating polls like a man tossed from an airplane without a parachute, and his arrogance obviously continues to grow as he scores his own report card for his first year in office as a strong B+. Somebody please wake this man up from his stupor of self love. I am not sure my word document program allows enough space to mention all of his enormous failures so I will only point out this last ridiculous Omnibus spending bill he is expected to sign which is chock filled with earmarks that he boldly promised he would veto if presented with. If he signs this bill impeachment proceedings should follow within the same hour. This bill will do nothing to stimulate the economy whatsoever just like the last stimulus package did nothing for the economy and the worker bees. All he is doing is adding enormous amounts of money to the national debt at light speed that our grandchildren’s grandchildren will be unable to pay. One thing is for certain, President Obama is not only a political rookie, he has no clue or foundation of experience having to work for a living, much less an understanding of what makes the economy grow.

Will America be able to withstand three more years of this Barnum and Bailey circus performance in the White House?

God Save us all!

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