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Monday, December 21, 2009

The Blood of Innocence is On the Hands of All Democrat Senator’s

Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Ben Nelson and all other Democrat Senators guilty of voting for the Government Health Care Plan have blood on their hands, the blood of innocent human being unborn babies who depend on us all to choose the moral opportunity of life to all of God’s children as He intended can never be washed from the hands of these Democratic Senators who voted for the plan.

All hard working tax payers will be burdened with the knowledge that the fruits of their labor will be forcefully taken from them through taxation to subsidize abortions throughout the United States regardless of whether the tax payer approves of abortion or if they morally oppose it passionately due to their own religion or self conviction. These Democratic Senators chose to ignore the fact that most Americans do not approve of the Government Health Care Plan they have voted for, much less the included tax payer funding of cold blooded murder which has been legislated without the approval of the American people.

Life has become meaningless to these politicians who pay for votes in the most corrupt fashion ever before in the history of American politics. Literally the lives of untold thousands have been traded and bribed in order to galvanize legislation that has been forced upon the American people during the wee hours of morning behind closed doors without any of the American people having the opportunity to know exactly what all will be required from them to carry out this most secretive plan.

These Democratic Senators have turned a corner in American politics in a direction that is completely unknown and foreign to the American people against the will of the majority. The days of we the people being in charge of our own government are clearly over with the Democrats in the majority rule. It is very clear that their own ideology supersedes the wishes of the American people and that they believe that they possess the intelligence and wisdom that the American people do not possess.

Now we the people have lost all control and power over our government to ensure it served the people as instructed in the preamble of our constitution. Now even our constitution is at the mercy of only 60 Democrats who clearly do not care for anyone’s liberty but their own to legislate how they see fit.

America has truly stooped to its lowest level in the great history of our country by choosing death for its future citizens unable to speak for themselves.

There should be no doubt that these 60 votes recorded in our country’s capital have also been recorded for all eternity in God’s hand in his own records for judgment day. May God show these Democrats the same mercy that they have shown for the unborn innocent.


  1. This health care bill was wrong from the beginning. I had some hope that it would be voted OUT totally when I saw so many Americans come against it. But, sadly we've lost and with it we will lose a lot more. Those in office should be impeached, but no one has the guts for that either.

  2. Thanks for preaching the truth Hank