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Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Manhattan Declaration Debate. To Sign or Not To Sign.

I signed the Manhattan Declaration and believe it is great for people to sign that they will take a stand against the attacks of Christianity from the elite liberals and their empowered Democratic Party. We are rapidly losing ALL of our rights. Not just those of the Christian foundations. I agree there are bad elements to the “What Do I DO Next portion of the website, but it is separate from the Declaration.
If you gathered 10 professing Christians in your home you would more than likely have 10 different points of view on the Christian faith. The Declaration is not about uniting all faiths or saying all faiths lead to God. They absolutely do not. It is about uniting those of the Christian faith, albeit some are in error, to combat the legislation of the eradication of Christianity, our religious freedom, the lawful destruction of marriage, family values and the right to life of the unborn.
With all the Christians in this country there would be no way Obama could have been elected if they all voted with their spiritual conscience, yet all of our churches act independently of themselves and do nothing to unite as children of God to protect and stand for what is right in this country and we are absolutely getting our butts kicked by the enemy of Christ because of it.
All of us who believe in Christianity need to come together to voice our opinions loudly and take action on choosing candidates to vote out these Godless criminals running our country and put aside philosophical debates of the differences of faith for another forum. It is time to take action simply to protect our laws of the constitution that allows us to worship Jesus in the first place or all else will matter no more.

The way I see it some of us Disciple’s of Jesus who are more like Peter and willing to put up a fight. Wrong it may be, but in the end most Christians run, hide and deny when the heat is on. If risking a hair on their head is required, you get what you have now, a silent majority. Why vote? (Example: Obama, Pelosi, Clinton etc.) Their values are not in line with the word of God. The number one reason to vote is to pick a side. You will either stand for what is right or for what is wrong. If you stand on the sidelines it is as good as a vote for the bad. Jesus didn’t come to the earth to be a politician. Politics was not his purpose. However he spoke up and voiced his opinion, the truth, and they tried their best to stone him although he would only die the way he did, he was still human too and risked injury and had to escape. (Or call down angels) but he didn’t. Instead of remaining silent he took a risk to speak the truth. After all, the spoken word was the only vote they had in that time and in many cases they died for it much like hundreds of thousands of American soldiers did for what allows you the right to vote. (Or not) This was also true of black Americans who had no vote but only their unity, voices and civil disobedience of laws that opposed Christian values and humanity. This was truly one of mankind’s greatest achievements and examples of strength in unity behind a strong and courageous leader, and numbers against the most powerful of all peoples, the Anglo white Americans, and the most prejudice of people against black Americans. The civil rights movement was so effective because it was based on truth against the hard core passed down culture of ignorance and bias and they actually managed to change the hearts and minds of many white Americans by pointing out that all men are equal according to God, whom is no respecter of men. They also paid a steep price in spilled blood by taking a risk, a stand. Some argue against signing the Manhattan Declaration due to it being inclusive of new age denomination and factions of Christian denominations that are based on unbiblical principles. (And some are) But signing your name to the Manhattan Declaration does not mean you are endorsing any particular faith or denomination, only that you are willing to sign the document suggesting taking a stand for Christian principles and issue’s those principles encompass as purposed in your own heart. What is wrong with signing your name to your faith? Why not? God writes our names down in the Lamb’s book of Life because of our faith! Why can’t we sign a petition supporting Christianity? In today’s society, much like in the day of Jesus those in Authority were religious figures at the local level ({Sadducee} etc.} look at the words Jesus spoke to them. Not very kind were they?) And government (Godless Romans) ruling over all. We just haven’t got to the point yet that our opinions of our faith will have us hung on a cross upside down. But that day is quickly being ushered in by this current administration by all inclinations. The day is coming, that is if you believe in the book of Revelations. Like my friend Ian said, doing right firstly should be our guiding goal. Yet I believe you can do both. Otherwise let’s fold up and lie down and let them have their way with our well wishes. We will get there just as fast with the Christian’s settling for being happy to only debate faith and denominational differences amongst ourselves over who is holier. Catholics, Protestants, Islam and all other religions are simply that, Just religions. We all fall short of the Glory of God. What makes you a Christian is to believe that Jesus was born Son of God, Son of Man, lived sinless, died for our sins, was raised from the dead, and lives today and confess your sins and confess him as your lord and savior. Nothing else matters because anything else is only religion. I could live six thousand years trying to be a Christian and fail miserably. I can do nothing good without Jesus and can do nothing good on my own without him, It is only his mercy and forgiveness that allowed him to pay our debts of sin, past, present and future with his perfect and blameless blood. Nothing else matters. I know plenty of Catholics that believe that way also. We do have cultural, doctrinal and legalistic differences in how we worship God in our particular denominations of faith, but as long as we follow Jesus in his own words of how we must be saved by and through him and him alone the differences matter little. There will always be those who will distort the word of God to bend it to their own selfish desires.
Let’s agree to allow ourselves to judge Christianity by the fruit of the spirit that is produced and not judge the one who bears it because of the denomination they belong to. If they are Christians they will bear the fruits of one who is saved regardless that they are human and will make mistakes and sin. It is however time to set aside the temptation to squabble over petty differences that is humanly inherent in the
Manhattan Declaration. This document does not require you to sign your name to any particular faith under the name of Christianity. It is only intended to unite Christians to take a stand against those who oppose Christianity and wish to attack our liberty to practice it and also those issues and laws which violate our principles. It is time that we individually separate ourselves from politicians and legislations of law that oppose Christianity and the truths and values God has instructed us to uphold. Get off the fence of picking and choosing Candidates who are willing to promise or provide us with a selfish benefit of personal gain in return for your compromise on issues which violate or contradict the word of God. If God said it was wrong through his Holy inspired word of God it is wrong now in the present times. God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. He is never wrong and his word is always current and applicable to the present times and issues before us. How can we say we stand for God and cast a vote you know opposes God’s word or even purposely withholding a vote to oppose it? You have the freedom of will to do as you please and God gives you that freedom. However he also holds you responsible for your actions and sins. Remember that faith without works is dead. Let your Christian faith and spiritual conscience guide you in your vote.

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