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Monday, December 07, 2009

Another Police Officer Killed by Selfish Cowardly Monster

Here we are again less than one week since the Lakewood police massacre in the state of Washington we have yet another police officer murdered in a cowardly way simply for doing his job. This time apparently the coward was a pharmacist who simply murdered a police officer in Pelham, Alabama three miles from my own home because perhaps he was angry about receiving a citation for speeding.

The investigation is still in progress I’m sure and all the facts have yet to be released but by all known indications the cowardly monster, Bart Johnson was traveling on I-65 when his vehicle was pulled over by Pelham Police Department Officer Phillip Davis for the violation of speeding. After the initial approach of the violating driver, Officer Davis returned to the suspect’s vehicle with a citation in hand. During discussion of the citation the suspect shot Officer Davis in the face in an unexpected sucker-punch fashion and sped off into the night leaving the officer lying on the side of the interstate severely wounded. A passerby saw the injured patrolman and phoned police for help for the wounded lawman who was transported by ambulance to the University of Alabama-Birmingham Hospital where he later died of his fatal wounds.

The suspect continued on his escape from the law by driving to the east end of Birmingham to dump his vehicle in the Birmingham neighborhood of Inglenook, then incredibly, the coward fugitive sought safety by going to his brothers home in Trussville, Alabama where his brother works as a police officer. Imagine the nerve, the gall to seek out a police officer after cowardly slaying a police officer a short time before merely because he was being cited for speeding. The suspect Bart Johnson and his police officer brother were later arrested by Hoover Police (Neighboring agency Near Pelham) as the duo was reportedly heading back to Pelham, Al. to turn in his brother for the slaying of a brother officer.

Bart Johnson was placed under No bond status after his arrest and the fate of his brother’s charges have yet to be determined if any charges are applied at all.

It boggles my mind that any member of the human race would willingly shoot a police officer in the face over self righteous anger of being ticketed for speeding. It has been determined that Bart Johnson had several prior traffic violations in the past. Did this despicable life form feel he was being unjustly picked on by law enforcement because of many prior tickets he has received in the past? Did this coward feel that he was above the law to the point that he himself thought in his mind that he was judge, jury and executioner of this police officer and sentenced him to death on the roadside rather than to pay for a ticket? It is obvious that Bart Johnson cast asside the fact that 39,800 people lost their lives on the nations highway in the year 2008 and that Officer Phillip Davis was only doing his job to ensure the safety of motorists on his freeway. Apparently Bart Johnson felt like he did not deserve a ticket despite the fact that 30% of all traffic fatalities are attributed to speeding motorist. No, of course not, Bart Johnson the merciless coward was too busy secretly pulling a handgun to shoot Officer Davis in the face to be thinking sensibly about his own personal responsibilities. Now he will forever belong to the group of cowards that killed a police officer for trying to keep the streets and interstate safe for Bart and all others who travel the roads during the Christmas season.

I hope this gutless coward is sentenced to death after a fair trial and his endless appeals are over and I further hope something goes wrong with his execution and it is prolonged and very painful before death.

May the flames of hell rise to greet Bart Johnson as his soul falls into Hell for eternity!

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