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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Cherry Picking Morals and Christian Principles

Confusion seems to be the word of the day in this era of politics in America. The Year of Our Lord 2009 has witnessed the head-on collision of liberal ideology and traditional conservatism which has brought a change in power in our White House. The impact was so forceful we still continue to have political debris scattering in the roadway of our future causing unknown detours that will lead to roads that have yet been traveled. This begs an answer to the question of what direction is our country leading to? The problem is that we do not know. In November I wrote a blog titled “Changing the Rules” and “What if American’s Voted Their Spiritual Conscience”. In these blogs I explain how are laws and our constitution were developed from our belief in Christian principles as are most societies or culture mandate their law by their own spiritual belief system. Our laws were derived in this same manner over many centuries of our own cultural religious beliefs. Now America has chosen to elect politicians who set themselves apart from Christian principles and have adopted ideology that opposes Christian principles and laws long established to govern our country. Barrack Obama according to his own biographies embraces these socialist ideas and theories and chose to rename himself with a Muslim name yet we American’s took the risk of electing him President of the United States despite the fact that his past was widely unknown. We as citizens of this country ignored his statements and proclamations that America was “not a Christian Nation” but a nation of (Insert any ethnic or religious group) including non believers. We ignored the fact that he was indoctrinated in his youth as a student in Thailand and sat under the Anti American rhetoric of Reverend Wright for 20 years and still to this day most Americans dismiss the obvious and pretend that President Obama is American at heart and Christian in principle although the evidence of his actions suggest otherwise. I would like to suggest that President Obama and his Democrat Party are not to be blamed. It is the selfishness and lack of character of the American people instead who should bare the blame for compromising their own self proclaimed Christian principles and cultural beliefs in order to benefit from or promote the advancement of only a few issues that affect them personally. The American people have abandoned or ignored the very principles instilled in them to further a cause or agenda they desire to see succeed. All agendas and issues that Christianity objects are welcomed and embraced by the Democratic Party in what they term “The Big Tent Party” all in the hope and desire to garner more votes to strengthen their own power over the Republicans, Independents and conservatives. Character issues of tradition and biblical demands of following Christianity are pushed to the wayside for the goal of capturing more votes and any argument of injecting the biblical truths of right and wrong are countered with the argument of the separation of church and state and when that doesn’t work the Democrats accuse those in opposition of discrimination. Sadly, this has happened so often that most Christian principles have been lowered in priority when it comes to political issues that large numbers of people place politics above their very own belief in God and ultimately their obedience to God. This is a sad testament to the American people who claim to be Christian and support the passage of laws or legislation that is in direct contradiction to the word and commands of God himself. In essence, these compromisers choose to vote or support the passage of every issue their belief system rejects in the hopes to benefit from one or two issues that are personally important to them. This is a total breakdown in personal character which defines those who stand for right over wrong.

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