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Friday, December 25, 2009

Monsters walk freely among us

Here it is Christmas time and we are sadly reminded that Monsters walk freely among us blending in with a normal society awaiting the opportunity to strike and take their prey from the innocent, defenseless and unaware. No, this is not the romanticized half human half Vampire monster that seduces the average and homely to the dark side with charm and perfect looks from stories of Twilight. It isn’t the monsters that live below us in the city sewer system that Stephen King tells us about in his scary tales. No, these are the real Monsters that live among us that are driven by forces much more sinister and evil than the story book characters we like to scare ourselves with for entertainment. These Monsters are far much scarier because they are very real and they blend in among those who look and act normal. This monster could live next door, could be your son’s Boy Scout troop leader, could be your daughters Sunday school teacher, and could be your very own brother. This Monster is a Chameleon that is ever aware of his need to blend in unnoticed in the community in which he lives. He constantly strives to build up a persona of trustworthiness and protection with those around him, especially with a strong sense of responsibility for children. But when this monster is not working hard to develop his outer personality with those in his sphere of influence he is feeding the beast within him. He feeds this beast in order to keep it satisfied and pacified until its thirst can be quenched. This is no ordinary thirst. This thirst occupies the monsters mind constantly, role playing scenarios of dark fantasy that excites every fiber of his being only to push his fantasies closer and closer to acting them out. It is driven by selfishness so pure that its thirst comes before basic life needs such as sleep, food, work, family and even the very lives of others. The thirst drives his actions and his actions make the beast inside of him grow. All of his morals and character traits are tossed by the wayside to allow this thirst the ability to grow to the point that he is willing to throw his life and freedom away to satisfy these urges that occupy his mind day and night, asleep or awake. He becomes unable to maintain self control. Feeding his mind with illegal child pornography no longer satisfies his lust. He feels imprisoned by the objects of lust that surround him everywhere, yet he has until this point been able to suppress his desire to fulfill them. But he knows it is only a matter of time before he is no longer strong enough to replace his desire with a substitute. He begins to formulate his plan, he begins to foster intent and only lack of opportunity delays him. The beast urges him on and helps him to see ways to manipulate and control the environment around him until the time and situation is right. The monster is taking over. His past judicial punishments and probations no longer matter. The beast has taught him how to plan better, how to cover his deeds. He is encouraged by this sense of invincibility and superiority he has mastered from the beast inside. The laws do not matter. They do not understand that the beast cannot be legislated and it must be satisfied. He understands that counseling, treatment, and reprogramming with the knowledge of wrong or right has no affect or persuasion on his heart or his mind. Only death can separate the Beast from him. No jail cell or prison can drive the Beast from him. The beast is inside him. The beast was invited in but cannot be ordered to leave. The beast controlled his mind and now the monster obeys the beast. His prey has been chosen and the snare has been set. The Monster holds her hand and leads her to her death as a friend with a promise of reward. He knows Hell awaits him, but the courts are ever merciful and lenient and the beast lives within.

 Until Hell ends the Monster’s thirst he will seek to quench it.

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  1. Anonymous11:31 PM

    You have certainly captured the essence of the beast that dwell among us. Great post.