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Friday, March 26, 2010

Will Freedom Ring Again?

I did a little reading about the Revolutionary War this afternoon just to brush up a little on my history. Lord knows when I was in school I studied everything but the books but I do have memories of learning of our Founding Fathers and the great sacrifices that the new American people suffered in order to be their own country free of tyranny. Most of these people were dirt poor. Even some of the great politicians such as Samuel Adams had nothing to speak of but a chance to live free and pursue the American dream. These people lived in a time where all they could do was break their backs everyday to ensure that their family had adequate shelter, food, and clothing to wear to withstand the elements of harsh winters and sweltering summers. The American knew that in this land they had an opportunity to forge out a living and even possibly a chance to use their talents and hard work in order that they even had a shot at becoming rich. This was incredible because the land in which their forefathers left behind there were no such opportunity. In that land far away they were merely serf’s serving the Crown of England and forced to serve the religion that the Crown ordered them to follow. In that land there was little to strive for. These American’s not only suffered the elements but also the fear of attack from Indians that would sneak in and slay their whole village if caught of guard. But yet they stayed on working towards the dream of being totally free from oppression. Success for the colonist existed but they were still under the cloud of England putting restrictions upon them and adding taxes that burdened their efforts and yet the Crown worried over their success to the point that they tried to control their growth by adding even more taxes on imports and exports. The Crown began Requiring a stamp or seal on anything of value that was expensive to purchase and also the right of the King’s men to enter their homes for inspection and or for their own use. This did not sit well with the Colonist and the people began to revolt first by creating underground markets with other countries, then by fighting the Redcoats that were sent to reclaim order. Eventually, the oppression became intolerable for the people and the decision to revolt was made. It was not an easy decision and not all of the colonist approved. But the frustrations from oppression was to great that were levied upon them that those who wanted to be free were willing to fight and die than to be controlled by England thousands of miles away by taxes without representation. The Revolutionary War began and England sent her heavily trained and successful Army to the shores of America to fight the American who were grossly outnumbered and ill equipped to fight such a great force as hers. The English predicted victory within weeks if the American’s even dared to fight their great Army. As history shows us the Americans fought and won despite being outnumbered, starved, cold, and even without enough firearms and cannons. The driving force behind this victory was the desire for the American’s to be free. Even the greatness of England’s military might was no match for the compelling force in the hearts of this ragtag American people to be free. They fought on to victory and won their Independence. In America today we have strayed so far from the meaning of freedom that we do not even consult the events that took place at our beginning to recognize the dangers of an oppressive government. We have allowed our public educational system to replace these stories of greatness that purchased our freedom with trivial and useless information as a substitute for the knowledge that should be engrained into the minds of our children. Our children should learn the struggles their ancestors withstood, the wars they were forced to fight for freedom, and the hard work that paved the way to build the greatest country in the history of mankind. We Americans have fallen asleep in the comfort of security which our great military has provided us and have allowed the ranks of our politicians to introduce taxation for entitlements that would enslave Americans and steal their hope of opportunity. We ignored these politicians who replaced the message of pursuing the American dream with hard work and education with a message that told the people that the government should be sought out to care for their needs. These politicians twisted the truth and have diligently changed the text of our history taught to our youth in order to remove that desire of independence from the minds of our young so that they would seek help from the government to provide all of their needs instead of reaching deep within themselves to strive to make their own way in life. We slept while these politicians condemned the American dream and called the successful greedy and immoral. We slept as the politicians condemned those who worked hard and cleaved to the Founding Fathers principles and called them racists, bigots, and right wing extremist. We slept. Now these politicians have complete control over the government and we Americans recognize the oppression and many have awaken to the plots of tyranny that are before us. We allowed them to govern outside of our constitution and take our freedom of choice for health care away from us and mandate the purchase of government health care that most Americans do not want. But it was too late. We woke up much too late. How much further will the government overstep and trample on our rights before the people begin to call for another revolution? Will that be necessary or will the rest of America’s citizens come to their senses and wake up to the mounting oppression in Washington? Over the next few months we will be told by the government that those who oppose them are violent people, criminal people, and racist by nature. Those who seek their original freedoms will be labeled as hate groups and violent extremist in an attempt to keep the ranks of their opposition from growing. How many will believe their propaganda? How many will again fall back to sleep after eating the scraps thrown from the table of this government in Washington? Let’s hope that Freedom Rings again.

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