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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Repeat Child / Sex Offender's Will Only Stop When Dead R-Rated Blog

As I recover from what I do believe is by far the worst sickness of my life I find myself between constant naps of necessity instead of pleasure and so I jump online to satisfy my curiosity of what all is going on with family, friends, co-workers and acquaintances. Most comments are random thoughts but some indicate the true feelings of someone you might not otherwise be privy too. Facebook still fascinates me for this reason and others. After all I was a child when the Texas Instrument computers came out and blew my simple mind with possibilities. Well, I guess the microwave and VCR’s had the same effect on me, but anyway, doesn’t Facebook act in the same manner as our own little play pretend fantasies of being able to see someone far away from you and having the ability to talk to them instantly? I mean these Star Trek, Comic book and Sci-Fi movies that those of you my age or older may remember all those crazy gadgets are becoming reality. Wow. And we were actually there without any of these capabilities. Amazing! So now in my Flu conditioned Antibiotic stupor I hop online to check out the days events I missed out on while having feverish dreams. My older (Much Older) Brother makes a comment on FB suggesting that Repeating Sex Offenders (is there any other kind?) be executed the first time to prevent a repeat of the gruesome crime. Knowing my brother who is not only the father of three children himself but also a former police officer for a major agency I am quite sure that he meant what he said and said what he meant. However some of the nimrod comments I read on the thread really caused my blood pressure to rise. I am amazed at the level of stupidity some people have on such topics and I get even angrier when they try to play WWJD and mask their opinions with Christianity. Well, I find it hard to find where God was so merciful with people of such crimes against women and mere children.  I myself hold the belief that sex offenders, child molesters and other such pond scum of the human race do not become a sex offender / child molester overnight, nor were they born unto this world to become a human parasite that feeds upon the weak and indefensible. This behavior is not sex and it sure isn’t love making. This is a crime of force and power over an innocent victim. It starts out slowly in the mind of the miscreant as a fantasy and is toyed with and entertained to the point that it becomes a sexual release for the reprobate. His / Her actions are most often taken in baby steps in order to intensify the pleasures of this fantasy to bring it into the realm of reality, not much different than the teenager who opens his mind to the exploration of drug use in the way that first he considers it, then decides to experience a little with the smoking of marijuana and then on to bigger and more harmful drugs. He uses each one until the pleasures become harder to reach and must find something that will provide the original rush he so desires to have. Much like the sex offender, first it is the fantasy, and then comes pornography, promiscuous sex, but the pleasures lose interest because it is of his own choosing and consent. The power can only be achieved when he is in control of the sex and his prey is out of control (No Consent) and therefore he gains their power through sexual force and assault. By the time his mind has become reprobate it is impossible for him to be rehabilitated. He will constantly feed his mind with images of rape and torture until once again he is released upon the general public to bring those new fantasies into reality. Sadly, only death will guarantee that this repeat offender will never rape or molest again. Sadly, our courts are placing the burden on the citizen’s instead of on the guilty. How many more children will vanish again only to be discovered dead, raped and tortured by yet another repeat offender that was given an unwarranted chance to live among us again only to repeat the evil cycle that could have been eliminated by capital punishment? And back to the Geneses of this blog post. Imagine the increased capabilities that sex offenders and child molesters have at their finger tips with the use of Facebook, Myspace, and other Social Networks. Let’s all make an attempt to make it a safer place for our enjoyment but most importantly for our children. Keep an eye on who is interested in being your child’s friend and simply delete the ones that give you that gut feeling of “Something isn’t right here”! Who cares if it might offend? Be safe, there are a whole lot more of these degenerates out there than you can imagine.


  1. all sex offenders, rapist and murderers need to be executed

  2. oh I wrote a blog about you at www.faithpreacher.com