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Friday, February 05, 2010

Attack of Rahm Emanuel’s Freedom of Speech by Using the Word Retarded, is Simply Retarded

Again, here I am defending another Liberal Fool who ordinarily participates in the policing and active abolishment of freedom of speech by attacking and assassinating the character of those who use words that are found to be politically incorrect or offensive to smaller elements of society or minority groups due to those aforementioned being sensitive to their own race, creed, culture, religion, handicap or so called sexual orientation. Keep in mind, everyone in the majority of American society just has to be tough skinned and take it! Although, I must admit that it is quite amusing to watch a member of the double-standard hypocrite Party take a good dose of his own medicine, However, I have to point out the hypocrisy of the championing conservative Sarah Palin for her role and participation in this lunacy of political correctness and attack on our freedom of speech just because she is the mother of a child with a physical and or mental disability. This is a great error in judgment in my opinion as well as hypocritical. Emanuel’s correct estimation of the far left Liberal fringe being “Fucking Retarded” has been greatly twisted out of context per usual of the Party of P.C. but now we have staunch conservatives joining in as well. Had there been a member of this Liberal Elite present who has been officially diagnosed by a medical Physician as being mentally deficient or mentally handicapped, I could understand the uproar over using “Offensive” language, let alone admittedly unprofessional. However, as according to reports there were none present. Incredibly, these people who desire to eliminate words in the English language that they just don’t like have now reduced the adjective to just an “R”. Wow. According to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary 1895 the word is listed as “Sometimes Offensive: which means it can be used intentionally to offend someone. I think it is pretty well clear in the context of  Emanuel’s vulgar proclamation that he fully intended to offend the Idiot’s, ooops, excuse me, I may have offended someone, but most certainly he had no intent to offend anyone who is handicapped. I believe those with family members or friends who are mentally handicapped know this to be true even if they themselves would be offended if the word was used against their own with the disabilities in question and rightly so. So Sarah Palin and the Liberal News Media Whores and others in the Politically Correct crowd can back off of everyone’s freedom of speech which is guaranteed under the Bill of Rights. Get out of my mind and out of my mouth. Are there not more important things we Americans should be expending our energy on?

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  1. we do not have free speech anymore, just PC speech